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So by one Vote the Senate finally passes a budget after over 1,400 days largely because 1 person, a democrat, “missed” 🙂 the vote.

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The Murray budget contains $975 billion in spending cuts, including $275 billion in new cuts to Medicare and Medicaid spending. But it also turns off $1.2 trillion in automatic cuts scheduled over nine years. Factoring that in, the budget does not constitute a net spending cut.

“Now that the Senate majority has written a plan we can finally begin this conversation: Do we balance the budget and grow the economy for all Americans? Or do we continue to enrich the bureaucracy at the expense of the people?” Senate Budget Committee Ranking Member Jeff Sessions (R-Ala.) said after the budget passed.

Well, since the Democrats want even bigger government I guess we know which one they favor? 🙂

“This budget is a rehash of the extreme policies that continue to hobble the economy and crush the middle class,” Sen. Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said. “The only good news is that the fiscal path the Democrats laid out in their Budget Resolution won’t become law.”

Passage of the budget at approximately 5 a.m. came after a marathon “vote-a-rama” on the floor during which leaders tried to tackle 562 filed amendments.

So there was no lack of trying to kill it. And what came out was basically a liberal spend fest anyhow.
So after 4 years of incontinence (and incompetence) they pooped it out and it still stinks.
Reconciling the budgets would bring order to the annual appropriations process for 2014 by settling the top-line spending number.

In practice, the Murray and Ryan budgets are so different, there is little chance they can be reconciled. Ryan’s budget cuts spending by $5.7 trillion compared to the Congressional Budget Office baseline, an amount Democrats say would destroy government services and severely harm the poor.

4 years of high unemployment, higher taxes, and inflation have hurt “the poor” more, dearie.
Key amendment votes put the Senate on record—by a vote of 79 to 20–supporting the repeal of a 2.3 percent medical device tax that passed as part of Obama’s healthcare reform…

You know the “You have to pass it  to find out what’s in it” 2,700 page bill they didn’t read 3 years ago to begin with!
Another amendment backed construction of the controversial Keystone XL pipeline. The 62-37 vote gives supporters another argument with which to pressure the Obama administration to approve the Canada-to-Gulf pipe, which is opposed by environmentalists.

The Senate went on record against imposing taxes on industrial carbon emissions in a pair of symbolic votes Friday, providing clear evidence that major climate change legislation lacks political traction.

Lawmakers voted 41-58 to reject Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse’s (D-R.I.) proposal to ensure that revenue from any carbon tax be returned to the U.S. public through deficit reduction, reducing other rates and other “direct” benefits.

The Rhode Island Democrat suggested the new Pope would be on his side.

“We have a new Pope, Pope Francis, who said last week that our relation with God’s creation is not very good right now,” Whitehouse said.

“God’s creation runs by laws — the laws of nature, the laws of physics, the laws of chemistry, and God gave us the power of reason to understand those laws,” added Whitehouse, who speaks often on the floor about the dangers of climate change.

“But they are not negotiable, they are not subject to amendment or appeal, and the arrogance of our thinking that they are is an offence to his creation,” he said.

Blunt countered Whitehouse’s analysis of the Pope.

“I know the Pope also mentioned — more times that he mentioned carbon tax — helping the poor,” said Blunt.

So have the Democrats. 🙂

He said carbon taxes would hurt the economy and struggling families, noting, “the most vulnerable among us are the most impacted by this.”

Blunt also said a carbon tax would hurt manufacturing. “Energy intensive jobs are the first to go when utility prices get uncompetitive,” he said later in the debate. (The Hill)

The amendments may not be binding and symbolic so they’ll be ignored by the Left- except for re-election purposes, but they can still be used for fodder.
Speaking of “the poor”:

The number of suburban residents living in poverty rose by nearly 64 percent between 2000 and 2011, to about 16.4 million people, according to a Brookings Institution analysis of 95 of the nation’s largest metropolitan areas. That’s more than double the rate of growth for urban poverty in those areas.

“I think we have an outdated perception of where poverty is and who it is affecting,” said Elizabeth Kneebone, a fellow at the Brookings Institution and co-author of the research. “We tend to think of it as a very urban and a very rural phenomenon, but it is increasingly suburban.”

