‘Twas The Night Before Christmas

WP: Vice President Biden presided over the 60-39, party-line vote, which brings Democrats closer than ever to realizing their 70-year-old goal of universal health coverage.

Notice the not-so-Freudian slip. UNIVERSAL HEALTH CARE. 🙂

For the first time, most Americans would be required to obtain health insurance, either through their employer or via new, government-regulated exchanges. Those who can’t afford insurance plans would receive federal subsidies.

Subsidies paid for by?

You guessed it.

Us. Not Them.


It’s a Baby.

Vampire that is.

That if allowed to live will suck the life out of Everyone.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid declared that: “We stand on the doorstep of history.”

Infamy more likely.

And after all, their place in “history” and it’s immortality was far more important than the will of the People.

But since the liberal control education I’m sure the Republicans will be to blame when this Frankenstein’s Monster rampages through The Village.

Republicans fought the Senate bill with every parliamentary weapon they could muster, raising a series of motions on that failed along party lines. The rhetoric grew more harsh as time ran short.

“From rationing care to infringing on the doctor-patient relationship, this government-run system will guarantee U.S. taxpayers a staggering tax burden for generations to come,” Grassley said on the Senate floor. The final bill, Grassley said, “doesn’t do any of these things that we set out to do at the beginning.”

No, Senator. It doesn’t (on the things they SAID were the goals).

A challenge to the Senate health bill’s constitutionality failed on Wednesday afternoon in a party-line vote.
Sens. John Ensign (R-Nev.) and Orrin Hatch’s (R-Utah) point of order arguing that the Senate bill is unconstitutional under the Interstate Commerce Clause and Fifth Amendment of the U.S. Constitution failed in a 39-60 vote. (The Hill)

And even the vaunted CBO has recently admitted to an error in their calculations, the one’s Democrats have been touting (Sounds a bit Copenhaegn-y don’t it?)(FOX): The Congressional Budget Office said Sunday that the Senate health care bill would not reduce long-term federal deficits as much as previously estimated, acknowledging that it made an “error” in its original analysis.

In correcting the mistake, Elmendorf noted that projections for a bill 10-to-20 years down the road can be highly unreliable.

“The imprecision of these calculations reflects the even greater degree of uncertainty that attends to them,” he wrote.

But on getting it passed so that they could force the drugs down everyone’s throat so they can addict them and make it look like it’s for their own good, they did succeed.

So Far.

But as Yogi Berra would say, “It ain’t over ‘Till it’s over”.

The House and Senate versions are radically different.

But it’s now about pride of Ideology, and Party. Not actually helping people.

And the American People must rise up and pressure them before the final vote on whatever mutant form of Socialized Medicine comes out in the final product.

Make no mistake, all Democrats are Liberals. And all Liberals are Democrats.

It’s about Ideology.

It’s about Party.

It’s not about You.

It’s about Them.

Their egos. Their Pride. Their “historic moment”.

The ascendancy of the Socialist Liberal Nanny State. Where they control you from before birth to after death.

And they have complete contempt for you and the process as this example From The Hill shows:

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) elicited perhaps the strongest reaction after he originally voted no on the health care reform bill he has crafted and ushered through the Senate for months.
Reid quickly threw up his arms in the air and bowed his head to his podium, drawing a hardy round of laughs from senators in the chamber. It’s not clear if Reid’s original vote was a mistake or a joke, but Reid said that he spent Wednesday night trying to think of ways to show some bipartisanship.

Yes, folks, bi-partisanship is a joke to Democrats.

Lest, you think the Fourth Estate, the mighty “journalist” was going to press the White House for answers, and askl tough questions, think again:

A press conference that began with White House press secretary Robert Gibbs announcing that since “last week we did a sort of happy hour briefing,” he thought “today we’d do sort of a brunch briefing,” got more trivial — and insulting by the minute.

What we got from America’s intrepid practitioners of First Amendment freedoms was a discussion about “a pink polka-dot shirt and a checkered tie.”

“What color are your socks today?” Gibbs asked one member of the press corps. Then it was on to the reporter “with the snappy blue tie and hopefully darker socks,” as Gibbs described his attire.

