So this is what Democrats feel is wonderful and The Republicans refuse to deal with…
Next year, average benchmark premiums for Obamacare plans are expected to rise 15 percent more than they did this year, according to projections from the Congressional Budget Office.

“In 2018, the agencies project, the average benchmark premium will be roughly 15 percent higher than it was in 2017.
Additionally, premiums for benchmark plans are expected to rise an average of 5 percent each year from 2017 through 2027.

The budget office projects that average premiums will total $3,400 for a 21 year old, $4,800 for a 45 year old, and $9,800 for a 64 year old this year.

So what happened to it going down $2500? Hmmmm???

Additionally, the report finds that due to higher premiums, the number of uninsured individuals is expected to increase.

“For 2026, the agencies’ projection of the number of people obtaining subsidized coverage through the marketplaces is now 4 million smaller, and the projected number of uninsured people is now 3 million larger, than they were in CBO’s March 2016 baseline projections,” the budget office said. “Between 2017 and 2018, the number of uninsured people rises by 2 million in the agencies’ projections, mainly because premiums in the nongroup market are expected to be higher.”

Gee, If we get rid of Obamacare millions will be uninsured was fear-mongering.
Just the facts.

And people hate facts these days.

63 Counties Projected to Have No Obamacare Insurer in 2018 according to a report from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.
1,472 counties will only have one insurer participating on the exchange. “It is also projected that 1,472 counties—over 45 percent of counties nationwide—could have only one issuer in 2018. This could represent more than 2.6 million Exchange participants with only one health insurance option, which means they will not have any choices.”

Individuals who will be living in an area where there is no insurer offering coverage will still be bound by Obamacare’s individual mandate to purchase health insurance or be forced to pay a penalty.

This is what you are fighting to keep?

gov view



The Freedom From Information Act

I submit to you that the core problem with Berkeley has just fully exposed itself. 200 “Professors” there have signed a letter demanding that the entire University be shut down during “Free Speech Week” because “There are forms of speech not protected by the First Amendment.” What forms? Why, the forms that might come out of a Conservative or Libertarian speakers mouth, of course. If only Leftists had been scheduled to speak, there would be no letter. These 200 “professors” have just proven themselves unfit to guide young minds… because they aren’t guiding them, they are indoctrinating them.-Brian from Thoughtcrime Resistance

Liberal Educasyion at it’s finest.

You know what’s ironic about all the stress and nashing of teeth over a Conservative being invited to speak at the Epicenter of what was The Free Speech Movement because there could be “violence” and protests about Free Speech.
If it was Bernie Sanders or Elisabeth Warren or some other Leftist there would not only be no concern at all, there would be no protestors either.
Ironic, don’t you think?

UC Berkeley Faculty Calls for Campus-Wide Boycott of Class

Faculty, staff claim ‘there are forms of speech that are not protected under the First Amendment’

Antifa members and counter protesters gather at the rightwing No To Marxism rally on August 27, 2017 in Berkeley

Antifa members and counter protesters gather at the rightwing No To Marxism rally on August 27, 2017 in Berkeley / Getty Images

BY: harles Russell

Over 200 University of California, Berkeley professors and faculty are calling for the shutdown of classes and activities during “free speech week,” an event scheduled Sept. 24 to 27 that features some “alt-right” speakers.

In an open letter to Berkeley community and campus members, the group called for the boycott of classes and for the closing of all buildings, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“Therefore, as faculty committed to the safety of our students and our campus, we are calling for a complete boycott of all classes and campus activities while these Alt-Right events are taking place at the very center of UC Berkeley’s campus,” the letter said.

The faculty believes the university should not ask students and staff to choose between “risking their physical and mental safety,” and coming to campus for class or work.

“As faculty we cannot ask students and staff to choose between risking their physical and mental safety in order to attend class or come to work in an environment of harassment, intimidation, violence, and militarized policing,” the letter said.