The rate of poverty among single mothers actually improved dramatically through the 1990s, thanks to a strong economy, more favorable tax breaks and the success of so-called welfare-to-work programs. But two recessions and years of high unemployment erased many of those gains. (CNBC)

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Damned Since they Did, Damned Since They Won’t

The strategic cowardice of the Democrats is showing again because there is talk that they won’t pass a budget this year that way they don’t have to defend the massive spending in it because it’s ‘not official’.

This is the same argument I heard from devout Liberals online during the Health Care debate.

Every time a new outrage came out they’d just proclaim, “but it hasn’t finished yet. Why not wait until it’s finished and up for a vote before you get all bend out of shape”.

This is the tactic to get away with it.

By the time it’s up for a vote it’s too late to protest.

The Health Care bill passed in like 36 hours after the official vote was announced and the “final” bill created.

And so we have the budget.

Congress is poised to miss its April 15 deadline for finishing next year’s budget without even considering a draft in either chamber.

Unlike citizens’ tax-filing deadline, Congress’s mid-April benchmark is nonbinding. And members seem to be in no rush to get the process going.

Indeed, some Democratic insiders suspect that leaders will skip the budget process altogether this year — a way to avoid the political unpleasantness of voting on spending, deficits and taxes in an election year — or simply go through a few of the motions, without any real effort to complete the work.

Regan LaChapelle, a spokeswoman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), would go only so far as saying that the budget “is on a list of things that are possible for this work period” — a reference to the window that opens when members roll back into town Monday and closes when they leave around Memorial Day.

Congress has failed to adopt a final budget four times in the past 35 years — for fiscal years 1999, 2003, 2005 and 2007 — according to a recent Congressional Research Service report. If the House does not pass a first version of the budget resolution, it will be the first time since the implementation of the 1974 Budget Act, which governs the modern congressional budgeting process.

The practical consequences of failing to produce a federal budget for next year are about the same as they are for a family that doesn’t set a plan for income and spending: Congress doesn’t need a budget to tax or spend, but enforcing discipline is harder without one. And, like a family that misses out on efficiencies because it hasn’t taken a hard look at its finances, Congress can’t use reconciliation rules to cut the deficit if the House and the Senate don’t adopt the same budget.

But there are political consequences to the budget conundrum, too — and for Democrats, they’re of the “damned if you, damned if you don’t” variety.

Republicans are certain to castigate the majority Democrats if they fail to put a fiscal blueprint in place amid a public backlash against spending and a torrent of dire warnings from economic experts about the consequences of imbalanced federal books.

But they’ll also call Democrats on the carpet if they approve a new budget that includes more spending, higher deficits or increased taxes.

Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke said last week that the government’s books must be put in order through tax increases or slashing spending for entitlement programs such as Social Security and Medicare.

“These choices are difficult, and it always seems easier to put them off — until the day they cannot be put off anymore,” Bernanke said. (Politico)

And putting it off so they don’t have to talk about it, and they and Ministry of Truth/Fifth Column Mainstream Media can ignore it as much as possible and denigrate “right wingers” for even bringing it up just to be “divisive” works better for them.

This is how Washington is NOT working to solve the problems. Just avoid stirring up the masses anymore than they have to, and to placate and lull them back to sleep so they can get passed them before they realize they’ve been had AGAIN.

Rock-a-bye baby, on the treetop,
When the right wing wind blows, the cradle will rock,
When the news breaks, the cradle will  not fall,
And down will come America, cradle and all.

The Democrats want you to set your alarm clock for Nov 5th.

Nothing to see here, don’t need to bother….

The April Fools

The Cone of Silence is being lowered.

The government takeover of Health Care is no longer to be discussed openly.

If we don’t talk about it, enough people will forget about it by November.

“My assumption is that this is going to wash out. It’s just not going to be that central (to the election). If anything, it might turn out to be a net plus for the Democrats,” said Joel Aberbach, director of the Center for American Politics and Public Policy at the University of California, Los Angeles.

The Fifth Column/Mainstream Media/Ministry of Truth will beat the drum that it’s no big deal, nothing to see, it’s the law, get over it.

