And Your Mom Too.

Wow!  Mortality is a bitch! The fact that anyone of us can go at any second is a mental conceit we don’t allow ourselves too much to think about but WOW! what a couple of days.

Carrie Fisher passes on Tuesday.

Her mother has a stroke and passes away THE VERY NEXT DAY!

The Grim Reaper is quite a busy boy this week.

It reminds me that my time here is limited. The mental conceit we all have about tomorrow is just that, conceit.

For all I know I could die writing this blog. 🙂

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Carrie Fisher didn’t have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, so fans have taken over a blank sidewalk star to pay tribute to the late “Star Wars” actress.


“She brought the galaxy hope,” Thomas said in a Facebook live video. “She deserves a star, now she lives amongst them. She was the flame that lit the fire that burned the empire to the ground.

Political Cartoons by Steve Breen


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