Government Decides

The Liberal RINOs have killed you. Thanks to idiots like Arizona Republicans who refused to vote for anyone but their buddy Johnnie McCain who is a Liberal and the very definition of a RINO.

Senate Republicans failed to garner a simple majority for a so-called ‘skinny repeal’ bill, widely viewed as their last chance to continue the process of repealing and replacing at least some significant elements of Obamacare.  The final vote was 49-51, with John McCain, Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins helping Democrats kill the bill — which leadership insisted was merely a vehicle to get to a conference committee with members of the House of Representatives.

ObamaCare wins. The Democrats couldn’t be happier. The Republicans openly betray every bit of smack they said over the last 8 years. The Democrats are even happier.

The Democrats best friend, a Republican. 🙂

So now we are owned by The Government.

Congrats on your bureaucratic slavery. The Government now decides for all and all-time who lives and who dies and when and where.

Don’t like 110% increases and $8000 deductibles?  TOUGH SHIT.

Your local Republican, like the blacks in Africa, just sold you into Indentured Servitude to the State!

Happy Bureaucrat, Happy Life. Right? 🙂

What do you wanna bet the Republicans run on “Well, we need a 60 man Super Majority to pass it!”

And I hope people spit in their face if they do.

Obamacare’s ongoing failures are well known. Not only are they not going away, they’re deepening. And they’re still actively harming millions of people — victims of a terrible law built on lies. It’s now more obvious than ever that lying to voters about healthcare is not relegated to one political party.

And asking the liars and super-fuck-you partisan Democrats who gleefully pried open Pandora’s box to help them pass a BY-Partisan bill is a new low in spinelessness and utter narcissistic debauchery.

Anything a Republican says should considered a Lie until proven otherwise.

This is not a new thing, but it is now a necessary thing.

The problem there is, that ObamaCare was designed to fail from the get-go. To so totally destory the healthcare system that we, the minion slaves, would come crawling to Mama Government to save us. Then they would pass Single-Payer Government Health Care and the chains would be permanent.

The Republicans promised a better way.

They Lied.

I’m not the least bit surprised, expect that they brazenly did it right in your face with a 2X4 and FUCK YOU to boot.

Now it’s time for The Wrath.


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