Your Safety is Our Primary Concern

“Any society that would give up a little liberty to gain a little security will deserve neither and lose both.” — attributed to Benjamin Franklin.

Political Cartoon by Gary McCoy

You knew the Department of Homeland Security was broken under Janet Napolitano. She won’t secure the border. She can’t bring herself to name the religion that breeds an incessant flow of suicidal extremists. And now she may allow Muslim women wearing hijabs (full body coverings) to pass through security without the intrusive scanning process that the rest of the citizenry must endure.

CAIR, the islamic pressure group link to the terrorist group HAMAS says “jump” and she and most liberals say “how high?”.

When asked, Janet said “Look, we have, like I said before, we are doing what we need to do to protect the traveling public and adjustments will be made where they need to be made,” Napolitano responded. “With respect to that particular issue, I think there will be more to come…”

So no need to recruit westerners to be radicals anymore. Just get CAIR to cry foul and Janet and the Liberals will jump and do as they say. So the terrorist can just come as they are.

Meanwhile, grandma and  screaming 3 year olds will get felt up like they were at a strip club.

And heaven forbid a bomber hides something up their ass, we’ll all have mandatory enemas!

Yeah, that’s effective. 😦

It’s okay for the TSA to grope nuns, but Muslim women are exempt (nothing beyond the head and neck). We cannot profile potential terrorists, but it’s okay to molest three-year olds (except we won’t call it molest because it’s the government doing it). Muslim men won’t go through body imaging machines, but it’s okay to grope non-Muslims’ genitals.

And, just to be clear, when one guy expresses his displeasure about his “junk” being touched, the TSA wants to make an example out of him by retaliating and launching an investigation into the guy who resisted the TSA’s overtures.

The Transportation Security Administration has opened an investigation targeting John Tyner, the Oceanside man who left Lindbergh Field under duress on Saturday morning after refusing to undertake a full body scan.


Michael J. Aguilar, chief of the TSA office in San Diego, called a news conference at the airport Monday afternoon to announce the probe. He said the investigation could lead to prosecution and civil penalties of up to $11,000.

TSA agents had told Tyner on Saturday that he could be fined up to $10,000.

“That’s the old fine,” Aguilar said. “It has been increased.”

So what we need is everyone dress in Muslim grab and pretend to be a Muslim. That will overload Janet’s brain to the point where we may actually cause her brain to crash and we can get someone competent in there (but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that though).

If Liberals jump at whatever Muslim pressure groups say, then obviously we need to all be Muslims.

Because the TSA assumes you are a terrorist right from the get-go, unless you’re a muslim that is.

So what if virtually every terrorist attack in the 45 years has been committed by Muslims. Who cares.

Certainly not the TSA.

We don’t want to PROFILE!

Everyone is guilty until proven innocent, except Muslims.

Sigh…And it doesn’t end there.

Just being normal Americans also who voted to crush the Democrats in the last election didn’t even phase the ideologically mind locked nutters.

The Democrats, and the predicted Lame Duck Poison has arrived.

Facing the largest Tax Increase (there are no “cuts”) in American History, something that is guaranteed to crush a bad economy the Democrats are all fired up about Illegal Immigration, Net Neutrality, and Treaties to hand over military superiority to the Russians.

They learned nothing on Nov 2. As predicted. They are far to full of their own hubris to understand. The Agenda is The Agenda!

And they still are. They are, after all, vastly superior to us mere mortals.

After the election, it seemed like the White House might have gotten the message. Obama said “the overwhelming message that I hear from the voters is that we…want you to work harder to arrive at consensus. We want you to focus completely on jobs and the economy…” White House officials were reported to be “deeply concerned about winning back political independents”. The FCC also seemed to get it. Chairman Genachowski said “At the FCC, our primary focus is simple: the economy and jobs.”

Message received, right?

Apparently not.

Now, in an astounding act of political and economic deafness, FCC Chairman Genachowski has apparently “touted net-neutrality regulations as one of the most important policies the country can adopt to improve its broadband deployment efforts”, and The Politico reports that they are “putting together a net neutrality proposal” which would apply net neutrality rules to wireless. And they may may try to jam it through in December.

Why now? “Lawmakers will already be gone for the Thanksgiving holiday, giving the FCC a small window to release a controversial order without immediate harsh reactions from Capitol Hill Republicans.”

I’m not sure why the administration thinks Congressional Republicans will let this happen. There may not be an Energy & Commerce Committee Chairman yet, but there isn’t much daylight between the candidates on this issue. If the FCC goes too far on this issue, they can expect a Congressional examination that would make the TSA blush.

Regulations that decrease investment and will lead to a loss of investment are no laughing matter in this bad economy. Americans will look to Congress to ask some tough questions on why the FCC and White House didn’t get the message after the midterms.

The question now is whether it was the FCC or the White House itself that didn’t get the message in the midterms. If they want to jam through these regulations, there is plenty more where the mid-terms came from. (

The Senate has voted to take up consideration of S.510, the so-called Food Safety Modernization Act, which would grant the Federal Drug Administration (FDA) more control over our diets. The supposed intention behind the legislation is to protect consumers from food-borne illnesses. But will it really?

If passed, the misnamed Food Safety and Modernization Act would authorize the FDA to tell farmers how to grow their crops. Federal bureaucrats who likely know little to nothing about farming will set the guidelines on appropriate temperatures, what soil to use, how much water to use and what animals are allowed to be on certain fields.

