BOOM! Ben Shapiro Lays Waste To Vapid Leftist In Transgender Debate…

Ben Shapiro. Let’s just say when it comes to debating, he’s no novice. If you’re a liberal and faced with Shapiro in a debate, seek ye cover. A yarmulke-clad legend is he. Despite Shapiro’s reputation for obliterating every progressive argument, leftists continue lining up to get smacked down. Actual, literal lines. Gluttons for punishment. They’re also gluttons for carbs and Netflix binges, but that’s beside the point here. Focus.

Ben recently took a cerebral axe to a naive leftist over the issue of TEH TRANSIES…

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro used age to blow holes in the transgenderism argument during a recent appearance at Ferris State University in Big Rapids, Michigan.

Shapiro — after arguing with a young woman about how “gender is not disconnected from sex” — decided to pick a comparable category to prove his point.

“Let me ask you this. I won’t ask you how old – I will ask you how old you are, because you’re young enough that it’s probably not insulting to ask you,” he posed to the young woman, who responded, “I’m 22, so I’m probably a little bit naive, right?”

“No,” he continued. “Why aren’t you 60? Why aren’t you 60? Why can’t you identify as 60? What is the problem with you identifying as 60?”

“It’s not the same as gender,” the young woman countered. “You can’t just…”

“You’re right!” Shapiro shot back. “You can’t magically change your gender. You can’t magically change your sex. You can’t magically change your age.”

A civil disagreement…how rare is that. 🙂



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