The Berkeley Patriot, a conservative campus publication, is responsible for inviting a number of  speakers connected to Milo Yiannopoulos to the four-day event. The student group has not filled out all appropriate paperwork for the event, but campus spokesperson Dan Mogulof did confirm the group has reserved the Sproul Plaza steps for the event. Speakers include Yiannopoulos, Anne Coulter, and former White House chief strategist Steve Bannon.

Yiannopoulous and Coulter have both had events cancelled at the university in the past year. Conservative personality Coulter was scheduled to speak at the university in April, but she canceled the event after a conflict between her and school officials, who feared violence could break out. Berkeley College Republicans had invited right-wing provocateur Yiannopoulos to speak last February. The event was “abruptly canceled when masked left-wing anarchists rioted outside the event to shut it down,” according to Fox News.

The faculty and staff who wrote the letter acknowledged UC Berkeley is “bound by the Constitution to allow all viewpoints on campus,” but also said there are “forms of speech that are not protected under the First Amendment.”

“We recognize that as a public institution, we are legally bound by the Constitution to allow all viewpoints on campus. However, there are forms of speech that are not protected under the First Amendment,” the letter said. “These include speech that presents imminent physical danger and speech that disrupts the university’s mission to educate.”

University Chancellor Carol Christ addressed the campus free speech issues in an interview Thursday.

“Free speech has itself become controversial,” she said.

The university is taking precautions leading up the event in the wake of past Berkeley protests that turned violent, and growing tension on campuses around the country. Bomb-sniffing dogs, barricades, and the shutting down of main street have all been seen on campus.

“We take so seriously the safety of our students, the security of our campus, that we have to prepare for the worst even hoping that the worst won’t happen,” Christ said.

Conservative commentator and Daily Wire editor in chief Ben Shapiro spoke on campus Thursday night. The event was relatively peaceful compared to past events, and was described by UC Berkeley spokesman Dan Moguofl as “successful.” Security costs for the event were estimated at $600,000, and authorities arrested nine individuals.

Following the event, Shapiro commented on lessons learned from what he described as a “terrific” visit.

“The students were engaged; the police were finally allowed to do their jobs. Antifa stayed away. Sure, there were protesters—lots of them. That’s great! It’s a free country, and they’re free to say whatever stupid nonsense they want to,” Shapiro said.

ooh burn


John Hawkins: Have you heard about Hillary Clinton’s new book, What Happened?. She could have saved everyone time by just writing out a list called The 349 People, Places And Things Other Than Myself That I Blame My Failure On….. She lost because of Bernie Sanders. Because of white people. Because of “Bernie Bros,” sexism, and Russians. Because the press coverage wasn’t favorable enough. If you can come up with an excuse, she put it in the book somewhere.

At one point, while doing the publicity tour for this monstrosity, she actually said, “What makes me such a lightning rod for fury? I’m really asking. I’m at a loss.” So, as a public service to Hillary Clinton and the legions of her fans who seem to think she’s practically perfect (No, really. I’ve been listening to them for months on Twitter. It’s bizarre), I’ve put together this short, handy list explaining reasons why so many people hate Hillary Clinton that go beyond her socialistic political beliefs. Granted, there are many other things we could add from her horrible cackle to the fact she seems like the most scripted person on earth to her ridiculous lies (I landed under sniper fire in Bosnia) to the hypocritical way she treated the women her husband abused, but let’s just hit the high points, shall we?

#1) Her whole campaign could have been boiled down to “Vote for me because I’m a woman:” Being a woman isn’t a qualifier for being President. In and of itself, it’s not even a qualifier for being a Hooter’s waitress. The insulting assumption that she was owed votes because she’s female and that people who disliked her were automatically sexist was incredibly annoying, especially after eight years of being told that everyone who disagreed with Obama was a racist. In fact, Hillary can insultingly chalk it all up to sexism if she likes, but as my friend Amanda Carpenter said, “Hillary’s problems with likability aren’t problems shared by our whole gender no matter how much she wishes it so.”

