Whiteness Protection

Mike Adams:

As a criminology professor, I spend a lot of time counseling students who are getting abused in the classroom. In fact, any white male that decides to become a police officer can expect to be attacked viciously by Marxists trying to “transform” the criminal justice system indirectly through classroom indoctrination. These people aren’t criminal justice professionals. They aren’t even teachers. They are tenured bigots invading an institution they wish to destroy. They are sort of like the atheists who enter seminary just to undermine religion.

To make matters worse, the typical criminal justice department also requires students to take several sociology classes. In these classes, tenured white feminists routinely preach about white privilege while directing virtually all of their vitriol towards white males. Ironically, the lectures of many of these unhappy women are fueled by five-dollar white mochas. I like to call them Starbuck Stalinists.

Fortunately, because I spend a lot of time thinking about these matters, I have come up with a solution to protect white male students from the academic lynch mob that earns a living marginalizing them in the name of diversity and inclusion. I call it the whiteness protection program. Its potential for success depends upon the long-term viability of two recent trends in higher education.

The first of those trends is the movement towards online education. Now, a future police officer can get a degree without ever setting foot on a brick and mortar campus. That way, when he enrolls in class, the professor doesn’t know his race, gender, or sexual orientation. He can start to weigh into the online discussion forums with a near-complete demographic presumption of innocence.

Of course, it won’t take long for the professor to inject a controversial topic like the Black Lives Matter movement into the online class discussion. As soon as a student makes a pro police officer remark, the professor will assume certain demographics. For example, a student named Eric Jones will be assumed to be male, which is a safe assumption. But Eric will also be assumed to be straight and white, which is a less safe assumption. So the professor might decide to try to verify Eric’s demographics.

This is where the second trend, gender identity politics, comes in handy. Because gender is no longer a binary concept based upon biology, Eric can now claim that he is a woman when he signs up for his online degree program. He can even demand that his professors use the pronouns she, her, and hers without going through hormonal treatment or surgical genital alteration. I would urge a conservative white male like Eric to just go all the way and demand that his professors call him Erica for safe measure.

By becoming a white female, Erica has taken a load off his mind. But he needs to insulate himself from the attacks on his white privilege by taking care of the white part of his identity. And that is actually very simple. He can just mark the box for “African American” on his college application. If challenged, Erica can claim racial discrimination. Clearly, the claim that someone can change genders but not race is indefensible. It puts gender identity politics in the forefront of the diversity movement while sending racial identity politics to the back of the bus. And that’s clearly racist!

(Author’s Note: There is no question about sexual orientation on the college application. However, it goes without saying that if Eric is still attracted to women when he becomes Erica, he can claim lesbian status and check off a third victim category).

The only remaining hitch is the prospect of having to take a picture for a student ID upon enrolling at the university. If that happens, students should just refuse to take the picture. If the university insists on a photo, a lawsuit is in order. Facial profiling and the ideology of facial supremacy upon which it is based simply have to be eradicated. All progressives should be on board with this. Abolishing photo IDs is the key to their future electoral success. If an illegal alien can vote without one, why can’t a white guy enroll in college without one?

So there you have it, white male conservatives. To recapitulate, the key to escaping from classroom oppression involves just four easy steps:

1. Enroll in an online degree program using your temporary black lesbian identity. This will make you a BLUG, which is even more chic than being a LUG (lesbian until graduation).

2. Decline the request to submit to the facially discriminatory photo ID requirement. Or hire someone as a stand-in for the picture. It’s not identity theft if you consent.

3. Inform your professors of your preferred pronouns and new name. If you really want to have fun, demand to be called “her majesty.”

4. Reclaim your former straight white male identity after you graduate. Of course, this is optional if you decide to take a job somewhere in California.

Perhaps the best part of my whiteness protection program is its temporary nature. One can simply leave the program at any time. Unlike the real mob, the academic mob will never come looking for you after you leave campus. Your Marxist professor derives power from tenure, which no one recognizes as valid in the real world.

It may sound controversial but everyone wins under my new policy. The straight white male will get an education free of retaliation for his so-called white privilege. Finally, the traditional classroom will become a safe space for the sharing of grievances by minorities, feminists, and alphabetically marginalized Americans.

pc fascism

Not in My Class

Undoing the Dis-Education of Millennials

I teach in a law school. For several years now my students have been mostly Millennials. Contrary to stereotype, I have found that the vast majority of them want to learn. But true to stereotype, I increasingly find that most of them cannot think, don’t know very much, and are enslaved to their appetites and feelings. Their minds are held hostage in a prison fashioned by elite culture and their undergraduate professors.

They cannot learn until their minds are freed from that prison. This year in my Foundations of Law course for first-year law students, I found my students especially impervious to the ancient wisdom of foundational texts, such as Plato’s Crito and the Code of Hammurabi. Many of them were quick to dismiss unfamiliar ideas as “classist” and “racist,” and thus unable to engage with those ideas on the merits. So, a couple of weeks into the semester, I decided to lay down some ground rules. I gave them these rules just before beginning our annual unit on legal reasoning.

Here is the speech I gave them.


Before I can teach you how to reason, I must first teach you how to rid yourself of unreason. For many of you have not yet been educated. You have been dis-educated. To put it bluntly, you have been indoctrinated. Before you learn how to think you must first learn how to stop unthinking.

Reasoning requires you to understand truth claims, even truth claims that you think are false or bad or just icky. Most of you have been taught to label things with various “isms” which prevent you from understanding claims you find uncomfortable or difficult.

Reasoning requires correct judgment. Judgment involves making distinctions, discriminating. Most of you have been taught how to avoid critical, evaluative judgments by appealing to simplistic terms such as “diversity” and “equality.”

Reasoning requires you to understand the difference between true and false. And reasoning requires coherence and logic. Most of you have been taught to embrace incoherence and illogic. You have learned to associate truth with your subjective feelings, which are neither true nor false but only yours, and which are constantly changeful.

We will have to pull out all of the weeds in your mind as we come across them. Unfortunately, your mind is full of weeds, and this will be a very painful experience. But it is strictly necessary if anything useful, good, and fruitful is to be planted in your head.

There is no formula for this. Each of you has different weeds, and so we will need to take this on the case-by-case basis. But there are a few weeds that infect nearly all of your brains. So I am going to pull them out now.

First, except when describing an ideology, you are not to use a word that ends in “ism.” Communism, socialism, Nazism, and capitalism are established concepts in history and the social sciences, and those terms can often be used fruitfully to gain knowledge and promote understanding. “Classism,” “sexism,” “materialism,” “cisgenderism,” and (yes) even racism are generally not used as meaningful or productive terms, at least as you have been taught to use them. Most of the time, they do not promote understanding.

In fact, “isms” prevent you from learning. You have been taught to slap an “ism” on things that you do not understand, or that make you feel uncomfortable, or that make you uncomfortable because you do not understand them. But slapping a label on the box without first opening the box and examining its contents is a form of cheating. Worse, it prevents you from discovering the treasures hidden inside the box. For example, when we discussed the Code of Hammurabi, some of you wanted to slap labels on what you read which enabled you to convince yourself that you had nothing to learn from ancient Babylonians. But when we peeled off the labels and looked carefully inside the box, we discovered several surprising truths. In fact, we discovered that Hammurabi still has a lot to teach us today.

One of the falsehoods that has been stuffed into your brain and pounded into place is that moral knowledge progresses inevitably, such that later generations are morally and intellectually superior to earlier generations, and that the older the source the more morally suspect that source is. There is a term for that. It is called chronological snobbery. Or, to use a term that you might understand more easily, “ageism.”

Second, you have been taught to resort to two moral values above all others, diversity and equality. These are important values if properly understood. But the way most of you have been taught to understand them makes you irrational, unreasoning. For you have been taught that we must have as much diversity as possible and that equality means that everyone must be made equal. But equal simply means the same. To say that 2+2 equals 4 is to say that 2+2 is numerically the same as four. And diversity simply means difference. So when you say that we should have diversity and equality you are saying we should have difference and sameness. That is incoherent, by itself. Two things cannot be different and the same at the same time in the same way.

Furthermore, diversity and equality are not the most important values. In fact, neither diversity nor equality is valuable at all in its own right. Some diversity is bad. For example, if slavery is inherently wrong, as I suspect we all think it is, then a diversity of views about the morality of slavery is worse than complete agreement that slavery is wrong.

Similarly, equality is not to be desired for its own sake. Nobody is equal in all respects. We are all different, which is to say that we are all not the same, which is to say that we are unequal in many ways. And that is generally a good thing. But it is not always a good thing (see the previous remarks about diversity).

Related to this:  You do you not know what the word “fair” means. It does not just mean equality. Nor does it mean something you do not like. For now, you will have to take my word for this. But we will examine fairness from time to time throughout this semester.

Third, you should not bother to tell us how you feel about a topic. Tell us what you think about it. If you can’t think yet, that’s O.K.. Tell us what Aristotle thinks, or Hammurabi thinks, or H.L.A. Hart thinks. Borrow opinions from those whose opinions are worth considering. As Aristotle teaches us in the reading for today, men and women who are enslaved to the passions, who never rise above their animal natures by practicing the virtues, do not have worthwhile opinions. Only the person who exercises practical reason and attains practical wisdom knows how first to live his life, then to order his household, and finally, when he is sufficiently wise and mature, to venture opinions on how to bring order to the political community.