A study by Senator Tom Coburn’s (R-OK) office states “on the whole this bill represents a weighty new regulatory structure on the food industry that will be particularly difficult for small producers and farms to comply with (with little evidence it will make food safer)”

President John Tate states: “Don’t fall for their rhetoric about a few provisions that supposedly address concerns of small-scale farmers; the FDA still has all the power it needs to shut down family farms on a whim. In other words, it will be up to bureaucrats to decide whether or not local food production is decimated by federal regulations or shut down.”

The Congressional Budget Office has calculated that this overreaching bill would cost $1.4 billion between 2011 and 2015. To carry out these new rules, the federal government will hire over 17,000 new bureaucrats. Food producers will likely spend hundreds of millions of dollars annually complying with these unnecessary government regulations. This cost will be passed onto consumers in the form of higher food prices. Big agriculture is one of the largest proponents of the bill since it will likely destroy their competitors who cannot afford the high cost of these regulations.(red

But you’ll be “safer”. 🙂

Now doesn’t that make you feel better…

And the Democrats have listened to the the people cry on the economy, by not doing anything so far about the tax increases, but they do want give amnesty to illegals and crush the internet and farmers under their boots.

Message received loud and clear.

But did you listen?

Political Cartoon by Lisa Benson


Poisoning The Well

This was taken from the antiquities of the Roman times where you had an invading army. The origin of the term lies in the ancient practice of pouring poison into sources of fresh water before an invading army in order to diminish the invading army’s strength. In general usage, poisoning the well is the provision of any information that may produce a biased result.

That about sums up the Democrats and it propaganda machine, The Ministry of Truth/”Mainstream” media.

Especially, when it comes to opposition to them.

You must really be nuts to oppose them.

After years of hurling the most vile and disgusting things at anyone they disagreed with, they succeed in winning. Now, they are sacrosanct and they are not to be questioned and anyone who does is a “Terrorist”, a “racist”, a “radical”, and the newest one, on par with the KKK.

So the well has truly been poisoned.

The Democrats feel the invading army, The American People.

Many are retiring (deserting their posts) rather than face the wrath.

But many are still obvious and still spit poison like a cobra with never ending supply of venom.

Then they use Alinsky tactics to denigrate their opposition.

They provoke them.

Then they scold them.

Then they puff up their chest and weep crocodile tears for their victimization.

The Eagle-Tribune (New Hampshire):

Let us say at the outset that violence has no place in the American political process.

But as Democrats collapse to the floor with the vapors over “threats” from those whose anger over the methods used to pass health care reform boiled over into inappropriate behavior, they ought to consider the extent to which they are reaping the whirlwind.

There is no question that the Democrats have helped drive political discourse in this country into the fever swamps.

Democrats spent eight years glorifying the fringe elements of the Left who heaped all sorts of invective on President Bush, even to the point of burning him in effigy and calling for his execution as a war criminal. This they called “dissent, the highest form of patriotism.”

As these “patriots” marched through our streets with their papier-mache puppets and 1960s-revival chants, there was not a peep from the Democrats about the inappropriateness of it all or the need to convey a measure of respect toward the presidency, regardless of the occupant of that office.

Nor has there been any outcry at the derision heaped for the past several months on ordinary Americans who have rallied against unchecked government spending and the underhanded deals made to advance health care reform against the wishes of the public, as measured by the polls.

Indeed Democratic members of Congress themselves — including our own paragon of polite political discourse, Carol Shea-Porter of New Hampshire — have led the cry against these decent Americans, tarring them with the sexual slur “teabaggers.” If you are unaware just how vile a slur this is, look it up on the Internet — but not in front of children.

The “teabagger” epithet has been a prominent feature of news and commentary on the national television networks CNN and MSNBC, which rather than unbiased news outlets have been nothing short of cheerleaders for the Democrats’ health care reform effort.

When it looked like the election of Republican Scott Brown in Massachusetts might slow the health reform advance, MSNBC’s reprehensible Keith Olbermann referred to him as “an irresponsible, homophobic, racist, reactionary, ex-nude model, teabagging supporter of violence against women and against politicians with whom he disagrees.” A few nights after this deranged outburst, he “apologized” by saying he had forgotten to include “sexist.”

That sums up the level of political discourse advanced by the Democrats quite well. So while it is not defensible, it is at least understandable that as Democrats were doing their victory dance on health care reform, some on the fringe of the opposition acted inappropriately.

But rather than respond to this poor behavior with the dignity expected of mature adults, some prominent Democrats have been eager to adopt the martyr’s cloak. It only takes a few isolated nuts to confirm for them that they are in the vanguard against dark forces that exist largely in their own vivid imaginations.

It is particularly objectionable that Democrats and their allies are using these isolated offenses to tar all opposition to their policies. Ordinary Americans who object to trillion-dollar deficits and the beginnings of a government takeover of health care are portrayed as domestic terrorists in the mold of Timothy McVeigh or the new night riders of the Ku Klux Klan.

Democratic leaders in Washington ought to come out and describe these threats for what they are: the isolated misbehavior of a few individuals and not characteristic of Republicans and conservatives in general.

And they ought to have enough humility to acknowledge their own role in dragging American political discourse down to such a low level.

So we not only have to rebuild the town, but we have work around the copious number of sources for an armada of poisonous vipers.

And this nest of  Vipers are dragons who will now hoard their treasure and defend it to the last man. And woe be the “racist” “ignorant” “terrorist” who tries to take their treasure away.

The fire their Gods will reign death and destruction upon you if you try!

Mind you, it will happen because of them, but they don’t really care about that.

To quote Schmiegel in “Lord of the Rings”– “MY PRECIOUS!!!”

“Either We the People “HANG TOGETHER” of We all HANG separately!”