#2) Hillary’s entire claim to fame is being married to Bill: If Tom Brady gets hurt tomorrow, your top choice to replace him as quarterback wouldn’t be his wife. Take Bill out of the equation and Hillary would have been lucky to have a career as a town councilwoman in Dung Heap, Arkansas. Say whatever you want about someone like Sarah Palin, but at least she earned her spot at the top and didn’t just glom on to the right man while shouting some variation of “Girl Power” every 5 minutes.

#3) She’s hopelessly corrupt: This is a woman who got away with taking bribes via cattle futures when her husband was in the Arkansas governor’s mansion, using her position as Secretary of State to do pay for play with the Clinton Foundation and offloading classified data onto an illegal, private server. We hear endless complaining from Hillary and her supporters about James Comey, but he started preparing to exonerate Clinton before the investigation was even over. That’s typical. I’d be in jail if I’d done 1/10 of what Hillary has done. So would you. So would any Republican, including Donald Trump. But, all of us have learned that Hillary will always get special treatment and it disgusts most people. You can talk about non-existent “white privilege” or any other type of privilege you want, but nothing will ever beat “Clinton privilege.”

#4) She felt entitled to be President because of her last name: When the GOP primary cranked up, Jeb Bush was the presumptive nominee. He had amassed an enormous war chest; his last name was Bush and he didn’t really seem to care that much about what all the peasants who would be voting in the primaries thought. We all know how that worked out. Jeb got his clock cleaned. Well, Hillary was the Jeb candidate on the Left (except much less qualified) and the reaction to her was even more negative because her smug insistence that the presidency was hers based on her gender and last name was rewarded with the Democrat nomination.

#5) She’s simply not a very nice person: Conservatives remember when Hillary callously said, “I can’t be responsible for every undercapitalized small business in America,” when she was asked about her health care plan bankrupting small businesses. They didn’t miss it when she listed “Republicans” among her enemies at a Democrat debate. They recall her saying, “You know, to just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right? The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamaphobic — you name it.” It did not slip past them when Wikileaks leaked out this comment from John Podesta, “I know she has begun to hate everyday Americans, but I think we should use it once the first time she says I’m running for president because you and everyday Americans need a champion.” They’ve seen the stories about her demanding “White House workers never speak to her and hide behind the drapes” when she came around. They heard her laugh while discussing getting a man who raped a 12 year old girl off easy. They saw the stories about the abusive way she treated the Secret Service agents who were ready to take a bullet to save her life. This is not someone you want to hang out with, have a beer with or be on the same planet with unless it’s absolutely necessary.


Welcome to the “evil” part of “the lesser of two evils.” Donald Trump was never the conservative ideologue many of us wanted in 2016, but he was the guy we needed in 2016 – the one thing standing between us and the very real risk of splitting the country apart that was a Hillary Clinton presidency. So, as The Donald jumps in the canoe with Chuck Schumer – who is laughing at him hysterically right now – we’re experiencing the downside of playing a sub-par hand, and we’re experiencing it good and hard.

The Never Trumpers, who by and large agree with the Smarmy Dope and the Elderly Establishment Ninja Turtle about rewarding the world’s oldest kids for breaking the law, are ecstatic because the most important thing for them is stamping out the GOP insurgency that brought Trump to power and imperils their sinecures inside Conservative, Inc. They are babbling about “betrayal” as if we’re surprised that Trump would do what he essentially hinted he would do all along – sadly, Trump always accepted the sob story policy premise underlying DACA.

So, though the haters like to personalize it, it’s not so much that Trump is changing his position, because he’s always telegraphed that this was his position, but that he’s being so stupid as to let Chuck Schumer make a fool out of him. He and Nancy Pelosi have dinner with him, then walk out and basically disrespected him in public in a way sure to turn his base against him. It was actually a brilliant move on the Dems’ part, in a volcano-lair supervillain kind of way.