Not long after that came a question that must have kept C-SPAN junkies on the edge of their seats: “Does the president support Senator Akaka’s native Hawaiian government reorganization act, creating a native Hawaiian government within the state of Hawaii?”

There were jokes about cell phones going off — “Is somebody ordering a pizza?” Gibbs asked — and of equipment being noisily dropped — “Careful … this room isn’t paid for!” said Gibbs. “This is just a rental!” But there were no serious questions about what is contained in Congress’ worst-ever piece of legislation, rammed through in the middle of the night on a party-line vote.

We got touchy-feely questions like, “As the president is winding down this first year in office, as he looks back over this year, is he at the point now where he can say, this is kind of what I expected?”

Oh yes, and we learned that on the president’s upcoming vacation in Hawaii, “he will probably take the girls out for shaved ice.”

The whole thing is a joke to them.

Well, I’m not laughing, because it’s at MY EXPENSE.

When a question was asked about the president not discussing the government-run option for health reform with independent Sen. Joseph Lieberman, no answer was given because, said Gibbs, “if you’re looking back, it’s generally rehashing.”

Old News. We Won. Up yours. <<stick tongue out>>. Move on, nothing to see but a Jon Stewart Comedy Central routine. Next…

Reid during his final floor remarks said that many senators could hear (Teddy) Kennedy’s voice “ringing” in their ears.

I wonder if any of them heard Mary Jo Kopeckne?? 🙂

“This bill is a real threat to liberty because of the precedent that it sets on the federal government being able to tell individuals what to do,” said Sen. John Ensign (R-Nev.).

But it’s not night fall yet.

Dusk maybe.

But not night fall.

The Dark Side hasn’t won’t quite yet, young Skywalker. 🙂

Though the Force is strong with The One.

They will ignore you, but keep it up, day after day.

Contact your local TV station news. Ask them why they don’t cover it properly.

It’s about Pressure people.






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(and if this ain’t a scam, I don’t know what is…) 🙂




Comment early and often. 🙂

Twas the night before Christmas, when all through D.C.
Not a creature was stirring — except for sixty.
The health care bill made them wish they weren’t alive,
And they wanted Obama Claus soon to arrive.

The Dems were all anxious, they wanted to leave
For they know, in a year, six or seven will grieve.
The entire debate blew up in the Dems’ faces
And made their polls sink in all of the big races!

They don’t want to remember this nightmare existed,
Nor employ on constituents logic so twisted.
Harry Reid hid the bill, but I think this is it –
I will spell it all out with my rhyme and my wit:

There is no “public option,” progressives are crying
And distorting the CBO, Barry is lying
Mary Landrieu was bought off, but nobody cares
And Ben Nelson is pro-life — really, he swears by it

Medicare’s still insolvent, but we’re gonna slash it –
(But those evil Repukes are the ones who will smash it!)
The majority will says the bill is a clunker –
(But we’ve got cash for that, and the DNC bunker)

Pre-existing conditions? Irrelevant, now –
It’ll reduce our costs, though we can’t tell you how.
Tort reform was avoided with diligent care,
And we left state monopolies all standing there.

Now Obama Claus comes and he asks them to vote –
58, 59 — ah, at last he can gloat! –
For the ayes have it, sir, and the bill has been passed!
We have the damned health care reform here at last!

“Now Nelson! Now, Lincoln! Now, Pryor and Joe!
On, Evan! On, Landrieu! On, Baucus and Snowe!
To the top of the deficit, ceiling of debt!
We’re going to bankrupt the U.S.A. yet!”

I woke up the next morning and saw on TV
I got health care handouts — coming straight from D.C.!
Obama, I thought — you did all this for me?
“Think it costs lots right now? Just you wait ’til it’s free!”

by Alex Knepper

Have a Merry Christmas. It may be your last.

Big Brother Strikes Back

Sen. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) on Wednesday called for an amendment to the health care reform bill that would remove the long-standing antitrust exemption for insurers, echoing a push by other Democrats to crack down on the industry.

“The health insurance’s antitrust exemption is one of the worst accidents of American history,” Schumer said. “It deserves a lot of the blame for the huge rise in premiums that has made health insurance so unaffordable. It is time to end this special status and bring true competition to the health insurance industry.”