One of my goals for you this semester is that each of you will encounter at least one idea that you find disagreeable and that you will achieve genuine disagreement with that idea. I need to explain what I mean by that because many of you have never been taught how to disagree.

Disagreement is not expressing one’s disapproval of something or expressing that something makes you feel bad or icky. To really disagree with someone’s idea or opinion, you must first understand that idea or opinion. When Socrates tells you that a good life is better than a life in exile you can neither agree nor disagree with that claim without first understanding what he means by “good life” and why he thinks running away from Athens would be unjust. Similarly, if someone expresses a view about abortion, and you do not first take the time to understand what the view is and why the person thinks the view is true, then you cannot disagree with the view, much less reason with that person. You might take offense. You might feel bad that someone holds that view. But you are not reasoning unless you are engaging the merits of the argument, just as Socrates engaged with Crito’s argument that he should flee from Athens.

So, here are three ground rules for the rest of the semester.


1.  The only “ism” I ever want to come out your mouth is a syllogism. If I catch you using an “ism” or its analogous “ist” — racist, classist, etc. — then you will not be permitted to continue speaking until you have first identified which “ism” you are guilty of at that very moment. You are not allowed to fault others for being biased or privileged until you have first identified and examined your own biases and privileges.

2.  If I catch you this semester using the words “fair,” “diversity,” or “equality,” or a variation on those terms, and you do not stop immediately to explain what you mean, you will lose your privilege to express any further opinions in class until you first demonstrate that you understand three things about the view that you are criticizing.

3.  If you ever begin a statement with the words “I feel,” before continuing you must cluck like a chicken or make some other suitable animal sound.


To their credit, the students received the speech well. And so far this semester, only two students have been required to cluck like chickens.


Adam J. MacLeod is an associate professor of law at Jones School of Law at Faulkner University in Montgomery, Alabama.

Bad Marx For America

Dear Millennials: Your Love of Socialism Could be America’s Downfall…


Dear young adults in figurative diapers,

Being an adult can be a major drag. We have to get jobs. Pay bills. Pay taxes. Make our own appointments. Go to bed early so we can get up early and shuffle on to work the next morning so we can pay for all the stuff we need to continue working. Also the refrigerator doesn’t magically fill itself. Someone should tell Whirlpool about that. Have you noticed that in order for food to be prepared… you have to prepare it? Ridiculous. I’m calling my mom.

Adulthood isn’t what we thought it would be. No, the economy these past several years hasn’t exactly been stellar, either. Okay? Okay.

My fellow millennials, for sure we have our challenges. Many of you were raised in broken homes. Many of you were exposed to divorce. It’s possible a lot of you didn’t live with your father or may not have known him at all. Combine home life with the rise of political correctness in school, taking its dangerous form of “self-esteem above all,” and no wonder you think life is unfair but you should have it all.

Look, I’m sorry life screwed you over in the early years. I’m sorry if you were shuffled to daycare day in and day out. I’m sorry if you don’t have memories of playing with your parents. But most of all, I’m sorry you were not instilled with the grand idea of personal responsibility. I’m sorry you were not empowered with the notion that YOU are the commander of your own life. If you take nothing else from this post, believe that no matter who you are, you can succeed. Without government.

Because guess what, my friends? Your abject loyalty to socialism is going to tank our country. Your insistence on getting what you want and making other people pay for it, all under the guise of “fairness,” will lead to ruin. For everyone. Including you.

You were likely taught in school of the virtues of socialism. How a government looking after its people via taking over businesses would promote equality. To each according to his need. Sharing, you were told, is caring. Awww! It’s a better world where everyone has the same things. It’s a better world when we’re all equal! No one is rich, no one is poor. Utopia.

“Many men of course became extremely rich, but this was perfectly natural and nothing to be ashamed of because no one was really poor – at least no one worth speaking of.”― Douglas Adams, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

Well, the education system kind of screwed fooled you. They told some white lies here and there. Why shouldn’t they? A public school is just a state school. A government school. Why wouldn’t those schools promote the same system which would ensure they continue on regardless of their quality? Regardless of the outcome? Follow the money. Public schools are funded by governments. It doesn’t seem to matter how poorly performing a school is, does it? Why is that? Because it doesn’t matter. FAIRNESS. EQUALITY. SCHOOL IS A RIGHT. HEATHER HAS TWO MOMMIES, YOU BIGOT!

The truth about socialism is much different. While you may think the tenets are lofty, fair, reasonable, and give you the feels, the reality is darker (read WW2 Survivor’s Account Draws Chilling Similarities between Nazism and Liberalism…). See, socialism removes human ambition from the equation. Actually it does more than that. Socialism punishes human ambition. Those who strive to be their best, to do their best, only highlight the masses of humans who do not strive. Who fail. And that’s just. Not. Fair. It’s not fair for a few people to succeed while others don’t.

Voila, socialism. The idea that people who suck at life get to take from people who don’t suck at life, because it’s not fair that a few people who are either brilliant, hard-working, both brilliant and hardworking, should succeed more than people who are not brilliant or hard-working. BOO! Socialism promotes human mediocrity.

Question for you: Who are these angels in government who are going to make things fair? After you’ve answered that question, answer me this: why do you put more trust in these elected strangers, who address you while reading from a teleprompter, with YOUR LIFE than you trust your own self? Read Dear Liberals: Your Cult-like Faith in Government is Disturbing… Why do you put so much faith in Bernie Sanders’s plan to save you than you trust yourself to save you? Reminder, it took Bernie Sanders 40 years to earn a paycheck.

Why do you want to change the economy because you just cannot hack it?

Socialism is for losers. Socialism is for bums (see WATCH: Debunking the Myth of ‘Democratic’ Socialism). Socialism is for people who think life is unfair and therefore everyone else, who does work, must take care of you. Or even if you are taking care of yourself, you still think everyone else should help those losers who can’t care for themselves. Seeing a theme here? Socialism is for people who see the worst in others. Socialism assumes humans are weak. Pathetic. Read Dear ‘Men’ Who Vote Bernie Sanders: You’re Not Men at All…

America was founded on the idea that human beings should be free to live their own lives. To be masters of their own destiny. That, by the way, is the definition of American Exceptionalism. People, not government, should be in charge of their own lives. They should be free. Free to succeed. Free to fail.

Which is why the blind embrace of socialism would systematically unwind what America is. Why? Because a lot of you just plain suck. Sorry for the tough love, but come on.

Interestingly, and I’m not using that word sarcastically, when you socialist millennials decide to pull on your big boy and big girl pants, go out into the world and fight for yourself, you leave socialism behind. After learning you can take care of yourself, it just requires a crap ton of work and less whining, your imaginary friend socialism loses its appeal.

From The Washington Post:

The expanded social welfare state Sanders thinks the United States should adopt requires everyday people to pay considerably more in taxes. Yet millennials become averse to social welfare spending if they foot the bill. As they reach the threshold of earning $40,000 to $60,000 a year, the majority of millennials come to oppose income redistribution, including raising taxes to increase financial assistance to the poor.

Lemme translate that for you: you’re totally cool with socialism…until you’re the one paying for it. (Crowder)


“Out of every hundred new ideas ninety-nine or more will probably be inferior to the traditional responses which they propose to replace. No one man, however brilliant or well-informed, can come in one lifetime to such fullness of understanding as to safely judge and dismiss the customs or institutions of his society, for those are the wisdom of generations after centuries of experiment in the laboratory of history.”Will and Ariel Durant

“We make men without chests and expect from them virtue and enterprise. We laugh at honor and are shocked to find traitors in our midst.”C.S. Lewis

Too many Americans have become like the spoiled trust fund kids running the family business. Grandpa built it and knew it top to bottom. Dad learned from him and kept it going. Now they’re taking over and unfortunately, they never really bothered to learn the ins and outs of how the company works. They just look at it as a place where they can have a fancy title and get money to finance their lifestyle.

Many Americans don’t know why this country is so successful, don’t understand the long-term ramifications of the things they advocate politically and don’t get how lucky we are.

Knowledgeable conservatives know better. We know that we are fortunate enough to live in what Reagan called a “shining city on a hill” and that eternal flame that sets us apart from other nations can easily dim. Americans should consider that many of the things they take for granted are not necessarily so.

You see, far too many of us take it for granted that….

1) ….We can not only refuse to teach patriotism to our kids, but teach our kids in schools that our country is a horrible place and it won’t produce people who are disloyal to our nation.

2)….Black and Hispanic Americans can be incessantly encouraged to create and nurture racial grudges, white people can constantly be put down, degraded and discriminated against via programs like Affirmative Action, but Caucasians won’t increasingly adopt the same racist attitudes liberals encourage minorities to hold.

3) …We can accuse a man of rape if the woman he has sex with has been drinking, weirdly demand verbal consent for every stage of a make-out session and accuse a man of sexual harassment if a woman claims he grabbed her butt 30 years ago, but it won’t have any ramifications for male/female relationships.