Not worth debating. (which it wasn’t before it was passed either).

They will diminish it.

You’re just a bitter old right winger if you continue complaining it about.

“We Won. You Lost” get over it.

But we will talk about it as little as possible.

Let the fire die of neglect.

Then I read this from David Broder:

Most Republicans I have talked with say they are convinced that their outnumbered legislators have done the right thing by denying virtually all their votes to Obama and using every device possible to slow down or derail his agenda.

Most of the Democrats I interviewed are just as certain that the folks in the White House and the speaker’s office were justified in pushing the health care bill ahead to final passage in the face of polls showing most voters were opposed.

But the partisanship on both sides was itself a turnoff to independents.

They were the people who had taken Obama seriously when he said he wanted to move Washington beyond the recriminations of the George W. Bush years.

Regardless of their views on health care — or the economy or education or anything else — they are turned off by the inability of both parties to overcome their parochial concerns and find agreement on steps to curb the joblessness and debt that are consuming the country. (IBD)

And I got to thinking about the coming court fight over ObamaCare and my concern that Liberal Judges will dismiss it out of hand, like many liberal Democrat Attorney Generals do just because they are Liberals.

Not because of legal merit, but because of ideology.

We have a new Political structure in this country.

We have Homo Sapien Liberalis and Homo Sapien Non-Liberalis.

And Homo Sapien Liberalis will not go against it’s own kind.

So it’s not merely that you have to defeat them in November, you have to defeat them in every election on every level, every time.

Otherwise, they’ll keep popping up like the weeds in my backyard.

And you are the fool to think otherwise.

The days of actual bi-partisanship are gone.

Homo Sapien Liberalis doesn’t work that way.

And if they are in power and you oppose them, they will try and crush you, destroy you, diminish, demean and disrespect you.

You are, after all, a mental defective for disagreeing with them.

After their victory in the Health Care fight, what have they done since?

Gone on full bore attack on the Tea Party activist. Full on.

And the Fifth Column is right there with them.

Think I’m kidding: Read this from the Leftist Huffington Post:

Is there a double standard going on here? Surely there is. But what is worse is that the way that Tea Baggers and the Republican leaders frame the issue is that anyone who “stands up” and “protests” the Obama administration is a patriot, but anyone who does the same to a Republican is a spoiler, a low life, and a possible traitor.

When Republicans in Congress heckle the president or other legislators, they model the kind of behavior that degenerates further into the kind of violence the young heckler at the McCain rally experienced. When Republicans do not stand up for the right to express one’s opinion regardless of party, they enforce a kind of group-think that can only harm freedom of speech. The Supreme Court has defended the right of citizens to engage in robust and raucous colloquy. That ruling applies not only to Tea Party protesters but to all Americans as well. (Lennard Davis-Professor at University of Illinois-Chicago)

The poor leftists are victims of the mean, nasty “violent”, Free speech crushing right-wingers! Waaaaa!!

The nerve of those oppressive Tea party activists! 😦

And the whole “racism” angle is back.

The Left’s favourite pit bull is being let out into the yard again.

Frank Rich of The New York Times and Colbert King of The Washington Post are among the columnists willingly checking their honesty – or their brains – at the door to throw political mud. Either these people are too ignorant to know their charges or false, or they don’t care and spit their bile anyway.

King wrote last week of looking at “angry faces” at Tea Party rallies and finding them “eerily familiar,” resembling protesters seeking to prevent a black University of Alabama enrollee in 1956.

Rich peppered his column with Third Reich imagery, eventually backing up his claim of racism with comparisons to those who opposed the 1964 Civil Rights Act.

Leaving aside for the moment that much opposition to that measure came from Democrats, it cannot be said plainly enough today: These men and their numerous partners in this smear should be ashamed – if nothing else, for logical flaws beneath a fifth-grader.

Their argument is: (A) This movement is filled with vocal people displeased with the way things are going; (B) I can find examples in history of people whose vocal displeasure was fueled by racism. Hence, (C) these people must be fueled by racism.

OK, boys, let’s see how you like it: (A) You are fans of ObamaCare; (B) Castro is a fan of ObamaCare, so, (C) you are communists.

