The Lust for Power

I learned something yesterday. Or more accurately, reaffirmed something yesterday.

Democrats and Unions are evil bastards. Their lust for power and control is as insatiable as it is predatory.

I flew back to my hometown of Flint, MI (yes the “water” place- but that’s only the tip of this titanic iceberg). And now Wednesday morning I am going home one day early because the place gives me the creeps like it did 30 years ago when I left Michigan.

I have been here since 1983. When Flint was the unemployment capital of the United States.

It’s even worse now. The city is a shell of it’s former glory. Did you know there is not one movie theatre in the city limits. the one and only in “Flint” is in what is called the Township area outside the technical city limits. 2 More in the suburbs. That’s it!

A town that was 250,000 people and the 4th largest city in Michigan when I was a kid and it was already starting to show the rot set in by the Democrats and the Unions that controlled it.

Now, it’s 90,000+ and expected to dwindle into the 60’s by 2040. This is a town when no purpose and no hope. Thanks, guys.

The Democrats and The Unions have moved on from here. From where they started. You see this is where Unions started. Other than Detroit, this is where the automobile started.

This was a boomtown once. Now it’s barely a ghost of a town.

A great example of this from a childhood memory around 1976. The UAW was in the midst of it’s 1970s piss fights with GM. They took turns massacring each other. The Union would go on strike for more money and benefits, cost GM lots of money. GM would concede eventually, then they’d layoff thousands of people. Who would later be re-hired. Meanwhile, both negotiated sweetheart deals that would benefit no one but themselves in the long run.

Around 1976 or so I remember vividly that the UAW’s latest strike for “more pay” was because they were only making $28/hr. In 2017 terms that’s well over $100/hr. And they were pissed.

That was the kind of routine I grew up with. And it’s still alive and well today.

This is a good summation:

So the Democrat lust for power (and RINOs) is insatiable and like a giant succubus will suck the life out of anything to continue its quest for ultimate power and control.

That’s is the lesson for today, kiddies.

There was the eight-story Smith-Bridgman department store — the lavishly decorated place for children to see Santa Claus. There were The Fair, J.C. Penney and, just north of downtown, Sears. There was latecomer Montgomery Ward, which opened in 1965.

Sears and Woolworth left for the new Genesee Valley mall in 1970. Which is now a shell of its former self. I know, it was The Mall of my High School Years.


Here it is yesterday.


Genessee Valley Center Mall. Straight out of the 1970s…

The Montgomery Ward building is still there. But it’s been abandoned since the 1980s and is now a Court building. I saw it yesterday. It was the bus stop I got off at in Downtown every day of High School. You see, my High School was in Downtown. Now, its a parking lot.

They even renamed Detroit St., Martin Luther King St. 😦

Image result for downtown flint,michigandowntown
A People, a Town, is a terrible thing to waste.
But the Liberal succubus has to move on…

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