This being the Single payer Public Option, of which Schumer is a prime advocate.

So if you oppose Big Brother, watch out we’ll come after you too.

“There isn’t anything we could do to satisfy them in this health care bill. Nothing,” Reid said. “They are so anti-competitive. Why? Because they make more money than any other business in America today. . . .What a sweet deal they have.”

Yeah, the government wants that monopoly for itself. Think of the money they could spend. Think of the tax increases. It just makes your mouth water slobbering over all the social welfare they could hand out!

Think of that power. The power of life and death. They’d become Gods! 🙂

The exemption, known as McCarran-Ferguson, cedes regulatory control of the industry, on the business side, to individual states. But repealing the antitrust exemption would give the federal government more authority to oversee the business side of health insurance companies — something states now have the sole authority to monitor.

So the federal government would have the power to regulate the business of the industry AND have a Lets-Not-Call-it-A Public Option-But secretly-it-is-one that, as many liberals point out, has no financial incentive (which they see as a good thing since capitalism, after all,  is evil) at the same time.

Except, of course, there is no such thing as no financial incentive. But that’s only a minor flaw in the slaw. Ignore it.

So you have a federal government that has a horse in the race, and can regulate the activities of the other horses (if there is no anti-trust) and can tax you to pump up it’s own horse, so who do you think is going to win in the end?

It will be “fair” and “competitive”. The race won’t be fixed at all.

Trust us. We’re from the government and we are here to save you! 🙂

IBD: Consider the likely scenario: massively higher premiums, private insurers crushed by new taxes and onerous new rules, insurance companies going out of business — and millions still uninsured.

The ensuing panic will likely lead to a “second wave” of health care reform, which health experts warned about well over a year ago as Democratic presidential candidates unveiled costly health plans.

Oh look, a new “crisis” that won’t go to waste. Gee whiz, isn’t it great to have Big Brother looking out for you. 🙂

That “reform,” with a government-wrecked health system to fix, will go far beyond today’s proposals. Americans will be staring European-style, single-payer socialism straight in the face.

If you want a vision of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face – forever.
George Orwell

You throw the frog in the cool waters of “Competition” and “fair regulations” and turn up the heat and boils to death on the taxes, penalties and fines.

But didn’t it feel good to stick to the greedy capitalists!!

Anyone for a Orwellian Two Minute Hate on Capitalism… 🙂

“Health insurance is one of the most regulated industries in America at both the federal and state level,” said Robert Zirkelbach, a spokesman for America’s Health Insurance Plans. “McCarran-Ferguson has nothing to do with competition in the health insurance market. The focus on this issue is a political ploy designed to distract attention away from the real issue of rising health care costs.

Very true.And it is an openly veiled threat by a Congress that doesn’t really care about anything but winning.

So, let’s use extortion.

Uber leftist Kieth Olbermann (MSNBC) blatantly suggested using it to threaten the industry into compliance.

But it sounds good, and Liberal do need their demons to fight And Capitalism and Freedom of Thought and Choice certainly are the Holy Grail. Defeat that and you’re on the gravy train of power forever.


Meanwhile, Senate Democrats sought Wednesday to shore up the support of a critical player in the health-care debate: the American Medical Association.

With a bit more bribery.

Senate leaders met with representatives of the AMA and other doctors’ groups, then said they would press to repeal within days a decade-old law that subjects physicians who treat Medicare patients to regular pay cuts. The repeal would increase the federal budget deficit by nearly $250 billion over the next decade, but the influential organizations, whose members will face a 21 percent pay cut in January, had demanded a resolution to the issue as part of any health-care overhaul.

“Here’s what you need to know. First, I will not sign a plan that adds one dime to our deficits – either now or in the future. Period. And to prove that I’m serious, there will be a provision in this plan that requires us to come forward with more spending cuts if the savings we promised don’t materialize.”- President Obama

Well, I guess that kills the bill then, right. A Nobel Laurette like him wouldn’t lie to you and go back on his word now would he?

Politicians don’t do that.

