Government Will Save You

Good Guys 1  ObamaCare Death Panel 0
Sarah Murnaghan, a 10year-old girl with cystic fibrosis whose family fought to have her prioritized for adult organs, is getting a new set of lungs.
Despite being bureaucratic and arbitrarily “too young” for them (according to HHS).
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Cash-strapped law enforcement agencies in Oregon stop answering calls, sending officers: ‘If he … assaults you, can you ask him to go away?’ 

The first clue as to how dangerous it is to live in Oregon’s Josephine County?

No one answers the phone at the sheriff’s office.

“Due to budgetary constraints,” says a recorded voice, “we are only able to answer the phone from 9 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.”

In the cash-strapped county that is home to scenic Grants Pass, a special election was held this week asking voters to approve a tax levy so more deputies could be hired.

Last year, a woman was raped in her home after calling 911 and staying on the line for more than 10 minutes. She was told there were no officers available to help her.

Yet Josephine County residents said no to the extra property tax that would have cost about $300 a year for homes valued at $200,000.

Sheriff Gil Gilbertson says that defeat will force him to cut even more deputies — after laying off 65% of his staff last year.

He’s gone hat in hand to county commissioners, asking for more than $649,000 to keep what’s left of his staff — some 35 deputies charged with safeguarding more than 83,00 people.

“I’ve asked for money from the county to just maintain the status quo, which in my opinion is not safe,” he told the Daily News.

Josephine County is one of several jurisdictions across the country that have suffered huge federal budget cuts, which in turn caused drastic layoffs of local law enforcement officers and fire fighters.

Cincinnati and Detroit were among some of the big cities forced to fire scores of cops and firefighters this year after losing millions in funds from Washington.

Because begging for money from your Masters in Washington is always the way the Founding Fathers wanted it.

Earlier this year in Wisconsin’s Milwaukee County, Sheriff David Clarke Jr. urged residents to arm themselves and learn how to shoot because “simply calling 911 and waiting is no longer your best option.”

Clarke’s 30-second public service announcement, in which he said he had been forced to fire 48 staffers in 2012, made national news.

Josephine County has garnered similar headlines, thanks to the bluntness of its sheriff.

After having to fire 23 deputies after the 2012-2013 budget was passed was in July, Gilbertson issued a press release suggesting domestic violence victims “consider relocating to an area with adequate law enforcement services.’

Less than a month later, a woman called 911, saying her ex-boyfriend was trying to break into her house.

“He’s broken in before, busted down my door, assaulted me,” Michael Bellah’s victim told a dispatcher. She was told to hide.

The call came in at 4:58 a.m. on a Saturday. The strapped Josephine County sheriff’s deputies are only available Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

So the dispatcher transferred the woman, whose identity has not been published because she is a sex crime victim, to the state police.

And from there, things got even worse. The state police said they didn’t have anyone to send, either.

Dispatcher: “Uh, I don’t have anybody to send out there. You know, obviously, if he comes inside the residence and assaults you, can you ask him to go away?”

Michael Bellah, the former boyfriend, did not go away.

“I’ve already told him I was calling you,” the woman tells the dispatcher. “He’s broken in before, busted down my door, assaulted me.”

The dispatcher tells the woman to hide somewhere in the house.

“It’s unfortunate you guys don’t have any law enforcement out there,” the dispatcher then says.

Bellah, who later pleaded guilty to kidnapping, assault and sexual abuse, busted down the front door, then beat and raped the woman.

Gilbertson said the attack is the sole rape case in Josephine County since last year.

The City of Grants Pass estimates that there has been a 73% increase in thefts and a 53% increase in burglaries, Gilbertson said.

He has no idea what the county-wide crime statistics are because he can’t spare a deputy to collate the data, he said.

Because of federal cuts to timber subsidies last year, Gilbertson said his budget dropped from $12 million in 2012 to $5.2 million this year.

You mean the pride of the Tree Huggers to screw the evil Loggers!! I guess environmentalism has consequences! 🙂

Also apparently, the locals passed on a Tax Increase to give them more money (because they don’t have any either- all the logging jobs dried up!).

Austerity is evil, after all. 🙂

Tuesday’s tax levy, which would have brought in more than $9 million to hire new deputies, was soundly defeated by more than 500 votes.

“The feds have laid claim to all the trees, we can’t cut them down (for timber sales), and now they’ve walked away and turned their backs on us,” Gilbertson said.

Well, they did that because the Tree Huggers don’t want you to cut them down because of the Sierra Club and other who want to “protect” the forest from humans at any cost.