Logic and basic human decency prevent me from making that connection seriously. I would like to believe that if these craven critics actually attended a Tea Party event, their testimony would change. But I doubt it. Theirs is a screeching born of panic, the need to demonize a movement rather than debate it. (Mark Davis)

So it’s fight between two species both fighting for survival.

But to illustrate the problem, this was found in the Comment Section of Mark Davis’s Op-ed piece:

Yesterday, the University of Washington held a debate about the constitutionality of the recently passed health care reform bill. The Seattle Times reports that none of the panelists at the debate argued that the bill was unconstitutional because the organizers of the event couldn’t find any law professors who held that view:

The University of Washington billed it as a debate among distinguished law faculty over whether the new federal health-care law is constitutional.

But while the four panelists at a packed event Tuesday may have differed on some of the finer points, they all agreed on the big question: They said the new law passes constitutional muster and that various lawsuits arguing the opposite — including the one joined last week by state Attorney General Rob McKenna — have little merit or chance of success. Even John McKay, the former Republican U.S. attorney for Western Washington (who was forced out in 2006 under contentious circumstances) said that while he sympathized with some of the political issues in play, he thought the lawsuits lacked merit. In fact, he questioned the timing and thrust of the cases: “One way to say it is, that this has to be seen as a political exercise,” he said.

Moderator Hugh Spitzer noted the lack of a vigorous dissenting voice. “I will say that we tried very hard to get a professor who could come and who thinks this is flat-out unconstitutional,” he said. “But there are relatively few of them, and they are in great demand.”

My guess is that they either didn’t look hard enough, didn’t care to look to hard, or that no one wanted to be the Christian thrown to the lions in a Liberal Coliseum to shreded by the panel and the liberal audience.

The fact that they held a “debate” anyways, with the other side being debated at all is indicative of Homo Sapien Liberalis.

The Liberals smugly went on with the show confident that they are right simply because they “couldn’t find anyone” to oppose them.

Which I’m positive is disingenuous at best.

It’s not like Homo Sapien Liberalis is actually capable to listening to arguments against it’s own positions and changing their minds.

No, that would be a Jedi Mind Trick. And they must stay strong.

They are after all, always right. No Matter what.

Just ask them.

Hope and Change, you say.

Bi-Partisanship, you say.

Freedom and Democracy, you say.


Only, you’re a fool to believe the Left anymore.

Chicxulub II

Americans & Democracy are being systemically exterminated.

“There ain’t no rules here, we’re trying to accomplish  something. . .  .All this talk about rules. . . When the deal goes down . . . we make  ’em up as we go along.”—Rep. Alcee Hastings (Fla.)

Let me remind you this [Americans allegedly dying because of lack of universal health care] has been going on for years. We are bringing it to a halt. The harsh fact of the matter is when you’re going to pass legislation that will cover 300 [million] American people in different ways it takes a long time to do the necessary administrative steps that have to be taken to put the legislation together to control the people.–Rep Rep. John Dingell (D-MI)

WASHINGTON – House Judiciary Committee Chairman John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) and Senate Judiciary Subcommittee on the Constitution Chairman Russ Feingold (D-WI) introduced bills in both chambers of Congress today that will restore voting rights to millions of American citizens with past felony convictions. An estimated 5.3 million citizens cannot vote as a result of felony convictions, and nearly 4 million of those individuals are living and working in their communities. The Democracy Restoration Act of 2009 is a welcome measure that will establish a uniform standard restoring voting rights in federal elections to millions of Americans who are not incarcerated, but continue to be denied their ability to fully participate in civic life.(ACLU)

And it’s a fact that Democrats traditionally get the majority of the “Felon Vote”.

So add the Felons to the Amnesty Illegals and you have as many as 25 million new Democrats who can be herded to the polls and informed to vote for the people who will kiss their buts.

And in the gerrymandering of the Census  (after it is being run by the White House and not the Treasury Dept) for the 2012 election cycle.

You get some real Chicago Politics.

Now we just need the Dead voting for Democrats.

