When the Devil Went Down to Georgia

The Anti-Trump money failed yesterday when the Devil did not come down to Georgia, or did he, since Trump is the new Devil.

“This race is absolutely and entirely a referendum on President Trump,” said one Republican consultant granted anonymity to speak candidly about the contest. “Every single vote Jon Ossoff receives is a rebuke of Trump from within GA-06.”
Sensing opportunity, national Democrats flooded the race with money — Ossoff raised an eye-popping $8.3 million over the last three months, 95% of which came from out of the state of Georgia (for a Candidate who doesn’t even live in the District to begin with). That massive influx of cash, coupled with a lack of any other serious Democrats in the race and a disdain among many Republicans in the district for Trump’s in-your-face style, made for a surprising opportunity for Democrats in the south — a region where the party has been decimated over the last decade.
Ossoff will now face former Secretary of State Karen Handel, a Republican who finished in clear second despite running around 30 points behind Ossoff.
While Ossoff and national Democrats acknowledged that they hoped to win the seat outright Tuesday due to the crowded and fractured GOP field, Ossoff will likely enter the runoff with Handel as a slight favorite. The question for Ossoff, and Democrats more broadly, is whether they can successfully link an establishment Republican like Handel to the less-than-popular Trump over the course of a two month, one-versus-one runoff slog.
Well, lying, intimidation and demonizing fear is what they do best.
Democrats, out of power in Congress and the White House, need a spark to convince themselves they can take back all that they had lost. Georgia’s 6th district was seen as the best chance for that spark. It didn’t happen on Tuesday night — and now Democrats will have to wait almost two months to see if they can start to build momentum for the November 2018 midterms.  (CNN)
Guy Benson: Karen Handel is a lot closer to a traditional Republican than Trump is, which could prove to be an important advantage in two months. Make no mistake about it: The battle over this seat is not over, but this one stings for the Left. They sunk millions of dollars and enormous energy into the race, and they weren’t able to win. Will they double down and focus on the run-off with equal passion, or will they shift to the next chance to score a symbolic victory? We shall see. But for now, Republicans have dodged yet another bullet, and Democrats are still seeking their first legislative gain since Trump was elected. Thus far, six special elections in, only one seat has flipped…to the GOP.  Republicans shouldn’t gloat, but Democrats have yet to see real evidence of a big blue wave building.  I’ll leave you with this fair-minded admonition:
If history is a guide, the House was in play before #GA06 results and the House will be in play after #GA06 results.

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