And for some reason Trump is just taking it. Maybe he really thinks Americans are dying for liberalism disguised as bipartisan compromise. Until now, he has had a pretty good political sense. He beat Felonia von Pantsuit, despite all the overwhelming odds stacked against her in the form of opposition from the media, women, other progressives, and Russians, among the dozens of other culprits responsible for her defeat. But this Amnesty, Jr., move? It’s just stupid.

Is Trump really so wimpy as to let Chuckie channel Wimpy and actually buy into the Democrat con man’s “Give me amnesty now and I will gladly pay you back, with all sorts of unspecified border security stuff, Tuesday” scam? It kind of looks like he is – how can Trump not see that Tuesday will never, ever come? To carry the cartoon metaphor forward, Charlie Brown’s tried to kick that football before, and it always gets pulled away, and now he’s lying over there in traction with multiple popped discs. Lesson One for every Republican, which every Republican seems incapable of learning, is to not be Charlie Brown.

Mr. President, don’t be Charlie Brown, or the guy who lent Wimpy some burger money, or the latest Republican to negotiate with Chuck Schumer and think he’s made a great deal even though he ends up coming home wearing a barrel. Remember Little Marco Rubio? He got in bed with Chuck Schumer on immigration and in the morning he found that Chuck had left and that his car keys, wallet and political future were gone too.

Mr. President, don’t be Marco Rubio, who incidentally is also laughing at you right now. They are all laughing at you right now. And you’re just taking it, like a punk. I’m embarrassed for you – you weren’t my first choice, or second, but over time I thought I saw some steel in that spine. Are you going to just let yourself be a laughingstock?

And of course the GOPe will be no help. It won’t stop this. Its leadership desperately wants amnesty and doesn’t want increased border security because those corporate donors have got to have their serfs. The pseudo-right component of the bipartisan cartel will be only too happy to deliver, using Democrat votes, while actual conservatives are left cut out and fuming. It’s the same sucker play George H.W. Bush fell for when he went back on his “Read my lips” pledge. Democrats offer a gullible Republican some magic beans and get him to split his base apart.

Read my lips, Mr. President: How you handle this mess will determine whether or not you are a one-term wonder. This is a low energy move, and if you fall for it you’ll be remembered as a fool – a single-term fool. You don’t have enough friends to alienate the ones who’ve stood by you.

We get that there was always going to be some legislative fix for DACA. If I were willing to take a cut in pay and prestige to join Congress – and I’m not – I’d vote to deport the whole bunch of them. But that’s not how most people feel. Too many Americans are too soft-hearted. We don’t have to like it, but that was always the reality and we have to deal with the situation as it is, not as we want it. As often happens in life, you have got to make the best of what you have, like we did in 2016 when we supported you.

But, for some reason, you seem intent on making this bad situation worse. It’s not like you don’t have leverage. After all, it’s the Democrats, not normal Americans, who need to import a new electorate to replace the uncooperative, racist, sexist, transphobic, and entirely too self-sufficient existing one. If the Dems aren’t willing to deal, okay…and? Oh no, a bunch of future Democrat voters who shouldn’t be here in the first place will have the sadz. How is that our problem?

So to roll over and humiliate yourself by not insisting on a real concession by the enemy is just mind-bogglingly stupid. The vague reference to “border security” is the giveaway. To the extent that it exists at all, the next Democrat is just not going to enforce these mystery reforms. Where is E-Verify? Where is the RAISE Act? And where are the changes to the proposed DACA legislation that stops excusing criminal acts by these illegal aliens and that ensures they can’t chain migrate their entire tribe in from the crappy Third World hellholes they abandoned?

Do not even get me started on some sort of “path to citizenship.”

There’s a deal to be made here, and you hold all the cards, Mr. President. Are you going to make it, or are you going to roll over? Because what we saw isn’t the art of the deal. This is the art of being suckered. (Kurt Schlichter)

Power Over Principles

This blog will be off for the next week. FYI

So…Kurt Schlichter

After two years of lectures about “principles” and “the Rule of law” by the establishment-loving hacks furious that normal Americans rejected them and elected Donald Trump, their performance last week demonstrated that their high-minded dedication to conservatism is all a fraud. It’s not about “principles” or “the Rule of Law.” It’s only about holding on to power – theirs.