President Obama said his bill will end some of the worst practices by insurance companies, provide the same health care coverage that Congress receives to the uninsured and small businesses, and will decrease health care costs. (Crains)

Problem: There is a provision in the bill to exempt members of congress from the regulations in the bill. What is more under this bill if you don’t have a “qualified plan” you will be fined for several thousand dollars. The other problem in the quote, “nothing changes for you”…that is, unless the plan you currently have doesn’t qualify on the government’s list of what is acceptable. If it doesn’t qualify you will be fined and given a plan of their choice. Ouch!

“Most of the major public policy changes embodied in the health care reform legislation will become effective only after the next presidential election in 2012,” said Maury Harris, an economist with UBS AG, said in a research report.

Gee, I wonder why… 😦

Insurers also will have to reveal how much of members’ premiums they spend on medical care, as opposed to executive salaries or other administrative costs. Next year, they’ll owe a rebate to customers if the insurers spend less than 80 percent on benefits for people in individual or small-group plans. (Bloomberg).

NYT: There will also be limits on overhead and profit. Insurers will be required to spend between 80 cents and 85 cents of every premium dollar on health care. They have been paying about 74 cents on average.

So You have a business that is required to spend 80-85% of their money on expenses and cover millions of new people and high-risk people that they previous didn’t and children they previously didn’t.

Some of them have to be covered for little or for free on preventative care, like colonoscopy’s and mammograms.

And forget things like employee expenses and business expenses.

Sounds like a sustainable business to me, doesn’t it. 😦

But then again, that was the plan.

Private Health Insurance was just hit with it’s own Chicxulub Meteor (the one that killed off the Dinosaurs) and will be extinct in 5 years or less I’d bet.

Leaving, guess who to step in and save the day!!! 😦

Mind you, a lot of this is based on Medicare and Medicaid, that are almost bankrupt and will have $500 Billion dollars in cuts (at least that’s what is supposed to happen, what are the chances it won’t happen).

The Cuts are most in Medicare Advantage, because AARP’s insurance arm has a higher cost alternative plan that will not be targeted.

Gee, I wonder why AARP supported the bill. 😦

So the idea that premiums will go down is fantasy.

And then there’s your friendly IRS agent. ALL 16,000 new ones to be Health Care Enforcement.

HR 4872 (The Reconciliation bill), Heritage reports, would “force companies to pay a tax penalty if that business employs 50 or more workers as soon as one worker qualifies for, and opts to accept, a health insurance premium subsidy.”

That $3,000 penalty is on top of the $2,000-per-worker penalty for all workers beyond the first 30 for such companies not offering a “qualified” health plan or paying 60% of employee health premiums. Such companies would be faced with a $3,000 penalty for hiring a single parent, the very kind of person desperately in need of employment.
Here’s where it gets even more bizarre. According to Heritage, under the reconciliation bill, if Company A lays off an employee with a working spouse, this could generate a $3,000 tax penalty for the other spouse’s employer, unless Company B also lays off the other spouse.

We’re not making this up. This byzantine legislation is a job-killer that will destroy small business, the major creator of new jobs. Some 77,000 businesses in the U.S. have 50 to 200 workers that could face the $2,000-per-employee tax penalty. An additional 116,000 businesses have 35 to 49 workers.

This nonsense will stunt economic growth and worsen the economic downturn by actually providing financial incentives to not hire people. It’s not worth the trouble. Businesses that might have expanded will stop at 49 employees. Those already considered a “large” business will face a minefield of taxes and penalties due in some cases to events beyond their control.

The power to tax is indeed the power to destroy. As we have said, this is not about health care. This is about power and the redistribution of wealth. And the IRS will be making a list and checking it twice to see who’s being naughty and who’s being nice.

And this you add this ditty:  In a joint statement to Congress, the president’s top economic advisers hedged against expectations of lower unemployment this year, saying the jobless rate — still hovering around 10% — will “remain elevated for an extended period.” “We do not expect further declines in unemployment this year,” the White House budget director, top economist and Treasury secretary testified.(IBD)

But at least they’ll have Government Health Care, in the future, that’s what’s really important. 🙂

And so, for Obama and The Democrats, it’s on to the next target.

They have to cram as much of this in this year as they can, so if they lose in November, they still win in the long term.