Federal timber production and jobs at Oregon mills have fallen dramatically since 1990, when the northern spotted owl was listed under the Endangered Species Act. Bigger, more efficient mills and the huge housing construction drop in the recent recession contributed as well.

Rough & Ready was among 22 sawmills in Josephine and Jackson counties in 1975, the Phillippis said, down to none now.

“We have customers who are dying for it,” she said. “The only thing we don’t have is the logs.” (Oregon live)

The Obama Administration did the same with oil shale in Southern Utah.

So the government comes in and declares it off-limits (with help from Enviro-whackos) and then leaves you to rot. But don’t worry, government control of everything is much better than evil Corporate America!!

And the Enviro-whackos are proud of themselves. They are the righteous few!

“Then it was up to people who don’t have jobs to pay more taxes for law enforcement, and they just can’t do it,” he said.

So what will the sheriff’s department do?

“We’ll just do the best we can,” Gilbertson replied. “And crime will go up.”

We are From the Government and we are here to help you and we will save you from the evil corporatists! 🙂 (NY Daily News)
In much of western Oregon, the 1990s timber wars have given way to a shaky détente, with a focus on thinning and light-touch restoration in federal forests.

In southwest Oregon, the battle still runs hot.

High unemployment raises the stakes here. So does a storied timber history and a heavy reliance on dwindling logging revenues from federal forests to fund county government. Three Oregon Congressmen want to more than double logging in the region’s O&C Lands, forests shifted to the feds after an early 20th Century railroad deal went sour.

But the consequences are uniquely high for environmentalists, too, who said no to big increases in logging when Gov. John Kitzhaber convened an O&C Lands task force last year to attempt a compromise.

Josephine County and its neighbors sit in the Klamath-Siskiyou eco-region, one of the most biologically diverse places on the planet. The landscape, warmer than Douglas fir strongholds to the north, supports 36 species of conifers alone and some of Oregon’s top runs of salmon and steelhead.

Meanwhile, Josephine County voters decide today whether to increase their lowest-in-the-state property taxes to partially plug the gap left by logging reductions.

“Everybody views this as black and white, and it’s just not that way,” says Tom Tuchman, Kitzhaber’s forestry adviser. “Finding a balance is an incredibly difficult thing to do.” (Oregon Live)

But apparently having any effective law enforcement is even more so. 🙂


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The Road to Hell

Map from Wednesday morning press conference.

The Road to Hell is paved with good intentions, it has been said.

And no one better exemplifies that today than Liberals.

The “touchy feely” good intentions of many (many other have no good intentions at all and just want to run your life for you because you’re a moron in their eyes) a liberal has caused a lot of pain.

The latest example: The Tree Huggers.

Save a Tree. A Spotted Owl. Ignore mankind, their evil. Loggers and Forest Management is evil.Humans are just greedy pigs. Just let nature be nature.

And if you dare do anything else we’ll sue you into oblivion!

To a Liberals it’s their duty to force you to behave.

The problem is, it leads to even bigger disasters when they come along. And, of course, the environmentalists are far to holier-than-thou to accept any blame or consequences of their actions.

After all, they did it with the best of intentions. 😦

The Wallow II fire is a prime example. The second largest fire in the history of the State of Arizona could have been minimized but Tree Hugging Environmentalists have made it worse.

And who knows it may grow to be the biggest ever. But try to reform the process to prevent this from happening again and the Lonnie Left will be send their pack of Raptor Lawyers and Media Psychos after you!

The fire is swallowing up homes,lives, jobs, and many, many animals.

PHOENIX — Environmentalists are the target of a blame game as wildfires rage through Arizona forests.

State Sen. Sylvia Allen, a Republican from Snowflake — a town in the White Mountains not too far from the huge Wallow fire — says misinformation, lawsuits and lies have been used to promote unhealthy forest environments and those philosophies have made their way into federal policies.

In a statement last Saturday, Allen said, “I once again must express my anger at the lack of forest management that, for the last 20 years, has turned our forests into a tinderbox of undergrowth, small trees, brush and downed trees. In some areas of the forest around Alpine, the undergrowth was so thick that you could not even walk across the forest floor.”

Allen said her family was forced to evacuate their home in 2002 because of the Rodeo-Chedeski fire. (The largest fire in state history, nearly a half million acres)

“The catastrophic fires of the last few years are an indication of the health and vitality of our forests,” she said.

Allen has allies, including Apache County Sheriff’s Chief Deputy Brannon Eager, who says poor forest management and stewardship of the land has left the forests vulnerable to dangerous and destructive fires, such as the Wallow fire burning in the Apache Sitgreaves National Forest near Alpine, Springerville and Eagar.