            Let’s take the latest in a seemingly endless series of #fails from that smarmy dope Paul Ryan, King of the Fredocons. First, he rushed to help out the liberals with their ridiculous narrative about how Donald Trump is a “Nazi” (Wait, I thought the narrative memo had him being a Russian fifth columnist – damn, our president sure is versatile!). You couldn’t keep Ryan from eagerly jumping in with his usual more-in-sorrow-than-in-anger-about-Trump thing to help the left push its latest meme. Antifa though? Not so fast! Ryan, the poodle that he is, obediently waited until Nancy Pelosi led the way and offered some tepid words about these commie blackshirts and their thirst for blood before Brave Sir Ryan ran out and offered some tepid words about these commie blackshirts and their thirst for blood.

            Paul Ryan is a guy who can’t even take his own side in a fight – or, more to the point, our side in a fight.       Now, a quick quiz: When Donald Trump proposed to keep his promise to the Republican voters who elected him and end the unconstitutional DACA program that the Obama administration enacted to ignore duly-enacted immigration laws, what did Passive Paul do?

A. Ryan immediately offered his support for the president undoing this Rule of Law abomination that Ryan expressly called “unconstitutional” on Fox back in October 2014.

B. Ryan immediately demanded the president not undo this Rule of Law abomination that Ryan expressly called “unconstitutional” on Fox back in October 2014.

C. Ryan immediately asked someone to explain what the phrase “keep his promise to the Republican voters who elected him” means.

D. B and C

            So, for the benefit of us suckers, basically Ryan was against DACA when it couldn’t be undone, but is now panicking when it can be undone because it might actually be undone – unless President Trump lets Ryan roll him, in which case he deserves to be laughed at in exactly the way his Never Trump enemies will laugh at him.

            Gosh, this DACA two-step kind of reminds me of Obamacare and how gung-ho the True Conservatives were to repeal it when they couldn’t repeal it and how suddenly they turned ungung-ho when they actually could. Weird. If I was cynical, I’d say that it seems like the establishment GOP has been lying to our faces for years and years, but that couldn’t be true because our establishment betters have principles and stuff.


            Of course, it’s not just the Wisconsin Wimp shifting into conservagimp mode. Soon-to-be-former Senator Jeff Flake, that braying doofus, naturally joined the cave-in chorus. Ben Sasse, Flake’s braying doofus doppelgänger, probably joined in, but I refuse to spend valuable time looking at his tedious Twitter feed to find out. And since it involved betraying Republicans, you have got to assume John “Blue Falcon” McCain is in on it too.

            Yeah, because “principles” and stuff. Because enforcing the law is the most important thing there is, except for doing what the rich guys who fund the establishment want. That’s really the most important thing.

            Yeah, so after nearly two years of tiresome finger-wagging about “the Rule of Law” and how we need to put our “principles” above our desire for “winning,” the whole sordid scam we always knew it always was is revealed for the world to see. They can’t hide it anymore and they aren’t even trying. Their glorious “conservative principles” aren’t principles at all but a skeevy ploy designed to tie our hands and keep us from pursuing policy goals our establishment coalition partners disfavor. They want open borders. They want illegals. They want cheap foreign labor that doesn’t get uppity to man their donors’ corporations so the Captains of Crony Capitalism don’t have to fuss with American workers who won’t tolerate being treated like chattel. Yeah, “we’re better than that” all right – if you mean that we are better than enforcing the laws the American people passed through a constitutional process if the ruling class decides it doesn’t like them.


            “The Rule of Law” is for us, not for them. “The Rule of Law” was supposed to be a shield to protect us from the ravages of the powerful, but our Truer-Than-You Cons use it as a sword to cut our legs out from under us and keep us from defending our own interests.