Especially, not the Too-smart-for-any-room-Too-Charismatic-for-Words President Obama. 🙂

Trust him, He knows what he’s doing.

He’s got your back…

“But the insurance industry has declared war on the Congress – and that’s going to be a defining element from here on out.” Newsweek senior Washington correspondent Howard Fineman.

All Out Nuclear War has been declared.

And we will suffer from the apocalypse to come.

So that’s why the Mayans said the world ended in Dec 2012 because Obamacare starts January 1, 2013.

Hope Stranger than Fiction

When I titled a column after a Benjamin Franklin quote a few days ago I had no idea how prophetic it was.

Did you wake up, like I just did, to the stunned news that President Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize!

Yes. He did.


It’s not a joke or a set up for one.

The truth is vastly stranger than fiction.

The liberals in Norway were actually serious. (and he nominated 12 days into his presidency because that was the deadline).


U.S. President Barack Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize on Friday for giving the world “hope for a better future” and striving for nuclear disarmament, in a surprise award that drew both warm praise and sharp criticism.

The decision to bestow one of the world’s top accolades on a president less than nine months into his first term, who has yet to score a major foreign policy success, was greeted with gasps of astonishment from journalists at the announcement in Oslo.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee praised Obama for “his extraordinary efforts to strengthen international diplomacy and cooperation between peoples.” But critics — especially in parts of the Arab and Muslim world — called its decision premature.

The apology tour and the disasters at the UN and the G-20 and the snub at Copenhagen, the 10% unemployment, the loss of millions of jobs, the deficit is higher than ever and he wants to spend even more.

And we haven’t gotten to Cap and Trade and Global Warming yet!

Or Amnesty.

But he’s the bringer of  “Hope and Change”!

The Norwegians have obviously left reality and are  from a parallel universe, or they are even more deluded with their own hope-mania than US liberals.

Star light, Star Bright
The first star I see tonight
I wish I may, I wish I might
Have this wish I wish tonight.

So now, this once prominent award is giving it out on the PROMISE of peace.

Hope not results.

It feels good to hope doesn’t it! Hope will feed the world! Give Peace a Chance! 🙂

“He that lives upon hope will die fasting”- Benjamin Franklin

And  that is similar to the promise of :

President Obama: “you will not see your taxes increased a single dime.  I repeat: not one single dime.”

Now there was something for the people to hope for. Massive new government control social  programs that won’t cost you a dime!

Even P.T. Barnum would be aghast!

But the liberals actually believe this.

And so does the now-Nobel One.

Too bad we have to live in reality.

There are 5 Health care bills (2 in the Senate and 3 in the House) and they have to be melded into one bill. ALL of the house bills have the Public Option, only 1 of the Senate (Finance) does not (though the co-op is just an Orwellian way of restating it).

The cheapest one is the Finance Committee’s “conceptual” bill at just under $900 Billion. All the rest are over a Trillion.

And as pointed out yesterday, the government missed their target cost on Medicare (which will be broke in 8 years by the way) by a factor of 9.

Add to that, that we have no money. And have run up the deficit to historic proportions.  How to sustain that and not raise taxes on people making less than $250,000???


Call it something else. Like sneaking vegetables into your kids food…

Bury it in 1000’s of pages of legalese that not even the people voting on it can read. That’s how.

Oh, and make sure the Ministry of Truth (ABC,NBC,CBS,CNN et al) don’t say anything bad about it!



Candor about taxes is rare in Washington, so when House Speaker Nancy Pelosi admits that Democrats may have to impose a huge new tax on the middle class to fund their spending ambitions, believe her.

Speaking with PBS’s Charlie Rose on Monday, Mrs. Pelosi mused publicly about the rising possibility of enacting a value-added tax, or VAT, as part of broader tax reform. “Somewhere along the way, a value-added
tax plays into this,” she said. “Of course, we want to take down the health-care cost, that’s one part of it. But in the scheme of things, I think it’s fair to look at a value-added tax as well.”