“For years and years, we logged the forest,” Eager said. “We went though, we took care of it, we logged it. We harvested the timber, we thinned the timber and that’s what a ponderosa pine forest is supposed to look like.

“The forest has been growing for 25 to 30 years now with nobody taking care of it. It’s just been allowed to grow. This is my opinion — that we should go back to taking care of the forest, to utilizing what’s up there.”

Eager agrees with Allen’s criticism of environmentalists for pushing to save the Mexican spotted owl, the goshawk and other animals. He said they stopped the logging, put families out of work and created a volatile forest environment.

“We need to do everything we can to protect the animals that we have, but at the same time we also need to protect our forests.”

Eager asked, “What are the spotted owls going to nest in now? There’s nothing left.”(KTAR)

“The Wallow Fire is further evidence that our current system of managing our forests is simply not working,” Allen said. “To the contrary, the federal government’s policies for protecting spotted owls and goshawks are wreaking devastation, destroying homes, and threatening lives, communities, and our economy throughout northern Arizona, and the owls and goshawks are no better protected.”

“It’s time that we return common sense to forest management. In areas where the forest had been thinned around communities, the fire has dropped and homes have been spared. Unfortunately, this thinning has only been accomplished in a few areas.”

“The only way we’re going to restore our forests is to involve private industry, which will absorb the costs while responsibly thinning the forest, so we don’t have any more of these enormous fires,” said Allen. “It saves the taxpayers money, creates jobs, and protects us from these devastating wildfires.”

Allen also pointed to the economic devastation resulting from fires like the currently-burning Wallow and Horseshoe Fires and the Rodeo Chediski Fire of 2002. “Besides the millions of dollars it takes to fight these kinds of massive fires, there is another hidden cost to this beautiful region where I live. The fires kill tourism and recreation, and local businesses suffer for a long time after the fires go out.”

“My frustration is with bureaucrats 2000 miles away with their misguided regulations that lead to these catastrophic fires, and with the extreme environmental groups who have made millions of dollars from American taxpayers by filing lawsuits.” (Sonoran Alliance)

Because that is the preferred weapon of choice of the Liberal, a Lawsuit.

Liberals love to sue everyone at the drop of a hat or get a court to restrict what you can or cannot do according to their superior moral “intent”.

And you get Liberal Judges who rule from the bench who want to enforce their views in a very authoritarian way.

Where are they when they sh*t hits the fan because of them?

In their Ivy Towers of Superior Humanity that’s where.

After all, they have the best of intentions. And they are untouchable and unaccountable because of it! 😦

The environmentalist groups have stopped the forest service from cutting and trimming of our forest for what ever reason they saw fit..Now that we are overwhelmed with fire, just as we were with the Rodeo-Chedeski fire those groups are no where to be found. Those groups have prevented us from clearing pre-fire and now they have set the stage for an even bigger fire to spark pro-fire. Those of us who live in the White Mountain area are well aware of the issues we have with the bark beetle. Studies have shown and proven that dead tree’s killed by the bark beetle are like fire tender waiting to ignite. (WMICentral)

It has been over a decade since the last timber mills closed in Arizona’s mountains, and in that time under the management of the United States Forest Service (USFS) over 1,700 square miles of the state’s forests have burned. “I thought we’d learned our lessons in 2002 after the devastating Rodeo-Chedeski fire that destroyed over 730 square miles of Arizona’s forests, taking homes and lives with it. But I guess its business as usual for the USFS,” Representative Brenda Barton said.

For over a decade, residents and civic leaders in Arizona’s mountain communities have been imploring the USFS to adopt a more pro-active approach to forest management; one that allows for an aggressive program to clean and clear the forest floor. It’s here in what is called the “fire load” that otherwise healthy lightning strike fires become catastrophic and devastate hundreds of thousands of acres in a relatively short period of time. Such intense and large fire events have an effect of searing the ground, which in turn makes it relatively difficult for the forest to regenerate.

Compounding this management problem is the refusal of the USFS to allow previously burned lands, such as those remaining from the 2004 Willow fire near Payson, to be cleared and cleaned. Current practice now simply allows this debris to build up and become dry and fuel for future wildfires.

The Forest Service is riddled with Tree Huggers and afraid of lawsuits. Just what the Environmentalists want.

And we get to pay the price for it. Be Happy. Hug a Burnt Tree.