Amnesty, Financial “reform”, Global Warming, The EPA…

So much to control, so little time.

The Acid Rain and aftershocks  from the 21st century Chicxulub Meteor are now upon us.

And all we can do is our best.

It’s all we have left.

The Day That Will Live In Infamy

No the Japanese have not attacked Pearl Harbor again.

And this was not a sneak attack.

But it was a call to War.

As predicted, the Democrat Socialists sold the American People down the toilet  219-212. That 3 more than they needed.

And guess who caved at the last second, Pro-Life Democrats.

They were promised to issue an executive order (aka BRIBE) from the President saying that the provisions of the now Health Care Reform Law that let the government pay fro abortions will not happen.

Not an actual signed order, just a promise of one.

And this President is a very trustworthy guy. 😦


Rep. Bart Stupak (D-MI) the “leader” of the now defunct ‘pro-life’ Democrats is now Judas.

“Perhaps Mr. Stupak and his fellow pro-life Democrats forget that President Obama’s first Executive Order was the repeal of the Mexico City Policy to allow for international funding of abortion.”— Phylis Schlafly of the Eagle Forum

To pay for the changes, the legislation includes more than $400 billion in higher taxes over a decade and cuts more than $500 billion from planned payments to hospitals, nursing homes, hospices and other providers that treat Medicare patients. (AP)

So bend over and reach deep. The enema you’re going to get is going to be a joyous one, Comrade. 😦

And just to give you some more happy news: This from Bloomberg

President Obama’s budget proposal would create bigger deficits every year of the next decade, with the gaps totaling $1.2 trillion more than his administration projects, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office said this month. Publicly held debt will zoom to $20.3 trillion, or 90 percent of gross domestic product, by 2020, the CBO forecast.

So anyone for Ramen Noodles??

That maybe all we have left soon.

But at least we’ll have government Health Care!

Hurray! 😦

When asked what Obama was doing during the vote, White House spokesman Robert Gibbs: “Mostly basketball.” (CBS)

He was watching the NCAA.

Well, you have to have your priorities… 😦

It also seems, according to the Senate Republicans website that the Senate Democrats stalled a “bi-partisan” meeting with the Parliamentarian until after the vote, that way it didn’t stall their quest for the Holy Grail.

WASHINGTON DC – Senate Democrats have balked at a bi-partisan meeting with the Senate Parliamentarian to discuss a rule violation that could doom the entire House reconciliation proposal.

DON STEWART, McCONNELL SPOKESMAN: “Republicans have been trying to set up a meeting with Senate Democrats since yesterday to discuss this fatal point of order but have been met with nothing but silence. We suspect Democrats are slow walking us so as to have the House vote first. Since Senate Democrats refuse to meet with us and the Parliamentarian, we’ve informed our colleagues in the House that we believe the bill they’re now considering violates the clear language of Section 310g of the Congressional Budget Act, and the entire reconciliation bill is subject to a point of order and rejection in the Senate should it pass the House.”

That means the Senate bill, which everyone in the House seems to universally hate, will be the law of the land.

And the Partisan bloodbath is probably not over.

But remember, this was the President who was going to be the Post-Partisan, Unifier.

You just did know he was going to be Unified against The American People and any who opposed his will.


So the Reconciliation Fix-it fight is now on.

“Immediately after receiving the final reconciliation bill language, Senate Republican staff was ready and willing to meet with Senate Democratic staff and the Senate Parliamentarian to discuss the fact that the House reconciliation bill may be brought down by the 310(g) point of order in the Senate. Senate Democrats are mysteriously unavailable until after the House votes on the health care bill tonight. The Senate Democrats appear to be pushing off this meeting so that House Democrats will remain in the dark about what is likely to happen to the reconciliation bill on which many have staked their careers in Congress. House Democrats should be alarmed by this latest development, since the survival of the reconciliation bill is clearly at risk in the Senate.”

If Republicans can get the parliamentarian to agree with them even once, whatever ultimately passes the Senate will have to go back to the House.
And Democrats in the House quietly admit that its very likely they will have to vote again on the reconciliation fixes at some point down the road.

So the House Democratic Leadership was potentially Lying to it’s members, especially ‘Judas’ Stupak, that they’re being played.