4)….We can hamstring our military with ridiculous rules of engagement, have soldiers on the battlefield call lawyers before they can shoot targets and have politicians make military decisions based on how it will play in the press; yet our troops will still win wars.

5)…We can smear the Christian church at every opportunity, tar every decent person as a secret hypocrite and write morality off as old timey, but the people in our country will continue to be good over the long haul.

6)…. Social Security and Medicare will always be available for the enormous number of Americans that depend on it even though we have no money set aside for either program and we have an unsustainable debt that we are adding to every year.

7) ….We can ignore lawbreaking by illegal aliens while playing political games with our justice system based on whether a Republican or Democrat is being targeted without ordinary Americans losing respect for the rule of law.

8) ….We can put men with poor character in office; yet they’ll still do the right thing for the country, instead of themselves, when they’re elected.

9) ….We can run up an astronomical debt that we never intend to fully pay off, large parts of which are held by nations hostile to us, but they will never choose to crash our economy by refusing to lend us more money that we may not pay back one day.

10) ….We can shut down speakers we disagree with on college campuses; the police can charge exorbitant fees to allow someone to publicly exercise his 2nd Amendment rights and social media giants can quiet anyone they want without consequence, but the rest of us will continue to have our right to free speech honored.

11) …We can trash the police at every opportunity and give the benefit of the doubt to the criminals they arrest instead of to them, while they’ll still be willing and able to effectively do their jobs.

12) …We can abandon the pure capitalism that made our country so rich, pile regulation on top of regulation and exorbitantly tax the most productive members of society without it slowing down the economic growth, jobs and opportunity for everyone.

13) ….We can coddle our best and brightest college students so much that they get “triggered” by hearing things they don’t like, expose them to professors that are Communists, bombers and radicals and then expect them to be tough, competent and capable enough to keep the country running one day.

14) …We can bring in enormous numbers of immigrants from non-Western, socialistic and often backward countries, immerse them in a culture that strongly discourages assimilation and they, or at least their kids will fare as well as anyone here.

15) …We have clean water, decent roads, full supermarkets, Internet access, non-corrupt cops, shoes, free speech and a hospital that will fix a broken leg whether you have money to pay or not. Compared to the MAJORITY of people on Earth, Americans live in a utopia. Yet, all we ever hear are complaints and endless kvetching about how horrible it is to live in such a rich, powerful country that has done so much for the world. Part of that is human nature. It’s easy to focus on what you lack instead of what you have…until you don’t have it any more.

More Americans need to start thinking about preserving this nation for our children. Of all the terrible things we could do as a people, the worst would be to squander the incredible opportunity we’ve had and to leave future generations of Americans with nothing but a shallow husk of what this country is today. (john Hawkins)


With the news that Charles Manson died, I wondered if big media would spin the story to mean something other than the death of a mass murderer.

As it turns out, according to the shameless partisan opportunists at Newsweek, Manson and Trump have supposedly had similar ways of gaining supporters. 

In a story, Melissa Matthews cites psychoanalyst Mark Smaller, former president of the American Psychoanalytic Association, who claims that part of Manson’s power lay in the way he talks. Specifically, “Manson was able to speak in a way that engaged those who felt marginalized or alienated.”

So, charismatic leaders have the ability to gain followers. In other news, the sun is hot.

Smaller is clear that he does not believe President Donald Trump is similar to the convicted killer, or that their followers have any shared beliefs or characteristics, but he did say we can look to the current president to see how language is used to form a bond with followers.

“A charismatic leader knows how to speak to people in a way that will emotionally engage those people,” Smaller told Newsweek. “Our current president speaks in an emotional or affective way to large numbers of people in our country who feel a kind of alienation or disconnection from the government,” he said. Manson family followers are so attracted to feelings of acceptance and understanding that they accept their leaders’ ideologies regardless of how destructive or dangerous they may be.

“It’s not even the content of what that charismatic leader says,” he said. “He or she is able to do it in an emotional way.”

Right. “Make America Great Again” has the same alluring ring to it as “Maybe I should have killed 4-500 hundred people. Then I would have felt better.”

Charisma plays a role in any leaders ability to recruit followers, and both men used it effectively. But Trump is no charmer. He is blunt and often speaks off the cuff. Barack Obama, though, was an effective manipulator and used charm to gain most of his followers. (Media Equalizer)


Is “Black Friday” racist? 🙂

Reason #47,321 to be glad you’re not a liberal: You get to enjoy your holiday and allow those around you to enjoy theirs. Not so for our left-wing counterparts, who mostly disdain Thanksgiving – along with Columbus Day, Independence Day, Flag Day, Christmas, Easter, etc. – freighting it with their liberal guilt and contempt for any one or thing that doesn’t reflect their enlightened world-view.

So while you’re eagerly tucking into your turkey and happily plopping potatoes on your plate, spare a thought for those fated to suffer through Thanksgiving though they know that what the Pilgrims wrought is nothing to celebrate.

Pass the bio degradable tissues and prepare to have your consciousness raised (yes, it’s as painful as it sounds). Here are five reasons liberals hate Thanksgiving, and want you to hate it too.

1. Liberals hate Thanksgiving because it is racist. Yes that’s right, Thanksgiving is all about that white supremacy! “It is reserved by history and the intent of ‘the founders’ as the supremely white American holiday, the most ghoulish event on the national calendar.” One glass of white privilege to wash down the white meat please!

2. Liberals hate Thanksgiving because it is sexist. Sure, you can guess that because we often think of women slaving away in the kitchen while the men watch football. But here’s a little food for thought: according to liberal feminists, Thanksgiving is sexist because there just aren’t enough lady balloons in the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade!

3. Liberals hate Thanksgiving because it’s killing the environment. Climate change is the last thing anyone wants to hear on Thanksgiving. Let that conversation burn in the oven with the forgotten dinner rolls.

4. Liberals hate Thanksgiving because it’s anti animal rights. Liberals want you to “carry that weight” of guilt and shame knowing your perfectly moist and seasoned turkey suffered and was murdered on its journey to your dinner table. Instead liberals want you to take a hard stance on animal rights and opt for a nice slice of raw broccoli loaf.

5. Liberals hate Thanksgiving because it’s a holiday for celebrating genocide. Thanksgiving, aka “Europeans’ genocidal campaign against indigenous people to acquire the land base of the United States.” Above all else, Thanksgiving is a time to channel your inner sociopath, according to liberals. Without those Europeans invading an unknown land and conquering all those Native Americans you wouldn’t have a reason to carve a turkey!

If that’s not enough to make you feel unthankful for thanksgiving here are 37 more reasons to hate Thanksgiving, curtesy of buzz kill Buzzfeed.

But if you’re a normal human being, you know that Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to share with family and friends giving thanks for the freedoms and blessings this great nation has to offer. (Newsbusters)

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving you racist, imperialist, oppressive , bigot!  🙂

If you listen to the nattering nabobs of social media negativity, and you shouldn’t, you might get the false impression that our dreams of a conservative future are imploding. You would be wrong. There is a lot for conservatives to be thankful for, and we’re winning. To paraphrase noted tax reform advocate Wesley Snipes in Passenger 57, always bet on red.

No. 1: Be Thankful That Hillary Is Not Our President.

Every day, it is a joy to awaken, unlike Hillary Clinton, without a hangover. Oh yes, and also to awaken knowing that Felonia von Pantsuit is not, and will never be, our president.

Can you imagine if she were? She is as vindictive as she is stupid, which means instead of ripping apart the regulatory state, she and her nanny-gestapo army of obedient aspiring liberal fascists would be sliding their slimy tentacles into every aspect of our lives. Do you think the GOPe would even resist? The weenies in Congress would jump at the chance for WaPo glory by embracing “bipartisanship,” which means giving that corrupt harpy everything she wants in the name of “cooperation” and “reaching across the aisle.” Amnesty, tax hikes, gun grabs, speech bans – it would all be on the table. Freedom, not so much.

But because of Donald Trump, with the support of normal Americans, winning the election against all odds, none of that is happening. Savor our victory. And give thanks for Hillary’s pain.

No. 2: Be Thankful That We Now Know The Truth About So Many “Conservatives.”

Besides defeating the chardonnay-swilling Mayonnaise Chavez, Donald Trump’s other great achievement has been to cause so many prominent Fredocons to show who they really are – and it isn’t “conservative.” It’s remarkable how many peeps we thought were solid revealed themselves to be narcissistic hacks focused only on preserving their pathetic sinecures within Conservative, Inc. Exhibit A is Cruise Director Bill Kristol, who turned out to be much more worried about empty cabins on the sinking S.S. Weekly Standard’s lido deck than actually making conservative change. He flat-out defected to the enemy and was last seen pushing for a Deep State coup. After all, the establishment is gonna establishment.

But stay with me. Not all Never Trumpers are phonies; some actually believe in conservatism and are simply strategically confused. We are in the fighting phase now, and not everyone has the stomach to make the choices you need to make when you are grappling to the death in the Octagon. In the midst of our fighting, we have to sometimes prioritize, and yes – some traditional conservative values and ideals do need to get put on pause. As adults, and as people who have been in fistfights, we get that mindless purity leads to pure defeat.