In contrast, Sweden, arguably one of the most progressive environmental nations in Europe has in the past six years turned away from the US practice of au natural forests and has aggressively begun a forest management program which grooms and utilizes the timber while cleaning the forest floor. This program has created over 7,500 new jobs in Sweden’s northern regions while providing timber for the domestic construction industry. Germany has also begun a program of managed harvesting of their famous Black Forest in Bavaria.

Meanwhile, the jobs and economy of northern Arizona has languished as the USFS has pursued a “hands off” approach to forest management, culminating in recent years with entire areas of Arizona’s forests being gated off and locked to recreational use.

In the past, well managed timber harvesting combined with prudent cattle management has kept Arizona’s forests clean, which minimizes the opportunities for catastrophic wildfires, such as we have experienced since the late 1990’s.

But they had good intentions! 😦

Then there’s the Global warming Crowd…warning this is very graphic.

Now, do you want to have a rational, reasoned discussion with these people?

After all, they probably thought it was humorous.

Good Luck!!

And then there’s this Lovely Australian loonie. Good Luck have a rational discussion with him.

Surely it’s time for climate-change deniers to have their opinions forcibly tattooed on their bodies.

Not necessarily on the forehead; I’m a reasonable man. Just something along their arm or across their chest so their grandchildren could say, ”Really? You were one of the ones who tried to stop the world doing something? And why exactly was that, granddad?”

On second thoughts, maybe the tattooing along the arm is a bit Nazi-creepy. So how about they are forced to buy property on low-lying islands, the sort of property that will become worthless with a few more centimetres of ocean rise, so they are bankrupted by their own bloody-mindedness? Or what about their signed agreement to stand, in the year 2040, lashed to a pole at a certain point in the shallows off Manly? If they are right and the world is cooling – ”climate change stopped in the year 1998” is one of their more boneheaded beliefs – their mouths will be above water. If not …

OK, maybe the desire to see the painful, thrashing death of one’s opponents is not ideal. But, my God, these people are frustrating. You just know that in 20 years’ time, when the costs of our inaction are clear, the climate deniers will become climate-denial-deniers. ”Who me? Oh, no, I always believed in it. Yes, it’s hard to understand why people back then were so daft. It’s so much more costly to stop it now.”

That’s why the tattoo has its appeal.

Not that the other side isn’t frustrating. There’s a type of green zealot who appears to relish climate change. Every rise in sea levels is noted excitedly. Every cyclone is applauded and claimed as a noisy, deadly witness for their side.

Suddenly, it’s as if they have the planet’s assistance in their lifelong campaign to bully everyone else into accepting their view of the perfect world. One without any human beings. Except for them. Living in a cave. Wearing an unwashed T-shirt that not only says ”Support wildlife” but actually does.

Is it possible to get the politics out of the climate-change debate? The first step might be to acknowledge the way ideology informs attitudes to climate change on both sides.

People on the left instinctively believe in communal action, the role of government and the efficacy of international agencies such as the UN. They were always going to believe in climate change; it’s the sort of problem that can best be solved using the tools they most enjoy using.

The right tended to be sceptical about climate change from the start and for exactly the same reasons. It’s the sort of problem that requires global, communal action, with governments setting rules. It is a problem that requires tools they instinctively dislike using.

These initial responses to global warming, on both sides, were understandable. But there’s a point in any debate where what you want to believe comes up against what you know to be true; where ideology yields to reality. (Not with Liberals it doesn’t)

Aside from the frothing fringe of the environmental movement, no one is secretly pleased about global warming. We’d all rather it just went away. Who needs to feel guilty about having a long shower, flying to Paris or eating T-bone steak?  (Liberals!)

Who needs to be worried about their children and grandchildren and the way we are pushing the burdens of our time on to them?

As Cate Blanchett put it this week: ”I can’t look my children in the face if I’m not trying to do something in my small way and to urge other people.”

Each generation of people has a job to do; a burden that falls to their time. Sometimes, it’s a war or depression. Sometimes, it’s the work of building the first railways and roads. Sometimes, it’s a plague that wipes out half the population or a fire that destroys a whole city.

Looked at through this lens, our generation has it easy. Already wealthy and armed with new technology, we need to front up to the challenge of building a low-carbon economy.

The tool we’ll use is a carbon tax that seeks to subtly redirect some of our choices. Cut your power bill by more than the compensation offered and you get to keep the change.

Is that really so onerous compared with a depression or war? (YES!)

Our grandparents didn’t fail us, even though the challenges they faced were so much greater. So why are we in the process of failing to live up to their example?

Have at it. 🙂

But remember, They had the best of intentions…. 🙂