Rachael Maddow: The sombre host told MSNBC viewers, as Mr Trump edged towards victory: “You’re awake by the way.

“You’re not having a terrible, terrible dream. Also you’re not dead and you haven’t gone to hell.

This is your life now, this is our election now, this is us, this is our country – it’s real.”

And the racism obsession, the Left is absolutely obsessed with “white people”:

Actress Jennifer Lawrence, star of “The Hunger Games” and the highest paid actress in the world, has just published an editorial about the recent presidential election.

Writing at Lawrence asks:

Is this the stark reality? It doesn’t matter how hard you work or how qualified you are, at the end of the day, you’re not a man? Is that what we just learned? This country was founded on immigration and today the only people that feel safe, that their rights are recognized and respected are white men.

Lawrence then encourages those who are disappointed that Donald Trump is the next president to work hard and “be loud” in support of multiculturalism, environmentalism and the gay agenda.

She concludes:

We’re all allowed to be sad that the present isn’t what we thought it was. But we mustn’t be defeated. We will keep educating ourselves and working twice as hard as the man next to us because we know now that it is not fair. It is not fair in the workplace, so you make it impossible to fail. And like Hillary, it might not work.

But like Hillary, you can still be an inspiration and get important things done. Do not let this defeat you—let this enrage you! Let it motivate you! Let this be the fire you didn’t have before. If you are an immigrant, if you are a person of color, if you are LGBTQ+, if you are a woman—don’t be afraid, be loud!

These are some truly sick people.

But I feel somewhat cheated because I could have had a meltdown and rioted in the street when Obama was elected and the Left…would have called me a Racist! 🙂

The more things change, the more The Left doesn’t.

But at least we have them pro-actively trying to get people employed:


And all those Celebrities who said they’d leave the country if Trump won are staying so all those people who serve them still have jobs.

America, it’s still here. 🙂


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