The Captain Stubing of Conservatism exemplifies the loser class of GOP frauds who actually preferred Hillary because Trump’s supporters are so…well, you know, not Harvard material. Oh, and also because a Hillary regime would have been a great opportunity to pretend to lead the conserva-resistance and cash-in with profitable events like chin-stroking panels starring conservative firebrand activists such as Jeff Flake, Ben Sasse, and Chet the Unicorn. Let’s give thanks that the marks caught onto the grift.

No. 3: Be Thankful For Neil Gorsuch.

We are going to take back the judiciary. That’s huge and it’s already happening. When the Never Trumpers try to mock our delight in having President Trump at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue by saying “But Gorsuch!”, our reply must be, “Damn right, but Gorsuch!”

Consider the alternative. Do you have any doubt, any at all, that a Clinton court would discover that the Constitution’s penumbras and emanations mean that our right of free speech, our right to practice our religion, and our right to keep and bear arms, don’t actually exist? Any doubt at all? Well, be thankful that we’ve put that particular nightmare on hold, at least for a while.


No. 4: Be Thankful That Conservatives Have A Voice.

Between social media and conservative media that has not gone full liberal – never go full liberal – we have ways to organize and communicate. That was not always so, and they are under attack now, but we at least have them. Fox is strong, and OANN, NewsMax and Rebel Media, to name a few, are out there. Townhall.com delivers two dozen disparate conservative voices every day. Others update you on chem trails and lizard alien overlords, but you know, at least you have options.

The media allows us to bypass enemy gatekeepers; we don’t have to ask anyone’s permission to publish awesome conservative pop culture that infuriates the stinking liberals. Sure, social media outlets like Twitter are getting increasingly hostile to dissenters from the leftist paradigm, but we do have a Republican Congress and many Republican state legislatures that have the ability to regulate them into submission if the California tech tycoons think they can shut us up. If they imagine we’ll just sit back and let them use their political power against us without using ours back, they are nuts. So, be thankful that we can still be heard – and that we have the power to deal with those who would try to silence us.


No. 5: Be Thankful We Have Fewer Perverts Than The Liberals.

Yeah, we have problems. Roy Moore selfishly remains in what was once a sure-thing race. But when he (probably) wins, it’ll be because the Gropeocrats tossed him a life preserver in the shape of a coke-addled hack from Minnesota. Those “Senator Jailbait is the face of the GOP!” ads are gonna fall a little flat in 2018 when we haven’t seen resignations from Senator Stuart Smarmy and Senator Hung Jury.

Just be thankful we don’t have the problems liberals have. We conservatives always knew that liberalism was a giant scam designed to allow elitists to take power and exercise it without accountability; the left has now decided to make sure everyone knows it. From Kennedy to Clinton to Franken, from Fatty Arbuckle to Fatty Weinstein, liberal bona fides earned them a lifetime of free gropes…until now. Now liberalism is being exposed as the giant lie it always was.

Yeah, statistically some Republicans are going to be creeps, but that doesn’t define them the way it does liberal icons. What matters is that now everyone sees the truth that liberalism is a lie, and we should be thankful for that.

No. 6: Be Thankful For Dogs.

Because dogs, which are the most conservative of pets, are cool. Especially Bitey.

My Cats don’t care. 🙂

No. 7: Be Thankful That We Have All The Guns.

Yes, we normals feel a certain tranquility knowing that, no matter what happens, at the end of the day, the liberal fascists can’t actually make us do anything we don’t want to do. As Mao noted, “Power grows from the barrel of a gun.” Mao got that right, if nothing else – the fact that the people of the United States retain the right to defend themselves from the kind of leftist oppression we’ve seen in Venezuela and other hellholes liberals swoon over during their short Potemkin village visits means that the only way they get their way is if they convince us to go along with it. They can’t make us do anything, and it gnaws at them.

Nope, Kaden and Ashleigh the baristas are unlikely to gear up and start the hard work of taming us uppity normals. Their only weapon system is whining, and until we see a 62 grain tweet with a lead core and steel penetrator that flies over 900 feet per second, they aren’t imposing anything on us without our consent. Freedom is measured in calibers, and We the People retain our citizens’ veto over their serfdom-focused schemes no matter how much the gang from Team Progressive stamps its collective Birkenstocks.

So be thankful for what we have, and never surrender. We’ll win.

Read it and Weep

(Elodie Arbogast • The Student Life)
(Elodie Arbogast • The Student Life)

Comfort in a space is a privilege. Like many forms of privilege, it is left unobserved and overlooked by those who have it. People at the 5Cs feel comfortable in the spaces they can claim ownership over, and uncomfortable in spaces where they cannot.

But those comfortable in a space often remain ignorant of their privilege because, paradoxically, those who are uncomfortable in the space will rarely enter it.

The 5Cs are known for their prominent outdoor programs, such as Pitzer Outdoor Adventure (POA) and On the Loose (OTL), which are some of the most funded extracurricular activities on the Claremont Colleges. However, POA and OTL trips are predominantly white spaces.

Both clubs claim to be accessible: while trips are open to any student wanting to go, not everyone feels the same ease in entering the outdoors. This discomfort is unfortunately caused by existing racial boundaries.

Historically, white people in imperialist conquests have appropriated land as their own. North America rightfully belongs to indigenous communities, yet it has been taken away from them by force. Consequently, a false sense of ownership of nature permeates white America.

Similarly, the image of a modern outdoor enthusiasts is white, as is the historical image of a naturalist. The great icons of nature – John Muir, Walt Whitman, Henry David Thoreau – are all white men. At present, most famous rock climbers are also disproportionately white.

This whiteness manifests in the term “outdoorsy” – a descriptor for those who spend a significant time in the outdoors, who are equipped with the necessary gear, and who feel connected to nature. The image of the “outdoorsy individual” is an exclusive classification that gives white people the authority to venture into the outdoors freely, leaving people of color behind.

In addition to racial barriers, financial barriers also prevent access to the outdoors. Many National Parks are hundreds of miles from large cities. Consequently, only those with access to a vehicle and money for gas will be able to enjoy them. Similarly, only students with economic privilege have the resources to attend summer programs that teach wilderness skills.

Thus, the emphasis on acquiring requisite skills and specific knowledge in order to access the outdoors excludes low-income individuals.

The exclusion is further perpetuated by the use of obscure outdoor lingo in descriptions of trips. No one who has never climbed before knows what a tri-cam, a grigri, or an ATC is. These terms are useful for ease of discussion among those who rock climb, yet remain obscure to those who have not.

Due to the predominance of whiteness in the outdoors, people of color have been denied access to the outdoors. The solutions, however, are numerous.

First, OTL and POA should continually affirm that nature exists as a collective space owned by all by virtue of being human, not by virtue of being white. POA should continue to hold discussions about race and inclusivity in their weekly meetings.

Second, the image of the outdoor enthusiast should not belong to white people. Conversely, people of color should feel comfortable identifying themselves as “outdoorsy”, and white individuals should exert caution as to not dominate ownership of the word.

Third, instead of declaring prerequisites, trips should proclaim their accessibility – their ability to accommodate everyone regardless of experience. POA and OTL should organize more accessible, entry-level workshops and trips that do not require advanced technical skills. Trips should advertise the skills you will learn, not the skills you will need.

Finally, OTL and POA should work with affinity groups to increase accessibility in the outdoors. These outdoor clubs should challenge their members to personally encourage those with no outdoors experience, and those who have been systematically excluded, to join a trip with them or attend a weekly meeting. Friendship can act as a portal to the wilderness for those who have historically been denied the privilege of comfort.

Together Forever?

John Hawkins:

“When in the Course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another, and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation.” – The Declaration of Independence

Remember the woman who was fired for flipping off Trump’s motorcade? Well, she has been deluged with job offers from liberals and a Gofundme set up in her name has raised 117k dollars and counting. This seems like a small thing, but it’s indicative of where we are as a society.

There was a time when doing something trashy like flipping off a presidential motorcade would be frowned upon — not because everyone loves the President, but because no one with class would do anything like that. Those days are gone and they’ve been replaced by non-stop trolling, outright hatred of people with differing opinions and grotesque tribalism. Gridlock has become the rule of the day in Congress for a number of reasons, but one of the biggest is that the Right and Left simply don’t agree on much anymore.

Just as an example, ask yourself this question:  how many of the fundamental questions about American life do you agree with Barack Obama or Nancy Pelosi on? Think about the basic questions of American life.

The Constitution? Conservatives believe in it. Liberals believe in a “living Constitution” which is fundamentally no different than having no Constitution at all.

Religion? Conservatives tend to believe in Judeo-Christian values. Even atheists who are conservative tend to at least be friendly to those values. Liberals mock Judeo-Christian values.

What about patriotism? Conservatives tend to love their country. Liberals love this country like a wife-beater loves his spouse.

Conservatives tend to be capitalists. Liberals tend to be socialists. Conservatives believe people should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin. Liberals believe your race defines you. Conservatives believe in equality of opportunity. Liberals believe in equality of results. Conservatives believe in freedom of speech. Liberals are fine with silencing people that disagree with them. Conservatives believe in small government. Liberals believe in a frighteningly powerful central government dictating your every move.

