Obama’s Greatest Hits Vol III

Mind you, he was just spewing shit at stupid people to manipulate them. But if we are going to hold him to it, then he is the most unpatriotic president of the entirety of American History.

debt-1-17-17 1/17/17debt-1-3-171/3/17

As you can see it will hit $20 Trillion Dollars in the not to distant future (est. March 2017). Which the Left will say is “Trump’s Fault” because on Jan 21st EVERYTHING in human history that is bad will be “Trump’s Fault” or the “Republican’s fault”. That’s how Democrat’s roll.

Truth has little to do with it. And holding Obama to his own Rhetoric, well that’s just not “fair”, maybe even “racist”. 🙂

But one of Obama’s Legacy, besides, the buck stops everywhere except on his desk,  is the legacy of Debt, which all Liberals will still scream, “it was Bush’s fault”. Ignoring that they took over the Congress in it’s entirety BEFORE Bush left office and Bush being rather squishy let them.

CNN 10/2016): While the large increase in borrowing occurred “under Obama,” it’s an overstatement to blame Obama’s actions as the sole cause of the ballooning debt, according to the bipartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget.

The debt would have risen by $3 trillion because of tax and spending policies that were already in place. Plus, the Great Recession drove up spending on safety net programs, such as Medicaid and food stamps, without the president or Congress doing a thing.

And the Great Recession was “Bush’s Fault”. So the $9.3 Trillion Dollars spent while Obama was the Commander-in-Chief, which is more than any other President in history, isn’t his fault. 🙂

But the microsecond Trump takes over the Debt IS ALL HIS FAULT.

This is is how the Liberal game is played.

Lies, Damned Lies, and Democrats. 🙂

“Absent the work of President Obama this national debt would be even higher,” Pelosi said at her weekly briefing with reporters at the Capitol when asked about the increase in the federal budget under Obama. (4 days ago)

Health Care costs would have been higher, if it weren’t for ObamaCare. So what if it was supposed to save you $2500 but cost you $4000+ it would have been worse without their superiority and now that you don’t have it — Armageddon awaits you!

Their out-of-whack spending saved you money! 🙂

Cutting the rate of increase is savings.

This is how the game is played.

national-debt-under-obamaYOU DID BUILD THAT

just one more


Squishy Republican RINOs didn’t help, But that due to the poor leadership of fraidy-cat Jar Jar Boehner who was the worst person at the worst time.

Now we just have to hold the still squishy,self-servicing RINOs feet to the fire.


“A nation founded by Geniuses, now run by idiots” — Jeff Foxworthy.







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