            Oh, you can’t possibly exercise the power against our leftist enemies that they always exercise against you. Because principles.

            Oh, you can’t possibly be uncouth and actually fight back against our enemies. Because principles.

            Oh, a principle is getting in the way of something the establishment wants? What’s a principle?

            So now, suddenly, Congress is moving to try and keep DACA alive through – gasp! – legislation, though that’s probably not going to happen since most GOP legislators understand that amnesty is ballot box poison. See, that’s why they loved DACA – they can’t pass it as a law, so they simply feigned outrage for the benefit of us rubes when Obama did exactly what they wanted with his pen.


            And in the most Congressional GOP move of all possible Congressional GOP moves, they now want to try to pass a proposed DACA fix using Democrat votes and so their proposed deal to the Democrats – who really, really want 800,000 future voters – is to trade it for…wait for it…still waiting…nothing. The GOP isn’t asking for anything. No new limits on immigrants, no reform of chain immigration, certainly no wall. Nothing. I hope the dealer tries out this innovative new negotiation strategy on me the next time I bargain to lease a fine German sports sedan.

            Actually, the GOP does get something – shafted, as usual. Yeah, their deal is we give you Democrats what you want and, in exchange, you call us racists when Elizabeth Warren proposes to declare all these middle-aged Dreamer kids US citizens. Because, you know, they had dreams and stuff.

            Pathetic. You know, it’s becoming clearer and clearer that the real reason the Republicans don’t want to end the filibuster to allow them to pass legislation is that they would then be expected to pass legislation that their voters want and the GOP establishment doesn’t.

            Here’s the thing. There are two parties in America, one to the right and one to the left. The left/right spectrum used to be the only axis that mattered, and the coalitions within the parties fit pretty well, if not perfectly. But the bipartisan establishment, the meritless meritocracy that rules us, grew more arrogant even as it grew more inept. It ignored problems and troubling trends even as it cashed-in for itself over the decades. I remember working in Congress back in Washington in 1986, and the region was not rich and it was not fancy. But now it’s fantastically rich and fantastically fancy. But the establishment ignored the normals out in America as it gorged on the fruits of the normals’ labor, and that’s why a second axis arose and intersected with the American politician spectrum. This new axis measures pro- or con- regarding the status quo and the ruling class. So now there are really four political parties stuffed into two political party infrastructures:

  1. Right, pro-establishment (The RINOs)
  2. Right, anti-establishment (The Trump voters)
  3. Left, pro-establishment (Hillary’s snobby urban corporatist jerk corps)
  4. Left, anti-establishment (The Bernie/Warren/Stalin Axis of Venezuela)

            This explains why we see the DC establishment unifying to protect its power and privilege – and holding us normals in utter contempt. Most Democrat senators and Republican senators have much more in common with each other than with us – to the GOP establishment, Trump’s clearly the bigger threat than a counterpart across the aisle. It also explains why you hear about Bernie supporters who went for Trump instead of Felonia von Pantsuit. That’s the fault line – the desire to keep or destroy this monstrous status quo. This new axis will reshape the political parties as their uncomfortable coalitions jockey for control of their respective party’s infrastructure (Yeah, the Dems have big problems too). Hell, it may reshape – violently – our whole country if we aren’t careful.

            The fact is that the establishment doesn’t care about “the Rule of Law” or “principles” – it cares about its own power and maintaining the status quo. So keep that in mind the next time you hear some establishment snob lecturing you on how you are morally obligated not to do anything to advance you own interests because of “principles.”

            It’s all just another lie.

Name for it

Charlie Daniels: There’s a Name for This Radical Movement Bent on Chaos – It’s Called Fascism

Charlie Daniels

By Charlie Daniels

(YouTube Screenshot)

I recently read a report about a young lady who went to Dolly Parton’s Dixie Stampede in Pidgeon Forge, Tennessee. It’s an entertaining wholesome show with outstanding horsemanship, specialty acts, comedy and a down home country dinner, an evening of good fun for the entire family.