That last one is perhaps the most significant because if liberals could live the way they want in California, New York and Connecticut while conservatives could live as they please in Texas, South Carolina and Utah, we could shrug off our differences. As the government in Washington becomes ever more powerful, that is no longer allowed.

Getting back to that central question, what do you agree with Nancy Pelosi or Barack Obama on? There are certainly some things. For example, Nancy Pelosi represents San Francisco and presumably likes the city. I’ve visited and certainly liked it as well. Barack Obama likes golf and basketball. Certainly there are plenty of conservatives who feel the same way. If we got right down to it, there are probably plenty of conservatives who like the same clothes, restaurants and TV shows that Obama and Pelosi do…but, is that enough to hold together a nation over the long haul?

America is going to be testing that proposition over the next few decades.

Recently, a Republican group in North Carolina asked me to come out and speak. After my speech, there was a Q&A session and someone there asked me, “Is it time for people who love their country to get their guns, head to D.C. and do something about what’s happening in our country?”

Just to be clear, he wasn’t advocating a terrorist attack or a random shooting; he was asking if it is time for patriots who love this country to attempt to overthrow the government to help bring our nation back to Constitutional governance.

What DIDN’T happen is worth noting. Nobody laughed. Nobody shouted, “Oh, come on!” Nobody said, “Oh, that’s just crazy, Dave. You’ll have to excuse him and his wild questions.” Instead, people sat quietly and listened for my response.

The short version of what I told him was “no.” It is not time to split the country apart and have a revolution. That’s a very extreme step and it should only be taken in the direst of circumstances

The longer version of what I told him is that he’s right to be concerned about the country and that, yes, it is entirely possible we won’t hold together long term. What happens when we – almost inevitably at this point – have a debt-driven economic crash which causes Social Security and Medicare to be gutted? Other than wanting to get those checks, what do we have holding us together anymore? Eating lunch at McDonald’s? Watching The Walking Dead? NFL games….oh wait, sorry. We don’t even have that anymore.

We have broken bonds as a nation before:  first, with the British, then during the Civil War. Regrettably, we may be headed toward another break down the road. That’s not something anyone should welcome, but when large percentages of the population are forced to live under grating rules they disagree with in the strongest of terms, paid for with increasingly large amounts of tax money they didn’t want to give up and implemented by people they don’t like, respect or feel bound to as a people, no wise person should assume that will continue indefinitely.

The Tyranny of Tenure

Mike Adams:

The problem with my leftist colleagues really isn’t their politics. It is their lack of courage. And it is getting worse. Granted, I have long heard reports of professors abusing students in the classroom. But those reports have drastically increased since the election of 2016. I would like to provide just a few examples before commenting on the effects such cowardly abuse are having on students and on the general campus climate:

*A professor was giving a pro Black Lives Matter lecture. A student countered the professor by making the rather obvious observation that “all lives matter.” Upon hearing it, the professor denounced his student as a racist three times in front of the entire class. Each time she tried to explain herself, the professor shouted “racist!”

*On the first day of class, a professor circulated her syllabus with a clause telling students they were banned from making “disrespectful” remarks during class discussion. Over the course of the next three and a half months, the professor repeatedly claimed that all white police officers are racists and that simply aspiring to be a police officer is evidence of racism. Students were prevented from rebutting the professor by the selectively enforced ban on “disrespectful speech.” She equated denial of racism with racism, which she classified as inherently disrespectful.

*A professor told his freshman students that anyone who voted for Trump is both a racist and a fascist. A teenaged student raised her hand to offer her non-racist and non-fascist reasons for supporting Trump, albeit reluctantly. The professor shook his fist at her and shouted, “shut up!” repeatedly until the student finally gave up.

*A professor hurled profanities about Trump and Pence in a classroom tirade. When a student countered that Pence is a “good man” he was told that he was mentally ill and needed to go to the counseling center to get “professional help” before returning to class. The accusation that the student suffered from mental illness was repeated in front of dozens of students.

It is unsurprising that students learn from their professors. Generally speaking, that is what they are there to do. So it comes as no surprise that the increase in uncivil classroom conduct by professors is being accompanied by an increase in uncivil conduct by students across our campus. Several members of the College Republicans (CR) group recently found that out when they decided to host a speech about free speech by the author of this column. Some of the more troubling incidents surrounding the event include the following:

*An Iraq War veteran and current UNCW student was posting club flyers for weeks when he noticed they were being torn down. After he went to replace them he started to monitor the bulletin board. In the process, he caught a feminist student in the act of tearing down his flyers. When confronted, she peppered him with an f-bomb-laced tirade. A few professors approached upon hearing all the commotion. They simply stood by and listened while the feminist verbally abused the veteran.

*After the female president of the CRs hung flyers advertising the free speech event they were torn down. She stapled the next bunch of flyers and left a note promising to hang two for every one torn down. A male student left a note calling the female student and her friends “c*nts.” Campus feminists were so outraged they marched on Washington, D.C. Just kidding. They didn’t care.

Days before the speech, the same student defaced more flyers. This time, instead of directing the c-word toward the women he attacked the speaker with defamatory statements. Specifically, he claimed the speaker was sued for divorce after his wife discovered he liked bestiality. The self-professed communist and Antifa supporter was reported to the administration for stealing and defacing flyers. Unlike communism itself, his fate is yet to be determined.

*Finally, the speech day arrived. After the speech itself, no leftists tried to ask questions during the Q&A session. This is despite the fact that the humble and awesome speaker assured those in attendance that the First Amendment equally protects both respectful and disrespectful questions.

The day after the speech, the students who waived their free speech rights in the Q&A started putting up signs on campus referring to the speaker as a “c*ck.” The ringleader previously interned for the Democratic Party. I know you’re shocked.

Readers should immediately discern the obvious parallel between the antics of these cowardly professors and their unhinged student followers. The professors shut down dialogue in the classroom and repeatedly insult students who disagree with them. Similarly, leftist students forego invitations to engage in dialogue with conservatives. Lacking the power to control their fellow students, they refrain from face-to-face attacks and instead attack their fellow students anonymously. This tactic is employed unless, of course, they are actually caught in the act of tearing down their opponents’ speech and must therefore resort to in-your-face hysteria.

My Marxist colleagues are not true revolutionaries. They are cowards in a civil war of their own creation. And they are poisoning the academic climate with their toxic and highly contagious intellectual cowardice. Each one of them should be dishonorably discharged for the crime of academic malpractice.

Regrettably, tenure prevents any prospect of justice. Thus, the freedom to perpetuate tyranny prevails.

The Terrible Generation

With all the awful things happening now – the discord, the anger, the stupidity – at least those of my generation can rest easy knowing that the Millennials are going to suffer after we’re gone. Sure, I’m going to die a lot sooner than them – unless someone invents some sort of expensive life extension potion that I can buy but they can’t because they will still be paying off their degrees in Oppression Studies and Virtue Signaling Arts until the year 2083. But at least I’ll know that we left them a suitably terrible world, since they are a terrible generation.

Millennials are the spawn we deserve – annoying, posturing, and frequently pierced. They are utterly convinced of their own moral superiority, and yet they don’t even believe in morals. Well, that’s not quite true – they just confuse morals with the increasingly bizarre patchwork of taboos and fetishes of the social justice weirdos they use as their moral compasses. When you ask people, “What’s the world’s biggest problem,” and they answer, “The structural paradigm imposed by cisgender Western males,” and you reply, “How about, I dunno, ISIS?” and they answer “Well, who are we to judge their culture?” it’s slappin’ time.

We warned them to stay off our figurative lawns, and now it’s time to figuratively tackle them like Kentucky libertarians.

I was born during the last week of the Baby Boom, making me…older than the Millennials. So I straddle that useless generation and the useless one that followed. It used to be called Generation X, but no one calls it that anymore because it made no lasting impression. Obama was in my generation. We’ll never live that down. In any case, I remember when calculators were newfangled, phones were attached to walls, and Showtime was the bomb.

OK, so we dug this country $20 trillion into debt, we have a world full of enemies and a military that’s collapsing, and we saddled Millennials with Obamacare, a magical system that makes healthcare worse, but at least it costs more. Yet they seem cool with it. Oh, and politically, the country is divided as never before, at least not since Lincoln, who you Millennials think owned slaves because … sheesh, you nitwits think Lincoln owned slaves.

There was a time when liberals and conservatives didn’t segregate themselves into different bubbles and hate at each other. Recently, Time magazine ran an article about some liberal chick who dumped a guy during a date because he voted for Trump. That never would have happened years ago. Instead, they would have finished their encounter, and he would have given her a fake number so he never had to deal with her pinko nagging again.

But we seem to be losing everything that made us great. Back in the day, we crushed uppity Russian empires, no thanks to commie-hugging liberals who told us that the Reds loved their children too. You Millennials know that awful Sting song – your mom used to listen to it in the Volvo while carting you to soccer or whatever other sick, soul-killing enrichment activities she forced you into instead of letting you run free in the streets and woods like we did. But now we cower at the same losers Reagan stripped of their Ural Mountain oysters in fear of them posting some super-persuasive Facebook ads targeted at making autoworkers in Michigan fall out of their deep and abiding love for Hillary.

Yeah, we messed up, but you Millennials reading this on your smartphones, which you can see without glasses or squinting, shouldn’t act so high and mighty. You had a chance to fix all of this and instead you’ve chosen to never move out of your parents’ houses and to just sit around and invent new pronouns for genders that don’t exist. A couple decades down the road, when I’m dead from chronic bitterness and drinking too much expensive cabernet that I buy with the Social Security money you’ll be toiling to pay me, you won’t have families or careers. You’ll be my age and still making coffee for the next generation of ingrates, the children of the immigrants and super-religious Christians who represent the only portion of America still making babies. You’ll come home to your used Mitsubishi love robot named Olive, reheat some Sara Lee avocado toast sticks, and watch Saturday Night Live as it tries to make fun of President Donald Trump, Jr.

But while we’re still here together, with me owning stuff and you struggling to afford your daily kombucha smoothie, we face many shared challenges. There’s that giant debt, and there are those foreign people who want to kill us, and there is the terrifying fact that we are at each others’ throats here at home. We know how this plays out if we don’t fix it – bad for me, but super-bad for you. Maybe we should try and square things away. Maybe we should stop assuming the worst about each other, start thinking about what unites us instead of what divides us, and work together to make a better tomorrow. Maybe.

But I guess that’s kind of up to you though, because as so many of you on Twitter like to point out, I’m going to die a lot sooner than you are. And that kind of makes the future your problem. (Kurt Schlichter)


We keep hearing about how angry Trump voters are destroying the Republican Party, but last week’s Schumer-show demonstrated that the people running it would rather run it into the ground than give up their grip on power. The Smart Set managed to get slaughtered on election night – let’s not sugarcoat it, we got creamed. And the dim bulbs in Congress seem determined to somehow turn tax cuts into something Republican voters hate. The GOPe makes everything worse, like pumpkin spice.

Oh, and then there’s Roy Freaking Moore, whose creepitude led to the inevitable lecture about conservative principles, which apparently now include accepting every accusation pushed by our media enemies at face value. We know the guy is guilty of being like Jerry Seinfeld, and he may be worse and actually criminal. If he is, Moore needs to drop and the Alabama legislature needs to redo the rules to get a viable Republican into the race. But we don’t know, and the voters have a right to wonder why the GOPe was so eager to embrace a shaky claim pushed by a media we have seen lie and lie again about Republicans to help their liberal masters. All this makes it hard to come to any conclusion but that the GOP establishment thinks that the only way to defeat the virus of conservatism is to set fire to the party and hope that a few elections from now their Boehner-based, crony trough-feeding paradigm will rise again from the ashes like a K Street phoenix. It’s as if they want to get wiped out in 2018, and that’s the one objective they actually seem capable of achieving.

Gillespie’s loss was no shock – Virginia is a blue state no matter what the hope-springs-eternal crowd keeps saying. What was a shock is that the GOP failed to anticipate the down ticket Democrat turn-out tsunami. A Frisco zillionaire targeted marginal GOP districts, pumped in money and support and caught the GOP napping. A bunch of Republican delegates lost their seats, and not by that much – but by enough. Yet, none of the GOP brain trust saw this coming, and the enemy stole a march on us. Who is getting fired for this screw-up? If the answer is “Nobody,” we might as well pack it in next year.

It’s never good to lose, but losing will teach you more important lessons than winning. We now know that not only are Dems motivated, but they’ll be playing – with money and data support – in every marginal race. We have a year to prepare – are we doing that? What’s our strategy? Who the hell is responsible for coordinating 2018 anyway?

Is the GOPe planning on throwing the mid-term election to teach us uppity rubes a lesson?

Crazy? Would you put it past them? According to some of the fanatic Never Trumpers – who overlap with much of the GOPe/Conservative Inc. crew – we have some sort of moral obligation to lose as penance for not adhering to their measured, sensible guidance. Make no mistake – some of them see a defeat in 2018 as the first step back to their former glory. Think of all the cruise cabins they can sell in 2019 to folks eager to hear from superstars like Vin Weber and Eric Cantor about the great stuff the GOP will do when it controls the House again!

One obvious answer to the 2018 problem, assuming the GOPe even feels that the fact we are on track to lose our House and maybe Senate majorities is a problem, is for our legislators to do the things they promised to do and thereby make us not hate them so much. But the big problem is that in election after election they promised us what they would do if given the chance, and then, when we gave them the chance, they revealed that they didn’t actually want to do what they promised. They are discovering that blatantly lying to your base’s collective face is a risky strategic choice.

The GOP congressjerks couldn’t manage to undo Obamacare, despite their unequivocal promises, and now they seem intent on passing some sort of tax reform that is worse than not passing any sort of tax reform. What is this insane “taxes on a postcard” fixation? What we care about is paying less – I want a fifty page return if it saves me money. You take away deductions and our tax bills go up – and this nonsense about lowering rates is not going to undo the damage to the kind of people who usually … wait for it… vote Republican. But hey, the corporate rate will drop. Let’s all chip in for that. I know I’m glad to lose key deductions so the big donors can keep more cash.

Now, we could always lower everyone’s rates, and “pay for it” by…brace yourself…cutting spending. Except apparently cutting the budget is off the table. Leave it to the GOPe to decide that the winning Republican message for 2018 is “Tax and Spend.”

But hey, who says Congress can’t deliver? They’ve already delivered a year of investigations into the Trump/Putin/Chet the Unicorn collusion conspiracy. I know investigating our president in line with a liberal election defeat excuse narrative was my second biggest GOP priority following the humiliation of Felonia von Pantsuit and her supporters in the conservative cruise industry.

My first priority, and yours, was always to give amnesty and citizenship to millions of illegal aliens, and the GOP caucus is chomping at the bit to do that. Apparently Dreamers’ dreams of taking advantage of violating our laws and eventually become loyal Democrat voters are much more important than our own conservative voters’ dreams of their mandatory crummy health insurance rates not doubling.

And then there is Roy Moore, an outsider who I would prefer was not the nominee but I am not an Alabamian and I don’t get a say. I don’t know whether he did something 40 years ago, nor do you, but was it a smart move by the GOPe to immediately jump on-board the tumbrel taking him to the guillotine and give up on a Senate seat based upon a mere accusation? We know the case against him – he may well have done it, and there may be more shoes to drop – but why might GOP voters view this ultra-convenient revelation with suspicion? Here are some reasons:

  • A critical Senate seat is at stake, and this ancient news only dropped after it became impossible to replace him.
  • Moore denies it.
  • It is a uniquely deadly charge that cannot be refuted (or proven) except by believing one of the alleged participants.
  • We’ve seen many false sex crimes accusations.
  • We’ve seen Fusion GPS paid by Never Trumpers and/or the Democrats manufacture a fake dossier to falsely accuse the President of sex weirdness.
  • The Washington Post is a rabidly partisan liberal paper and part of a mainstream media whose members have, in the era of Trump, decreed that they are no longer to be objective put instead advocate for their partisan agenda.
  • We have not heard directly from the woman. Yes, the WaPo article contains alleged quotes, but those quotes are processed through the paper (Raise your hand if you’ve ever been misquoted – yep, that’s everyone). Her claims have not been subject to cross-examination. That makes her WaPo statements hearsay, which is traditionally viewed skeptically if admitted at all.
  • The WaPo did not reveal that one of the (legal age) girls worked for Hillary. That seems like a potentially relevant fact, right?
  • The WaPo found this woman when no one else – either in Alabama’s media or among opposition researchers over decades of Moore’s political life – did, no doubt via the extensive web of contacts that WaPo maintains in rural Alabama. Doesn’t that seem…odd? What’s the real story about how this all came out?

I don’t know if Moore is guilty – if he is, the hell with him and let’s replace him on the ballot a la Robert Torricelli – but I know that the facts around this claim should make any reasonable person want to know more before they judge. Except not among the GOPe. In 2017’s least surprising development, John McCain demanded Moore drop out simply because he was accused. Yet when the New York Times accused McCain – he says falsely – of an affair, well, the Blue Falcon didn’t drop out of anything. And Mitt Romney, who always reminds me of a talking weasel wearing a $5,000 suit, had to pipe up and do the same. This was the same Mitt who Harry Reid lied about regarding his taxes so effectively. You’d think they’d both be sensitive to the potential for left wing smears, but no. We have two Republicans who were both falsely accused demanding that we give up a Senate seat because of an accusation the accused says is false – an accusation made on the pages of one of our greatest enemies no less. Does that seem legit?

So what are GOP voters supposed to think when they note how these paragons of virtue signaling have not been demanding the resignation of Democrat Senator Bob Menendez, who is in the midst of a federal corruption trial – a case where there are hints their pal The Distinguished Gentleman from New Jersey cavorted with underage hookers? And the Adults In The Room wonder why their voters have nothing but contempt for them.

