Speed of Trump


I get 30 minutes for lunch. Not a second more. I get 2 15 minute breaks during the work day. Period.

I don’t get luxury 5-star cafes.

I am not an elitist high brow.

I’m also not scared shitless of a Liberal Media that wants me to fail. But you are.

Go ahead, procrastinate, nibble at the edges, act like an 8 year facing a plate of broccoli and  don’t get anything done.

Then the Democrats will come back in 2018 and eat YOU for lunch because you didn’t really do anything and the American People will vote you out and the opportunity to save this country will be lost.

Timidity will get you nowhere. But if doing what you promised all these years is too much for you, I’m sure we can find a replacement who will.

I’m sure the Democrats would be happy to oblige.




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