Well this person went, not to enjoy the fun but to criticize and try to find some obnoxious racial element in the show or its surroundings, and after miserably failing to do so went to the press with inane bits and pieces of minutia and innuendo. This person was trying to sow seeds of dissention and division in a place where they will not take root, because Dolly’s popular dinner show, despite having Dixie in its name, is one hundred percent American, patriotic and uplifting, drawing an audience of all races.

And therein lies the true purpose of this radical movement. It is not a search for truth and unity, but a witch hunt for anything that can be construed or misconstrued to have the least racial overtones, a way to provoke chaos in America, a protest against a president they don’t like and remorse and anger for the candidate who would have carried on the secular socialist policies of Barack Obama.

If there were validity in this movement, a certain senator, who was a member of the KKK and has his name on roads, bridges and all manner of public places in his state would have been one of the first targets.

But, then again, he was a Democrat, so I guess he’s not on the list – as he well should not be. In fact, there should be no “hit list,” and, if you go down that road, you find that the Democrats, at one time, were the Party that supported slavery, Jim Crow laws and all manner of racial suppression. And that just doesn’t fit with the present-day narrative.

Even if every statue and monument was removed, every memorial highway renamed, every favorable mention of every Confederate General stricken from the history books and every Confederate battle flag burned, do you really think that the hardcore agitators who are ramrodding this movement would be willing to let bygones be bygones and live in peace and harmony every after?

In my estimation, the roots of this movement grow far deeper than historical reminders of the Civil War and the ghosts and shadows of America’s shameful period of slavery.

This is the precursor of a battle to come, America’s own intifada, well financed and being, in many cases, carried out by people who couldn’t even begin to tell you what goals they are demonstrating for, or against, or whatever.

After all, they are just street soldiers, cannon fodder, to be used and discarded as the changing situational parameters demand. They are expendable, the bright-eyed young ideologues who man the ramparts, face the tear gas and rubber bullets and shout offensive slogans and get hauled off to jail, while their masters sit in safety and pull the invisible strings.

Peaceful protest is a constitutional right, but violent protest is not. When you look at the elements gathered in Charlottesville, Virginia, coupled with the reticence of state and municipal officials to meet force with force, the collision was inevitable.

It was a different story in Boston where there was a determination not to turn their city over to chaos, and they met those bent on trouble with as good as they gave, diverting their intentions and keeping the peace, protecting life, limb and property just as their oath of office demands.

Where would this movement go if they reached their immediate goals? Would it then turn on citizens they for some reason don’t agree with, and what would the collateral damage be?

Would it be the Dolly Partons of this world – who has done nothing but good for her fellow man, is charitable, compassionate, a successful business woman, an employer, a mover and shaker in her profession and most beloved by peers and fans?

Would it be the more affluent who they are being told that part of what they have amassed should belong to everybody?

Or would it be just anybody who disagrees with their political and social opinions and need to be gagged, belittled and disgraced by society or by even more devious methods?

There’s a name for this tunnel vision philosophy.

It’s called fascism, look it up.

What do you think?

Pray for the military, our police and the peace of Jerusalem

God Bless America

Charlie Daniels

Fascism /ˈfæʃɪzəm/ is a form of radical authoritarian nationalism, characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition, and control of industry and commerce, that came to prominence in early 20th-century Europe.

Fascism is a form of government which is a type of one-party dictatorship. Fascists are against democracy. They work for a totalitarian one-party state. … Such a state is led by a strong leader—such as a dictator and a martial government..

Sound like anyone we know? Leftists? Democrats? etc…

By the way, the “anti-Fascists” (not just antifa which stands for anti-fascists) Leftist in an Orwellian twist ARE THE FASCISTS. 🙂

And, also in true Orwellian fashion, they have no clue they are the fascists and will virulently despise you for even thinking of it.

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley