Greasing The Bank

In another blow to conservatives, the Senate has voted to reauthorize the Ex-Im bank.

Is that a Cave-in noise I hear?

It had expired. It IS corporate welfare, but it’s also welfare for the Political Elites so they did it in THEIR OWN interest only.

The Vote was one of a series of interlocking dramas as lawmakers went about task of completing must-pass transportation legislation before a Friday deadline.

So under pressure they caved Yet again!

The vote to move forward on the Export-Import Bank reauthorization measure was 67-26, setting up a vote by Monday night on the amendment to reinstate the bank.

Cruz and other Republicans are incensed not only because McConnell offered the Ex-Im amendment, but also because he rejected their attempts to defund Planned Parenthood, which they tried to do for obvious reasons.

By the way, Republicans determined to stop the president’s health care law are not letting today’s defeat slow them down. Sen. Mike Lee (R-UT) has already made clear he will introduce the Obamacare repeal amendment again once the highway funding debate is over.

Update II: Cruz responds. He’s not happy.

Ted Cruz: The American people elected a Republican majority believing it would somehow be different from a Democratic majority.

Unfortunately the way the Senate currently operates, there is one party: The Washington party.

That would be correct.

Jeffrey Immelt, chief executive of General Electric Co., (and former Obama Jobs Czar!!) is playing hard ball with congressmen such as Jeff Duncan of South Carolina. Caught in the crossfire are more than 3,000 GE jobs in Greenville.

Immelt is among the U.S. business leaders who want Congress to re-authorize the Export-Import Bank of the United States.

That arm of the federal government finances export deals of American companies, including some of the overseas sales of the power turbines that GE designs and makes in Greenville…

Like some other Republicans, Duncan thinks export financing is generally a matter for the private sector, not the federal government.

But the private sector thinks we the taxpayers should fund it. And then they can pay off the Congressman with their profits.

You grease me, I grease you!

First of all, Ex-Im was supposed to be giving a leg up to small businesses who want to expand their markets overseas. The reality quickly became something very different though, with some of the largest corporations scooping up most of the benefits.

Working to influence public policy is one thing, but issuing clear threats which involve chopping the legs out from under American workers if you don’t get your way is something else entirely. The only remaining question is if this will work and Congress will cave to GE’s demands.

YES, they will.

The people get screwed AGAIN!

“This is a battle. Do you stand for the rich and powerful who corrupt Washington and use this institution against the American taxpayer, or do you stand with the taxpayer?” presidential candidate Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, asked at a recent news conference with leaders of Club for Growth, Tea Party Patriots, the Senate Conservatives Fund and Heritage Action for America.

Well, we know which The Republican Elites picked.

It is becoming increasingly possible that lawmakers might end up having to pass a shorter-term extension than either chamber has wanted. The House has passed a five-month bill to buy time for a more ambitious six-year plan that would involve remaking the system for taxing multinational companies, while the Senate is pushing ahead with a six-year bill that includes three years of funding.

Six year expenditure and 3 years funding, gee that sounds like a Democrat. 🙂

“Speaking the truth about actions is entirely consistent with civility,” Mr. Cruz said Sunday on the Senate floor. “In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.”

I wonder where I’ve heard that before… 🙂

“When there is overwhelming bipartisan support for an idea, even if I oppose it, it doesn’t require some ‘special deal’ to see a vote occur on that measure,” Mr. McConnell said on Sunday in defending his decision. “This is the United States Senate, after all, where we debate and vote on all kinds of different issues.”

Orwell has been institutionalized.

Now it’s “Jar Jar” Boehner’s turn to cave in, yet again.