Aw Sh*t! Really?

Do you get the same feeling I get?

It’s the feeling that the Republican Party really, deep down, wanted Hillary to win too? I was much easier for them to just snipe and bitch and moan from the sidelines. Give The Democrats the finger and puff up their chests like a peacock and make themselves look important.

But not actually DO ANYTHING.

Just rile people up. Make excuses why you don’t do anything and collect your fat millions from the sheeple and the rich fat cats.

What a life.

The perpetual Troll.

Then f*cking Donald Trump and The American People had to go and screw it all up.

NOW we actually have to DO SOMETHING!!

How dare he!

And how dare you get mad us for promising for a decade “to fix it” and riling you up into a drooling lather then when it came to actually fulfill all those promises we just wanted to dick around, pick at our food like a teenager who got served vegetable. Go on vacation. Complain and moan some more.

Why do we have to do anything? It was som much easier just being the voice of “outrage”. Life was so much simpler then.

We’d pass a bill, 40 times in 8 years, to repeal Obamacare just for show.

We’d feign outrage at all his socialist and unconstitutional excesses but we really didn’t want to do anything about it. Not really.

We are the Government Elite. We just wanted to profit from them.

Now you want us to fix them?!! Are you F*cking nuts!

Why the hell would we want to do that?

Because we promised for 10 years we would?

Oh, ok Mom, I’ll half-ass it and act like I care. I’ll put on a show of “good faith”.

But really, my hearts just not in it. Can we go back to the way it was. I liked that better.