As for Moore, it is properly the people of Alabama who will pass judgment. My guess is the voters of Alabama will believe Moore and choose him over the guy who wants to kill babies. I suspect that part of the reason will be to tell the GOPe that Alabamians will decide for themselves who represents them.

What a mess. The Republican Party seems to have no interest in addressing its electile dysfunction. The Democrats are preparing for battle; the Professional Republicans are sulking because their voters won’t obey. They seem not just unable but unwilling to pass the agenda they promised the base. And whenever there’s a narrative damaging to the party to be hopped on, despite reasonable grounds for skepticism, hop on they do. If the GOP establishment wanted to lose, what would it do differently? (Kurt Schlichter)

Snatching Defeat From Victory

If you’d told me last year that complete Republican control of Congress and the White House would lead to nothing getting done, I would have laughed at you.

I wouldn’t, because I said Trump was going to have trouble from Republicans. The scale of that failure though is breathtaking in it’s arrogance and just proves just how much elitist RINOs really wanted Hillary (or at least not Trump). The Never Trumpers (and RINOs) are too petty to put down their grudge for the sake of The American People.

Of course, last year I would have laughed at the idea of complete Republican control of government, so the idea of no legislative accomplishments would have been a joke not worth telling. Turns out all the jokes, at least so far, have been on us.

True. And they don’t seem to care one bit. Government Of the Elites, by the Elites, for The Elites.

That Obamacare repeal fell apart – or, more correctly, never really got off the ground – was a surprise only because Republicans had promised it for years only to have it exposed that many of them didn’t really mean it.

Most of them didn’t mean it.

They were like the high-rolling poker player who’d just had his bluff called by a rank amateur – they’d painted themselves into a corner.

And are still bluffing and blustering.

Republicans always have been afraid of health policy as an issue, just as Democrats have little to say on national defense, because only a few actually know the details.

Republicans know how to complain about health policy – it’s not hard when the problems are so obvious. But few truly meant repeal because only a few truly believe the federal government shouldn’t be involved in controlling the health insurance industry.

And they only opposed it because it was the politically fashionable thing to do at the time. Their were no principles involved, other than Political.

The rest think the government should “do something” to lower costs and don’t understand that this is not what happens when government gets involved.

In other words, they campaign a good game about the free market; they just have no idea what those words mean.

On immigration, it’s the same old thing – tough talk, then a slow dance where they try to feel us up.

Same dance, actually. They start out with the fast feet boogie and end up with the hokey pokey.

Congress is scrambling to “protect” the so-called DREAMers from the consequences of their parents’ actions and, in the process, moving toward giving away the store.

Because they haven’t the balls to do what is actually right, only what is politically expedient.

I’m not opposed to letting many of them stay – those who graduated high school, went to college, have a job, or served in the military. But if they didn’t graduate by the age of 19 (since, apparently you can go to high school nearly forever now), or have committed any crime, they have to go. And chain migration for them should be non-existent, as it should be for everyone else, along with birthright citizenship.

But it’s looking like none of that is going to be on the table. Not enough Republicans have the courage of their campaign convictions. They’ll cave and grant full amnesty for all DREAMers in exchange for nothing. OK, not nothing – they’ll get Democrats running ads calling them heartless racists who want to deport everyone or run them over in pick-up trucks.

Which brings us to tax reform.

Which, also, the greedy little shit bag elitists don’t really want to do because they want to spend it buying people off.

You’d think if there were one issue on which Republicans were not only solid, but able to message successfully against the left, it would be taxes. You’d be wrong.

The mantra “We’re going to make filing taxes easier” isn’t exactly T-shirt worthy, yet it’s the best they’ve come up with. Here’s a little secret for congressional Republicans: The biggest “pain” in filing taxes is paying them. The vast majority of people take the standard deduction, so the act of filing taxes already is plug-and-play.


Whoever thought “simplifying the tax code” was a great selling point should be fired.

People want to keep more of the money they earn; they don’t care how they do it. Simplification is a horrible message. And in typical Republican fashion, Democrats already have managed to outmaneuver them by finding what they always find – examples of the worst-case scenario and presenting them like they’re the norm.

Republicans made the mistake of playing the game on Democrats’ terms. The GOP wanted to “pay for” tax cuts by making them revenue neutral. That meant rather than just cutting them, they had to play a bunch of accounting games and gimmicks. Taking away this deduction, limiting that one. It was dumb.

People oppose the death tax not only because it’s fundamentally unfair; they also don’t want their family to pay it. Very few will ever come close to amassing a large enough estate to worry about it, but fewer realize that. Although the overwhelming majority may end up paying slightly less under the GOP plan, they all fear they’ll end up paying more. This is because Republicans aren’t simply lowering rates, they’re playing games in the hope the Democrats and the media will get on board. That is never, ever going to happen.


The tax code is a complex monster, and taming it would be good. But people don’t care about loopholes; they care only about paying less. Republicans, since they don’t have the will required to scrap the code and replace it with a flat or fair tax, should simply lower rates across the board, no caveats. People understand that.

When you’ve got members of Congress going on TV to tout lowering the corporate tax rate, you’ve lost.

Like the 10 times daily Paul Ryan Facebook hack posts that say the same talking point over and over again like anyone is going to believe you…

Cutting the corporate tax rate would be a boon to the economy, but that’s a secondary ripple a year or two out. It should be included; it shouldn’t be a selling point. People want more money in their pockets. Everything else, beneficial or not, is window-dressing.

Republicans are likely to continue their legislative losing streak because they’re afraid to govern on the principles they were elected on out of fear of losing their offices. If they continue to fail to do so, voters will relieve them of that burden.  (Derek Hunter)

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne

Tough Choices

The Senate releasing some details of its tax plan gives us another moving target that will morph and change daily. America could have a growing economy that would affect generations to come, and if this reform passes by the end of this year, we could see a conservative-controlled Washington for at least a generation. Unfortunately, most Republicans haven’t figured this out yet.

The original notion of tax reform was to transform corporate taxes so America could become more competitive as a nation—a place where corporations could feel comfortable to stay right here. This new corporate tax rate would bring corporations from around the world—that are doing business in the largest economy in the world—to set up shop here and hire workers without the penalty of the second largest tax rate in the world.

It is looking more unlikely each day that Republicans will get this done in 2017. It will take an enormous amount of unity, understanding and support of President Trump’s pro-growth, pro-American and pro-business agenda to make it happen.

No one seems to be talking about one of the biggest problems on Capitol Hill—the fact that lobbyists and special interest groups will delay tax reform. Remember, many people making millions of dollars are also paying lobbyists millions of dollars to make sure their agendas are passed, primarily because the complexities of the tax code have been a very good thing for far too many people.

Few seem to be willing to examine exactly how the money trail is going to our Republican lawmakers who dare to pretend they are representing what is right for the American people. You may have noticed that with each passing day, a little more complexity is added back into the tax bill. The idea of doing our taxes on a postcard and the elimination of thousands of workers in the offices of the IRS is nothing more than a pipe dream of a few truly conservative Americans working on Capitol Hill.

The Republican Party has been incapable of making progress on any significant issue of the past decade, and it doesn’t look like that’s going to change anytime soon. Because of their total inability after six years of saying they were ready to repeal and replace Obamacare, small businesses will be facing ongoing mandates at a time when they are finally getting on their feet again in this growing economy. It seems irrational to even think we might depend upon Republicans to do what they promised.

The IRS announced this week that the agency will be enforcing the Obamacare regulation that any company with more than 50 employees must provide health care for all employees. Republicans only need another six years, and I’m sure then they will be able to pass health care reform. By the way, blaming Democrats and President Obama won’t work. Make no mistake about it, the blame for health care, economic woes for small businesses and economic dysfunction lies squarely on the shoulders of Republicans—just like economic success would if they had the ability to get things done.

The opportunity to fundamentally change America in a positive way for future generations with a conservative Washington, D.C., for the next generation seems to embrace the very thing that our Republican representatives care about most. That is getting reelected and maintaining their control and power. So, with that in mind, you would think they would be able to come together long enough to get tax reform done. But, again, it continues to seem more unlikely than ever. And I don’t believe the markets will be quite as naïve to believe that the first order of business in 2018 will be to pass tax reform.

There is certainly a remnant of Republicans who understand this, but unfortunately, the remnant continues to grow smaller each passing day. I suspect they don’t believe they can do this by themselves. But with prodding from the American voter and the shutdown of the switchboard on Capitol Hill every day, maybe we could encourage the remnant and motivate the other representatives to represent the American people on what is right for our nation.

When you’ve sat on your hands for ten years and gotten away with doing nothing but waxing eloquent and adopting the agenda of the liberal media and the Democrats, it becomes very difficult to get back to work. The dysfunction in Washington we continue to see is an effect of the cause—and the cause is lack of leadership, which also results in a lack of unity, as many Republicans are more consumed with maintaining the establishment than getting anything done.

After all, many politicians are working hard to appease many different lobbyists, agendas and special interest groups as they look forward to the next legislative break. Yes, there is a remnant—men and women that we are blessed to have serving on Capitol Hill representing we the people—and we need to lift them up and encourage more like them to throw their hats into the ring.