The allure of a VAT for politicians is that it applies to every level of production or service, rakes in piles of money, and is largely hidden from those who ultimately pay it—namely, consumers. With a $9 trillion 10-year budget deficit, $4 trillion in spending in fiscal 2010 alone, and a $1 trillion (at a minimum) health-care entitlement in the wings, Mrs. Pelosi knows that not even the revenue from the expiration of the lower Bush tax rates in 2011 will cover the bills.
Nearly every European country that has passed national health care has also eventually imposed a VAT, and it’s foolish to think the U.S. will be different.

“Somewhere along the way, a value-added tax plays into this. Of course, we want to take down the healthcare cost, that’s one part of it,” the Speaker added. “But in the scheme of things, I think it’s
fair look at a value- added tax as well.”

European Socialism demands European Taxes don’t you know. (Sounding like Thurston Howell III) “It’s so continental”


Mrs. Pelosi is the second prominent Democrat to call for a VAT in recent weeks (along with other financial gurus). John Podesta, an adviser to President Obama and president of the very liberal Center for American Progress, called in
September for a “small and more progressive” VAT. Mrs. Pelosi and Mr. Podesta argue a new tax is necessary to address the nation’s exploding financial liabilities, as if those liabilities exploded on their own.
Of course, VATs always start “small” and get bigger. The bills for the Democratic spending blowout are coming due even sooner than advertised, and the middle class will pay, whatever Mr. Obama’s campaign promises.(AP)


Using data for 2008, a VAT of just 1% would raise an added $63 billion. Make it “just” 5%, and it’s a $315 billion annual tax hike on all Americans — or roughly $2,670 on every household, including the poor and middle-class.

To sell the idea to gullible taxpayers, politicians play down these problems, focusing instead on tax “efficiency” and the idea that the VAT is a low rate applied against a broad base of taxpayers. (IBD)

And it would “lower” taxes! (some liberals will say)  If it was to replace the income tax, maybe, but not ON TOP OF IT!

Oh, and It doesn’t stop there. Why would it. When you’re on a roll, and Hope is your guide…

To make the plans “deficit neutral” aka offset massive spending with massive cuts and taxes…

From Dick Morris.com: (You know, the former Clintonista) on The Finance Committee Bill:

In a new amendment to the health care bill, they propose to limit the deductibility of medical expenses on income taxes.

Now, taxpayers may deduct any medical expenses that exceed 7.5% of their Adjusted Gross Income. Obama and Baucus want to raise that threshold to 10% as long as the taxpayer is under 65.

Eight million Americans are sick enough and poor enough that they have to pay more than 7.5% of their income in medical expenses. And it is these folks that the liberals Obama and Baucus plan to tax! Six million of them earn less than $75,000 a year!

For a family earning $75,000 a year and facing out-of-pocket medical bills of $7, 500, this proposal would cost them about $600 a year in extra taxes.

And let’s remember who it is that they are taxing. This proposal affects people whose incomes are so limited and whose medical costs are so high that they exceed 7.5% of their pre-tax income.

Their proposal literally hopes to raise $20 billion over ten years by taxing sick people.

The Democrats defend their proposal by saying that it would discourage health care spending. But nobody deliberately spends 7.5% of their income on medical costs unless they are pretty sick and needy.

The poor will not have to pay it because they are eligible for Medicaid

That’s genius! To prevent people from costing you to much Tax them when they are sick and really do need it so they won’t use it again! And like Rep. Grayson said (only he was talking about his bi-partisanship with Republicans) “they want you to just die”

Brilliant! Absolutely Brilliant!! (sarcasm in case you didn’t know)

But it’s not a tax increase, per se, you just end up paying more if you are gravely sick, Orwell would be proud of you our NOBEL President.

Originally, the Democrats continued their war on the elderly by proposing to tax everyone who spends more than the 7.5% threshold on medical costs. But they retreated when it became clear that six million elderly would be hit with the tax. Now they just sock it to eight million sick, middle income Americans.

This tax, and their desire to cut Medicare and Medicaid by $500 billion, makes Obama and Baucus unlike any Democrats I have ever known. Democrats, at least when I worked for Clinton, defended the elderly and the sick rather than cut the former and tax the latter.

Ah, screw the elderly, they’ll be dead soon anyhow!  (again, sarcasm!)