Admittedly, you have to get the Parliamentarian to agree first, but it show how far the Democrats will go to pass it.

But even then, we still have Government run Health Care.

It doesn’t do it to everyone just yet.

But by the end of the decade it will be.

You can trust the Democrats on that.

or Maybe sooner…

As you know, I am a strong supporter of a public option, and I included the HELP Committee’s public option in the bill I brought to the senate floor last year. I was disappointed when it became clear that we did not have the votes to keep it.
Nevertheless, like you, I remain committed to pursuing the public option. While I believe that the legislation we are considering does much to provide affordable coverage to millions of Americans and curb insurance company abuses, I also believe that the public option would provide additional competition to make insurance even more affordable. As we have discussed, I will work to ensure that we are able to vote on the public option in the coming months.
Sen Majority Leader Harry Reid.

Because we all know by now, you can trust a Democrat lawmaker to keep his or her word, now can’t we. 🙂

And we have to get the Illegals Amnesty so they can be put on the government doles and registered as Democrats so we can fix the messy democratic process.

And then we just need to fix all those greedy, consumer-driven, energy pigs and purveyors of evil CO2 (you know, electricity, oil, cars, people).

We’ll whip them into shape for their own good.

So Welcome to the new Obama’s Amerika, Comrade.

Enjoy your “freedoms”.

Coming Soon: Bloody Sunday

The Stage is set.

All the players are lining up.

Sunday, March 21, 2010 is likely the end of the road for America.

The Democrats will likely “deem” the Senate bill pass in the greatest act of political cowardice and underhanded chicanery in American History.

And The President is NOT worried.

President Obama is not worried about the “procedural” debate over whether House Democratic leaders should go ahead with a plan to approve health care reform without a traditional vote, he told Fox News on Wednesday.

Why should he be.

Though the Senate will still have to vote for the Reconciliation package (and additional 2,300 pages bringing the monster to 5,000 pages!!) it will be by simple majority, which should be no real problem.

So Obama will get enshrined in the Liberal Socialist Hall of Fame and raised up amongst their Gods.

The mere mortals, The American People, who are not for it, get stuck with a terminal cancer that will eat away at them forever.

Democracy in action. 😦

“I don’t spend a lot of time worrying about what the procedural rules are in the House or Senate,”

<<Barf Bag please!>>

Obama said. “What I can tell you is that the vote that’s taken in the House will be a vote for health care reform. And if people vote yes, whatever form that takes, that is going to be a vote for health care reform. And I don’t think we should pretend otherwise. And if they don’t, if they vote against it, then they’re going to be voting against health care reform and they’re going to be voting in favor of the status quo.

<<<Talking Point Alert!>>>

“So Washington gets very concerned with these procedures in Congress, whether Republicans are in charge or Democrats are in charge,” he said.

Indeed, House lawmakers would be going on record for health care reform. But they wouldn’t be casting a vote for the Senate bill alone.

Instead, under a process called a “self-executing rule,” the House could simultaneously approve the Senate bill while voting on a package of changes to it. This would “deem” the Senate bill to be passed, without compelling members to vote for it directly.

They vote for the rule, not the bill.

Schoolhouse Rock’s “I’m Just a Bill”  has just been murdered! :0

But in all such Cases the Votes of both Houses shall be determined by Yeas and Nays, and the Names of the Persons voting for and against the Bill shall be entered on the Journal of each House respectively. (Article 1 Section 7).

But the Orwellian bastards will try and sell that pile of crap all summer and the Liberal media (aka The Ministry of Truth) will go along with it when it comes up.

There is no “Fourth Estate” to protect you, they are a Fifth Column.

Asked to respond to a viewer’s e-mail question about why he has to “bribe Congress to pass it,” Obama said, “I’ve got the same exact e-mails that I could show you that talk about why haven’t we done something to make sure that I, a small business person, am getting as good a deal as members of Congress are getting, and don’t have my insurance rates jacked up 40 percent?”

Obama later added, “I’ve got to say to you, there are a lot more people who are concerned about the fact that they may be losing their house or going bankrupt because of health care.”

Obama expressed confidence that the health care bill will pass.

