The Dawn of BY-Partisanship

In this Post-Nuclear age where the Democrats have in their petulance caused their Party of NO to destroy once and for all an bi-partisanship. Though 3 did vote with the Republicans to shut down the childish filibuster. “we didn’t get our liberal nutcase last year so we’ll just pout and say no to your guy this year” Party of No set off the Nuclear Option.

The Pettiness. The stubbornness. The childishness. The Party of No.

Though, I’d argue that BY-Partisanship started with the 100% party line shenanigans and parliamentarian trickery that was ObamaCare where the ends justified the means at any cost.

That was the first shot. This was the bomb being dropped.

So welcome on and all to the Post Nuclear age. Same old Democrats though. They have only begun to say Ni!




Unless you do everything WE want, when WE want, and because WE want, we will shall say Ni! to you again…

CNN: The actions Thursday capped more than a year of tension over an empty Supreme Court seat, with both parties taking action that led to an outcome neither party wanted.

But would not avoid because of The Party of No.


Sure, this will come back to haunt us all, but the Party of No-The Petulant Ones left us no choice in the end.