“The American health-care system is in crisis, and workable solutions have been blocked for years by deeply entrenched ideological divisions. Sen. Daschle brings fresh thinking to this problem, and his Federal Reserve for Health concept holds great promise for bridging this intellectual chasm and, at long last, giving this nation the health care it deserves.” —Senator Barack Obama (IL) on Sen. Daschle’s Book, Critical.

(Daschle’s solution lay in the Federal Reserve Board, which has overseen the equally complicated financial system with great success.  A Fed-like health board would offer a public framework within which a private health-care system can operate more effectively and efficiently—insulated from political pressure yet accountable to elected officials and the American people.–See Below)

According to Daschle (the first nominee for HHS but undone by being a tax cheat),” doctors have to give up autonomy and “learn to operate less like solo practitioners.”

And this was in the “Stimulus” Bill:

One new bureaucracy, the National Coordinator of Health Information Technology, will monitor treatments to make sure your doctor is doing what the federal government deems appropriate and cost effective. The goal is to reduce costs and “guide” your doctor’s decisions (442, 446).

Sounds like Daschle’s board doesn’t it? 🙂

So we cut Medicaid. We destroy Medicare Advantage. We outlaw HSA’s (Health Savings Accounts– it’s in HR3200 folks!) We tax the sick. We make it Mandatory. We have a Government monitoring agency. We sick the IRS on you if you don’t comply. And we still don’t cover everyone, according to the CBO!!


Shear Genius!

And well worth that Nobel Prize for Hope!

And Vastly better than we have now.

Thank you, Mr President and Member of Congress for saving us from the evil capitalists!

“Health-care reform” would slash Medicare — and not just Medicare Advantage — to subsidize insurance for much younger people who can’t qualify for Medicaid and thus, by definition, aren’t poor. And the supposed protector of poor old people will stand by, content with its own cut of the action.

Is this what liberal Democrats have come to?

And you get a one-size fits all plan to boot. That way you get charged premiums for things that you could biologically produce, like guys being covered for pregnancy or women for prostate exams. And since we are coveing you for every procedure all the time, the premium will match it.

And since they will reimburse hospitals and doctors with Medicare-level rates (vastly lower, thus SAVING MONEY :)) the private insurance companies will be run out business because it will be unprofitable to continue.

Leaving just Mama Government in charge.

But don’t worry, it “cheaper” this way… 🙂

Public Option uber alles!

Trust us, we’re for the government and we are here to save you! 🙂

It’s Your Duty

Our paternal Big Brother on NBC’s Meet The Press:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well— I— I’ve already made some— pretty substantial changes in terms of how I was approaching health care.  When I was —

DAVID GREGORY: Like the public option.  You effectively said to the left, “It’s not gonna happen.”

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well what I — no, no, that’s not true.  What I — what I’ve said is the public option, I think, should be a part of this but we shouldn’t think that, somehow, that’s the silver bullet that solves health care.  What I’ve said, for example, on — what’s called an individual mandate.  During the campaign I said, “Look, if — health care is affordable, then I think people will buy it.”  So we don’t have to say to — to folks, “You know what?  You have to buy health care.”

So if you make it affordable you won’t make it mandatory. But every bill out there alleging to make it “affordable” makes it mandatory.

So which is it Mr. Orwell?

“And — what — when I talked to health care experts on both the left and the right what they tell me is that, even after you make health care affordable, there’s still gonna be some folks out there who — whether out of inertia, or they just don’t want to but — spend the money — would rather take their chances.

Unfortunately, what that means, is then you and I and every American out there who has health insurance, and are paying their premiums responsibly every month, they’ve gotta pick up the cost for— emergency room care when one of those people gets sick.  So what we’ve said as long as we’re making this genuinely affordable to families then you’ve got an obligation to get health care just like you have an obligation to get auto insurance in every state.”

So now it’s your obligation to society  and his, for your greater good, to make it mandatory.

During the campaign I said, “Look, if — health care is affordable, then I think people will buy it.”  So we don’t have to say to — to folks, “You know what?  You have to buy health care.”

Orwellian Doublethink at it’s finest.

If we make it affordable people will buy it.

But if they won’t buy it, then we must make it mandatory, for their own good, because we don’t have to make it mandatory if we make it affordable!


