WWU Again!

The nincompoops at Western Washington University who brought you Hxstory (https://indyfromaz.wordpress.com/2016/03/12/hxstory/) (Yes, Hxstory, because History is racist!, are at it again!

Crowder: You know the article we just ran about how SJW protests have caused both a decline in enrollment at Mizzou as well as a huge budget short fall? Hopefully Western Washington University takes a good look. They could be looking at their future if they take the following tripe seriously. Until then, let’s all have a hearty chuckle over it. Right until you realize these people aren’t kidding.

Because this is what the students are demanding at Western Washington…

They want the administration to create The College of Power and Liberation so as to better “reflect the histories and experiences of marginalized people.”

The student group wants direct hiring and firing power of teachers and professors who work at that college.

They demand work study positions for at least 20% of the students enrolled in the College.

They demand the creation and implementation of a 15 persxn panel (yes spelled persxn, it is considered more PC because does not derive from the word ‘son’) to monitor documents and archive all racist, anti-black, transphobic, cissexist, misogynist, ablest, homophobic, islamophobic, xenophobic, anti-semetic or otherwise oppressive behavior on campus. The committee will be accountable to the students “rather than the university.”

The discipline committee will institute a three-strike policy for all faculty including Campus Police who engage in ‘oppressive behaviors.’

Oh, and, any student who has been targeted, harassed, or “has experienced excruciating acts of violence that was racialized, sexualized…” shall be compensated.

Seriously, if this is college, take Mike Rowe’s advice and learn a trade. Any trade will do. Plumber, electrician, carpenter. If all that involves too much math (ick, numbers) maybe try dog-walker, dog-behavior therapist, lint-picker. If all else fails, perhaps you have a job in politics like your hero Bernie (read LOSER: It Took Bernie Sanders 40 Years to Earn a Paycheck. Yes, Really…).

Sadly these “students” who are legal adults, who can legally vote and drive, think they will actually get these demands met. What does that tell you about the state of our society much less the educational system?

GranTorinoClintReaction GIF

There’s a famous book which covers what happens when you constantly appease little demanding whiners who continually want, want, want things. Their requests become more asinine the longer you appease them. If you give them one thing, they’ll ask for something stupider. That book, if you’re wondering, is If you Give a Mouse a Cookie…It’ll turn into a blood-sucking loser who never works. Or washes its hair. 

The moral of that story is to tell the blood-sucking loser to go screw itself. Don’t give it a safe space where it can nibble on something it didn’t earn. Kick it out before it infests your institution. Or drives you to alcoholism. If we don’t push back against this insanity now, it’s over. At least for anyone who graduates college and wants to be taken seriously. Sorry about that.

Yet here we are. Students demanding the right to fire people for hurt feelings. Excuse me, I have to go jump off a cliff.

Speaking of words which trigger, check this out…