“And the reason I’m confident that it’s going to pass is because it’s the right thing to do,” he said.

“And yes, I have said that this is an ugly process,” he said. “It was ugly when Republicans were in charge. It was ugly when Democrats were in charge.”

“But they did it too Mommy!!” is Obama’s basic answer for everything these days.

But if it passes (or is “deemed” more likely) he gets to ascend to Liberal Socialist Godhood and nothing else matters.

Except, attempting to rig future elections that is.

Remember, the White House took control of the Census data that can be used to gerrymander legislative districts.

Also, you have 12-20 million new socialist Democrats and ACORN chomping at the bit to get them registered.

They are called Illegal Aliens.

Obama won by 10 million last time.

But he has so pissed off many Americans he would need more voters to replace them.

So in come the Illegals, most from socialist countries to the south.

Most can’t speak much English.

Many are very undereducated.

And virtually all will be grateful to their new God, Obama and The Democrats for giving them Amnesty.

But that won’t stop the Illegals.

They’ll still keep coming.

And with Former Arizona Governor and lover of all things Non-American Janet Napalitano cutting funding for Border Security you have a never ending supply of new Democrats to bring in to use as electoral weapons.

And with Cap and Trade (which they will try and pass before November) they can effectively run your life for you.

As Obama said, it’s the right thing to do.

They “deem” it so. So mote it be.

The End Justifies the means.

So enjoy your weekend, as Americans, it’s probably our last.

Unless, there is a Miracle.

And, WE THE PEOPLE must create it.

The Buzzsaw

After Scott Brown won the Senate race in Massachusetts, the president claimed that his health-care bill ran into a “buzzsaw” of opposition from special interests. But the “buzzsaw” wasn’t special interests, it was the American people. They aren’t an obstacle to be circumvented. The president and his party should heed the people’s message—scrap this bill and start over.

Some Democrats in Washington still don’t get it. This is not an argument between Democrats and Republicans, it’s a fight between Democrats and their own constituents. And if Democrats still insist on forcing this government takeover of health care through Congress over the objection of the people who sent them here, we know this for a fact: Those constituents won’t sit down and shut up. Nor should they.

To Use a Football analogy, it’s time for a Goal line stand.

A stand for the traditional American values of hard work, sacrifice, and the American Dream.

A stand for Freedom.

To stand for the rights of the individual, not the State.

Government by the consent of the governed.

We are the Governed.

We The People.

Our country faces big challenges. Our economy is struggling, the debt is exploding and tens of thousands of Americans are still losing their jobs every month. Health-care costs are skyrocketing. It’s time for both parties to come together and solve these problems. That’s what the American people want, and that’s what they deserve.

If there’s one thing the American people didn’t want, it was for us to make health care more bureaucratic and expensive. The Obama administration’s own scorekeeper at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services says overall health spending will go up by more than $200 billion under the Democrats’ bill. The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) also says federal health spending will rise.

Even proponents of this monster know it will raise your costs.

They don’t care.

It’s about the transformation from Democracy to Socialism.

A European style Social Welfare State.

It’s not about Health Care costs.

Here is Majority Whip Dick Durbin on the floor: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kS7mupZgGxc

The CBO also says health insurance premiums for millions of families across the country will go up by as much as 13% as a result of all the new government mandates contained in this bill—and continue to rise at the current unsustainable rate for nearly everyone else. And it’s all going add to the mountain of debt we are already piling onto our kids and grandkids.(WSJ)

An even more transparent gimmick is collecting money for the new Obama health care program for the first 10 years but delaying the payments of its benefits for four years. By collecting money for 10 years and spending it for only six years, you can make the program look self-supporting, but only on paper and only in the short run.

This is a game you can play just once, during the first decade. After that, you are going to be collecting money for 10 years and paying out money for 10 years.(Thomas Sowell)

Then the bovine fecal matter hits the air circulation device and suddenly, you’ve been Greece’d.

But Obama only wants to have his Grand Egotistical Liberal Holy Grail. His Legacy in that regard will be Immortal.

And that’s what it’s all about.

So we it’s 4th and Goal. And we have to hold the line.

Or else, we’ll be Greece’d.