So then, does it have to be affordable if it’s mandatory?

And as has been pointed out before in auto insurance portability (you can buy auto across state lines) is not illegal as it is in health insurance.

I live in Arizona. I can only buy insurance from a company licensed and regulated in Arizona. Period.

And if I move to, say Idaho. My insurance has to be trashed and restarted from scratch.

Not with auto. So not the same thing.

And how’s that whole more choice thing working when it’s MANDATORY and your civic duty to your fellow comrades to by health insurance or else.

You evil selfish bastard. You don’t want to pay for health insurance.

You want to make every sick and make them pay for it.

You heartless bastard!

You say you can’t afford it. You say you don’t think you need it.

Well, let Mama Government force you to buy it anyways, it’s “cheap”.

It’s “fair”.

It’s “Competitive”

and it won’t raise the deficit “not one Dime”

And it’s your duty to your fellow comrades to buy it. Isn’t it Citizen… 🙂

Oh… and In the interviews taped on Friday, he said they would not lead to middle-class tax increases.

Obama said on CBS’ “Face the Nation” he could still keep his campaign pledge not to raise taxes on those making less than $250,000. He said much of the cost of the overhaul could be funded by eliminating waste and abuse.

“I can still keep that promise because as I’ve said, about two-thirds of what we’ve proposed would be from money that’s already in the healthcare system but just being spent badly. And as I said before, this is not me making wild assertions,” Obama said.

So where is the other 1/3 coming from? Since the government has no money unless it takes it from someone….

And I reiterate, doesn’t it just fill you heart with massive warm fuzzies to know that he’s going to pay for 2/3 of this massive new entitlement program with the waste,fraud and abuses of the other entitlement programs. Like this one will be immune from that forever. It will do something magical. A government entitlement program that never costs you “not one dime” and never raises your taxes.

Because, after all, the waste fraud and abuse that is going to pay for this new one must continue for their to be a revenue stream to use to pay for this one.  So how is that reforming the other programs again?


I have a Bridge in Brooklyn I’d like to sell you. It’s Affordable!

A Gallup poll last week found that by 60 percent to 38 percent, Americans do not believe the government can expand healthcare coverage without raising taxes on the middle class or affecting the quality of care. (Reuters)

But, They’re the Political Elite, they not only know what’s good for you, they are going to do it anyway!

Because it’s what THEY want.

And what about the Illegal Aliens, um I mean “immigrants” 🙂

Let’s not talk about that one.

Oh, and if you don’t have insurance (starting in 2013) we’ll fine you, your employer, and  sick the IRS on you.


More of Meet The Press:

“You know, I — I have said — that it is very important that we take into account the concerns of doctors and nurses who, by the way, support our efforts.  And I— and that’s something that doesn’t get noticed much.”- President Obama

Two of every three practicing physicians oppose the medical overhaul plan under consideration in Washington, and hundreds of thousands would think about shutting down their practices or retiring early if it were adopted, a new IBD/TIPP Poll has found.

The poll contradicts the claims of not only the White House, but also doctors’ own lobby — the powerful American Medical Association — both of which suggest the medical profession is behind the proposed overhaul.
• Four of nine doctors, or 45%, said they “would consider leaving their practice or taking an early retirement” if Congress passes the plan the Democratic majority and White House have in mind.

Will the quality of care for seniors improve under health care reform currently being considered by Congress?

A recent IBD/TIPP Poll shows that a majority of physicians think the answer is no.

Of the 1,376 physicians who answered our survey, 65% said that government reform would lead to lower-quality care for seniors.

But will you here these results from the Ministry of Truth, of  course not.

And there’s that “human face”. That cynical political ploy of false empathy and manipulation.

When Obama spoke to Congress about health care reform on Sept. 9, he attempted to put a human face on his push for a provision barring insurance companies from dropping patients with pre-existing medical conditions.

