Extreme Vetting

Leftists pride themselves on their supposed tolerance. Left-leaning academics constantly identify the supposed authoritarian personality with refusal to hear other points of views or explore other ideas – but it’s the left that now seems committed to preventing ideological diversity at any cost.


Today’s example: Washington D.C. residents are requiring potential roommates to be screened by their 2016 vote.

According to The New York Times:

On Twitter, Reddit, Craigslist and in Facebook groups, people have been screening for Trump supporters since at least last fall. Such ads, more than a dozen of which have been posted on Craigslist since Inauguration Day, are only a fraction of the thousands of posts on the site, but they nonetheless represent a small act of defiance in an area that heavily favored Hillary Clinton and where residents have remained politically active since the election.

This, of course, is ridiculous. There are nice people all over the political spectrum. It would be foolish to marry someone diametrically opposed to your values, but sharing a flat with somebody and splitting the rent is a different story. But listen to the leftist whining over the possibility of having to talk politics with someone with a different point of view:

“I can’t live with someone who supports a ‘leader’ with those types of ideals,” Jessica, 32, a teacher who did not want her last name used because she feared harassment online, wrote in an email.

Which type of ideals, precisely? Trump is socially liberal. He’s not averse to big government. And just because somebody voted for Trump doesn’t mean he or she endorses everything Trump says or does. But she’s not the only leftist performing such extreme ideological vetting:

In one recent ad, a couple in the area who identified themselves as “open-minded” and liberal advertised a $500 room in their home: “If you’re racist, sexist, homophobic or a Trump supporter please don’t respond. We won’t get along.”

The best part of this particular ad is the open acknowledgment that you don’t have to be a racist, sexist, or homophobe to have voted for Trump – but you aren’t welcome if you voted for Trump nonetheless.

This is how today’s leftists think. If you voted differently from them, you must be cast out into the wilderness. Seek friends elsewhere. Seek acquaintances elsewhere. You are human refuse, and you must be banished from all human company.

There’s some irony here: the same people rip-roaring mad over the idea of extreme vetting for Muslim immigrants from terror-rich countries are using extreme vetting for their roommates to avoid having to talk with people who voted for Trump.

There is one problem for the left: there are a lot of people who disagree with them. If those people start applying the same rules, there won’t be much politics left, just a stark, unbridgeable gap that ends with the left out in the cold.

Or an ungovernable divide.



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