I Come to Bury You Not Praise You

Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your ears;
I come to bury Caesar, not to praise him;
The evil that men do lives after them,
The good is oft interred with their bones,
So let it be with Caesar …

Or Sen. John McCain, Barack Obama, Harry Reid, Nancy Pelosi, The US Congress in general.

I had severe falling out with Arizona’s Senior Senator when he co-authored the Amnesty bill with the now deceased Sen. Kennedy.

I held my nose having to vote in the 2008 Presidential Election between the obvious Socialist, Obama, and the less obvious McCain.

The worst case of The Evil of Two Lessor in my lifetime.

But he tried to do a mea culpa. But I never bought it.

Our then-Governor, Janet Napalitano (now Homeland Security Secretary) had done everything she could to ignore the issue.

The Attorney general, Former Phoenix Mayor, Terry “The Tool” Goddard, did everything he could to ignore it.

She’s got promoted to the Obama Cabinet.

He wants to run for Governor, again!

God Help us all.

So after the outrage that stunned Congress into retreat on Amnesty they promised to built more fence along the Southern border.

I knew they’d never do it.

And reports now surface that, guess what, there has been a delay.

Gee what a shock.

The 2006 Secure Fence Act mandated the “possible” construction of a long wall to protect our frontier. Four years later, no wall, just a new seven-year delay.

Gee, no one saw that coming…

Citizen activists shut down the Capitol Hill switchboard with their calls, formed border watches and marched in the streets. As a result, a shaken Congress scrapped its widely detested McCain-Kennedy comprehensive immigration bill with its amnestylike features in 2005. Instead, it passed Rep. Duncan Hunter’s Secure Fence Act of 2006.

“We hear you, loud and clear,” said reform bill advocate John McCain. Today, it’s a different attitude from Congress and the government that carries out its laws.

Knowing the potency of popular sentiment, the government hasn’t had the nerve to seek to repeal the fence outright. But all signs suggest that it never wanted this built.

It has just quietly faded away.

With bureaucratic delays, cost overruns, general incompetence and a “can’t do” spirit, officials have effectively scuppered the fence without politically costly legislation.

But they kept their jobs.

Oh, and speaking of Jobs, the “bi-partisan” jobs bill that Sen. Harry Reid emasculated passed.

It has no provisions in it for not hot hiring Illegals.

So you hire an Illegal for a year, get the tax break, and then fire them next year.

Way to stimulate Job growth their guys!!

“It was a great idea, but it didn’t work,” Mark Borkowski, chief of the electronic fence program, told the L.A. Times.

Oh, it worked perfectly.

It got the Congress out of tight spot, got the issue “resolved” so that it didn’t hurt them during the 2008 Presidential campaign while they were yelling “racist” at anyone who dared to disagree with Obama and you had the truly cowed McCain unable to strike any kind of spine because of it.

It worked perfectly.

It was never designed to deal with Illegals.

That’s what Amnesty is for.

As I have said repeatedly, the Democrats will want to pass Amnesty for the Illegals because they are predominately, Hispanic, from socilaistic countries, poor, and willing to tow the Democrat party line.

You have La Raza and others “advocacy” groups to intimidate anyone who dares get in their way.

You have ACORN to sign them up and to herd them to voting booths.

Imagine what 12+ Million new Democrats would do for elections in this country.

The Democrats would be in power for generations, possibly forever. By sheer numbers.

Because Amnesty would not stop the illegals, and you’d have more rounds of it, and more and more Democrats.

It would be self-perpetuating.

Sounds like a Democrats heart’s desire.

And it would destroy this country.

And if they have control of your health care, your taxes, your environment (Cap & trade), your energy, your car…

They own your life.

Gee, that sounds like the America we all grew up with, doesn’t it 😦

Big Brother rules.

Big Sis, Janet, is here to protect you.

Don’t you just love America.

It took the U.S. a tad more than eight years from the announcement in 1961 to put a man on the moon. Now we can’t build a fence in seven?

Because there is no political will to do it.

Congress, especially Democrats, but also Republicans, don’t want to touch Illegal Immigration.

They fear the Hispanics.

So they roll over and play dead.

They don’t fear the public on Health care.

So they will cram that down your throat.

They will pass a jobs bill that is weak and puny to make it look they are “doing something”. But that’s just for show.

It’s not what you, the people want.

It’s what they want that matters.

Government for the Government, By the Government, for the Government.

You’re just cattle.

And the Illegals, they are the “future”, because they are poor, undereducated, socialists who will do their bidding.

I should say, given the recent studies of the liberalism in schools that Education is also do the same thing to the next generations of students.

The Frog will not turn into handsome Prince. He’ll just give you warts. Then charge you for their removal.

Sorry for being depressing.

So it is even more imperative that you hold this anger until November and then unleash it.

Then if the Republican do win significantly, hold their feet to the fire.

The only hope we have is in the old saying:

When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty.
Thomas Jefferson

We choose to go to the moon in this decade and do the other things, not because they are easy, but because they are hard, because that goal will serve to organize and measure the best of our energies and skills, because that challenge is one that we are willing to accept, one we are unwilling to postpone, and one which we intend to win, and the others, too.-JFK

As much as I detest the Progressives for being Socialists, the real enemy is the whole corrupt political class. For over 150 years, America has been basically stuck in neutral with only Republicans and Democrats to choose from. Both parties cycle through periods of extremism to moderation, depending on how much they think they can get away with.

The political class, the Democrat and Republican Parties, still cling to the concept that they are the only solutions. They change philosophies as easily as changing a tire when it goes flat. Well, we’ve got four flat tires now, and there’s no tow truck in sight. (rightpundits.com)

We The people have to stand for more.

We will be assassinated by The Left, Right and the Media Elites who would be threatened.

But it is a battle worth fighting.

And no one will save us, except us!