While not citing the person’s name, the president said: “One man from Illinois lost his coverage in the middle of chemotherapy because his insurer found that he hadn’t reported gallstones that he didn’t even know about. They delayed his treatment, and he died because of it.”
It’s just not true, which I pointed out in my Chicago Sun-Times column. I confirmed with the White House that the man Obama was referring to was Otto Raddatz, from a Chicago suburb. His insurance company did indeed yank his coverage in April 2005. But after a fight led by his sister, Peggy, an attorney and the Illinois attorney general, Raddatz got his coverage reinstated in a few weeks and never missed any needed treatments. And he did not die until Jan. 6, 2009.
I raised questions about the Obama claim with the White House on Sept 10. The White House told me that Obama’s speechwriters picked up the story from Slate and never vetted the facts independently. If they had, they would have realized that the Slate report was erroneous.
Presidents need everyday Americans as examples to bolster their initiatives, of course, and in a speech at the University of Maryland on Thursday Obama continued to cite real examples of people being mistreated by insurance companies. He did the same at a rally last Saturday in Minnesota. But he’s no longing looking to the late Otto Raddatz to help him make his case. (Lynn Sweet, Chicago Sun Times)
Well, since vetting the facts don’t matter. You can be confident when your President says that the new government entitlement that isn’t a “Public Option” (which is one in disguise) won’t cost you “one dime” and will not will raise your taxes is absolutely truthful! 🙂
More Meet The Press:

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, listen, I — I think I was awfully clear — and — and I’m surprised — David, maybe you haven’t been paying attention to what both the left and the right have been saying about my speech to Congress.  I laid down some pretty clear parameters.  And what I said was we’re gonna take ideas from both sides.

Was this before or after his AFL-CIO picnice speech recently where he said that the Republican have “no ideas”??

Or is he referring to the Max Baucus bill that even the Ultra Massive Super Left Liberals hate?

Or the push by many Democrats for “reconciliation” (where they just ram it through with legislative trickery and without “bi-partisan” support).

So which is it?

Obama: “But I do think that we all have an obligation to try to— conduct this conversation in a civil way.  And to— recognize that each of us are patriots.  That each of us are Americans.”

So that’s why I’m a gun-totting, toothless, Un-American, stupid, manipulated Racist hick who doesn’t know what’s good for me…I was wonder about that…. 🙂

“I have concerns about some of the language that is being used because I saw this myself in the late ’70s in San Francisco,” Pelosi told reporters. (aka assassination)

But let’s be civil… and just call them “Un-American” instead, isn’t that Mrs. Speaker Pelosi 🙂

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, look— I think that we have an obligation in Washington, as leaders, to make sure that we are sending a strong message.  That we can disagree without being disagreeable.  Without— you know, questioning each other’s motives.  When we start caricaturing the other side— I think that’s a problem.

And— unfortunately, we’ve got, as I’ve said before, a 24-hour news cycle where what gets you on the news is controversy.  What gets you on the news is the extreme statement.  The easiest way to get 15 minutes on the news, or your 15 minutes of fame, is to be rude.

And that’s— that’s— something that I think has to change.  And it starts with me.  And I’ve tried to make sure that I’ve sent a clear signal.  And I’ve tried to maintain an approach that says, look, we can have some serious disagreements but, at the end of the day, I’m assuming that you want the best for America just like I do.

Was that before or after:

“I’ve got a question for all these folks who say, you know, we’re going to pull the plug on Grandma and this is all about illegal immigrants — you’ve heard all the lies,” Obama said. “I’ve got a question for all those folks: What are you going to do? What’s your answer? What’s your solution?

“And you know what? They don’t have one. Their answer is to do nothing.”

Or :

“Instead of honest debate, we have seen scare tactics. Some have dug into unyielding ideological camps that offer no hope of compromise. Too many have used this as an opportunity to score short-term political points, even if it robs the country of our opportunity to solve a long-term challenge. And out of this blizzard of charges and counter-charges, confusion has reigned.”

“the time for debate is over”

Yep, that’s civility and open to other ideas. Absolutely.

We’re from the Government and we’re here to help you.

You want to do what’s right for everyone don’t you, Citizen?

It’s your duty.

Put down that can of soda, it’s bad for you.

Quit Smoking.

Stop eating those fatty foods.

Junk food is bad for you.

Lose Some Weight.

Start Exercising.

It’s for your own good…and you want to do what’s right for you, don’t you Citizen…