Star Spangled Stupid

If this story is genuine, they should be ashamed. If it’s a joke, then they should be ashamed. The California chapter of the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP) is proposing that we do away with the Star-Spangled Banner as our national anthem. I’m not kidding—and they use Colin Kaepernick’s ongoing war with our national anthem that has engulfed the National Football League in controversy as an example for why it should be removed. If we pick a new song, then this controversy goes away, they say. I can’t believe this is even a thing (via Sacramento Bee):

When California lawmakers return to the Capitol in January, the state chapter of the NAACP will be seeking their support for a campaign to remove “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the national anthem.

The organization last week began circulating among legislative offices two resolutions that passed at its state conference in October: one urging Congress to rescind “one of the most racist, pro-slavery, anti-black songs in the American lexicon” as the national anthem, and another in support of former San Francisco 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick, who launched a protest movement against police brutality among professional athletes by kneeling when “The Star-Spangled Banner” was played before games.

“We owe a lot of it to Kaepernick,” California NAACP President Alice Huffman said. “I think all this controversy about the knee will go away once the song is removed.”


Huffman said Congress, which adopted “The Star-Spangled Banner” as the national anthem in 1931, should find a replacement that is not “another song that disenfranchises part of the American population.”

This move stems from the unsung third verse of our national anthem that some interpret as celebrating the deaths of black people, who joined the British during the War of 1812. Yeah, this verse is never sung in sporting events. I’ve never heard it at any other event either. It’s just absurd; stand for the anthem—period

Deliver Us

What if the government doesn’t really deliver for us? What if its failures to protect our lives, liberties and property are glaring? What if nothing changes after these failures?

What if the National Security Agency — the federal government’s domestic spying apparatus — has convinced Congress that it needs to cut constitutional corners in order to spy on as many people in America as possible? What if Congress has bought that argument and passed a statute that put a secret court between the NSA and its appetite for all electronically transmitted data in America? What if that secret court — called the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court — is supposed to protect personal liberty but instead has become a wall behind which the NSA hides?

What if the Constitution only permits warrants for searches and seizures that are based on probable cause of crime? What if the Constitution requires that all warrants for searches and seizures specifically describe the place to be searched or the person or thing to be seized? What if the courts have ruled that electronic surveillance constitutes a search and seizure within the meaning of the Constitution?

What if the FISC issues warrants based on a lesser standard than probable cause of crime? What if its standard is probable cause of speaking with or knowing someone who has spoken with a foreign person? What if this is such an absurd and loose standard that it violates the Constitution and ends up protecting no one except the spies who pretend to employ it?

What if the FISC is a facade? What if the NSA spies on all people all the time while hiding behind FISC-issued warrants? What if the stated purpose of spying on everyone all the time is to keep us safe from terrorist acts by trading liberty for security? What if that trade has never worked?

What if the NSA has convinced President Donald Trump and his immediate two predecessors that it needs to spy on everyone in America to keep us safe, no matter what the Constitution says? What if those three presidents have bought that argument?

What if NSA spying is really done without any warrants? What if this spying captures in real time every keystroke on every computer and hand-held device — as well as the content of every email, text message, telephone call and fiber-optic cable transmission — in the United States 24/7?

What if NSA computers have direct and unimpeded access to all mainframe computers of all telecoms and computer service providers in the U.S.? What if the acquisition of all this data is known in the intelligence community as bulk surveillance?

What if the Constitution is the supreme law of the land? What if the Constitution, with its requirement of warrants based on probable cause and specifically identifying targets, expressly prohibits bulk surveillance? What if bulk surveillance is not only unconstitutional but also useless because it produces information overload — too much data to sift through in a timely manner?

What if President Trump and his immediate two predecessors have unleashed the NSA to acquire all communications data about everyone in America even though it’s obvious that the NSA cannot possibly sift through it all in a timely enough manner to keep us safe?

What if the Islamic State-inspired extremist who drove a rental truck on a New York City bicycle and pedestrian path and killed eight people last week did a dry run of his killing plans the week before? What if one of his own cellphones recorded portions of the dry run? What if the NSA had that recording but did not notice it until after the attack?

What if the same killer who drove the rental truck stored 90 video clips of other Islamic State-inspired killings on a cellphone? What if the NSA had those videos but did not notice them until after the attack?

What if the same killer who drove that rental truck also stored nearly 4,000 photos of Islamic State atrocities on a cellphone and the NSA, which has had the repellant photos since the killer first stored them, did not notice them until after the attack?

What if liberty is our birthright and cannot be taken away by government without a jury trial? What if the NSA’s allies in government wrongly and foolishly think that the surrender of privacy to America’s 60,000 domestic spies somehow keeps us safe?

What if the genius of the Constitution — if followed — is not only its protection of privacy but also its requirement that the government focuses its searches and seizures on people who it has reason to suspect are engaged in criminal activity and about whom judges have ratified the evidence to support those suspicions? What if the Constitution requires the government to leave the rest of us alone?

What if the government stinks at keeping us safe but is very good at invading our privacy?

What if this bulk surveillance is about power and control and not about safety? What if the NSA has selectively leaked what it knows about some folks for political purposes? What if President Trump himself and his former national security adviser have been victims of those leaks?

What if the use of intelligence data for political purposes and not for safety is a profound danger to democracy? What if government can’t keep us safe? What if we falsely think that it does keep us safe? What if that delusion makes us less safe? What if government’s bulk acquisition of private data makes us less free? What if government works not for us but for itself? What do we do about it? (Judge Napalitano)


The GOP lost lots of Governor’s race’s yesterday. A portent of things to come because the Republicans refuse do anything, especially that which they promised to do.

And is it deliberate? I still wonder that one.

One of the most challenging and important jobs for an economics professor is to teach students how little we know and can possibly know. My longtime friend and colleague Dr. Thomas Sowell says, “It takes considerable knowledge just to realize the extent of your own ignorance.” Nobel laureate Friedrich August von Hayek admonished, “The curious task of economics is to demonstrate to men how little they really know about what they imagine they can design.” The fact that we have gross ignorance about how the world operates is ignored by the know-it-all elites who seek to control our lives. Let’s look at a few examples of the world’s complexity.

According to some estimates, there are roughly 100 million traffic signals in the U.S. How many of us would like the U.S. Congress, in the name of public health and safety, to be in charge of their actual operation? Congress or a committee it authorizes would determine the length of time traffic lights stay red, yellow and green and what hours of the day and at what intersections lights flash red or yellow. One can only imagine the mess Congress would create in the 40,000 cities, towns and other incorporated places in the U.S. But managing traffic lights and getting good results is a far less complex task than managing the nation’s health care system and getting good results, which Congress tries to do.

Here’s another task I’d ask whether you would like Congress to control. The average well-stocked supermarket carries 60,000 to 65,000 different items. Walmart carries about 120,000 different items. Let’s suppose Congress puts you in total control of getting just one item to a supermarket, say apples. Let’s not make it easy by having the help of apple wholesalers. Thus, you would have to figure out all of the inputs necessary to get apples to your local supermarket. Let’s look at just a few. You need crates to ship the apples. Count all the inputs necessary to produce crates. There’s wood, but you need saws to cut down trees. The saws are made of steel, so iron ore must be mined, and mining equipment is needed. The workers must have shoes. The complete list of inputs to get apples to the market comes to a very large, possibly an unknowable, number. Forgetting any one of them, such as spark plugs, would probably mean no apples at your supermarket.

The beauty of market allocation of goods and services, compared with government fiat, is no one person needs to know all that’s necessary to get apples to your supermarket. Free markets, accompanied by free trade, including international free trade, make us richer by economizing on the amount of knowledge or information needed to produce things.

Think about this morning’s breakfast. Let’s suppose you and your spouse each had four slices of bacon and two eggs. You had coffee, and your spouse had cocoa. The breakfast might have cost you $22. But what might it have cost you if instead of being dependent upon others, you were independent and produced your own breakfast? What do you know about raising pigs and their subsequent slaughter? Do you know how to cure pork to make bacon? Then there are the eggs, which require knowledge about the care of chickens. What about getting pig and chicken feed? You’d have a big problem with the coffee and cocoa. I doubt whether you could simulate the growing conditions in Brazil and West Africa. One thing that’s guaranteed is that your breakfast would be far costlier than in the case where you depended upon the benefits of skills of others that emerge from the division of labor and trade.

The bottom line is that each of us is grossly ignorant about the world in which we live. Nothing’s wrong with that ignorance, but we are stupid if we believe that a politician can produce a better life than that which is obtained through peaceable, voluntary exchange with our fellow man anywhere on earth.


The new sign they should put up at the entrance to the US Capital Building.


It’s official: The Republican tax reform bill is dead on arrival in the Senate now that John McCain has become the third Republican senator to confirm that he plans to vote against it.

What’s worse for the Trump administration, McCain reportedly wants the bill to receive input from both parties – a criticism that he cited as his reason for voting against the Trump administration’s plan to repeal and replace Obamacare. This is particularly problematic because there’s approximately zero chance that any Democratic lawmakers will break ranks to vote with Republicans, despite President Donald Trump repeatedly saying that he expects to win a modicum of bipartisan support. (ZeroHedge)

Look into the face of Hell itself…

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