Post Trump Stress Disorder.

The little cherubs of “tolerance” and “diversity” couldn’t handle losing so they got all whiny and petulant.


Liberals take losing well. 🙂

According to ABC13, thousands have gathered in Chicago IL. outside of Trump Tower holding anti-Trump signs and chanting “not my president.” Reports say that the protests are largely peaceful, however the protest has taken up all six lanes of North Michigan avenue.


Virginia Tech, Georgetown University, and the University of Massachusetts, Boston are all among the many schools nationwide that are offering counseling services to students triggered by Trump’s election as president.


At UMass, students will even have the chance to let “Doggo, the therapy dog” soothe their troubles away.

“I hope that every person will take extra time today to consider this context and care for those around them. The strength of the Hokie community has long been notable but not every member of our community has felt they belong,” she wrote, adding that “today, this may feel almost insurmountable.”

“Following a divisive election, we know that many of you are experience a range of emotions today.”

Gee, no one on the Left wanted to give me hug after Obama cheated his way to a 2nd term.

I think it went something like “I Won” F*ck YOU!  🙂

“I want you to hear clearly that you are loved. You deserve wellness. You deserve to thrive. You deserve community,” she continued.

Smith then provided a list of “spaces” where students can congregate to grieve over the outcome of the election, even listing several counseling services that students and faculty can avail themselves of post-election.

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“Students can find support in Student Advocacy, Cook Counseling, and through your on-campus residence,” she explained, adding that “faculty and staff may seek support through the Employee Assistance Program.”

She concludes her email by affirming students that their “emotions are real,” noting that the school’s “community centers will be here if and when you’re ready.”

Students gathered on the campus of American University Wednesday to protest Donald Trump’s election, and several resorted to burning American flags to indicate their displeasure.

  • College students at several schools have started petitions urging their universities and professors to cancel classes in the wake of Donald Trump’s electoral victory, citing “emotional distress.”
  • Petitions have sprung up at Loyola University, Bryn Mawr University, and Johns Hopkins University, but so far none of the schools have acceded to the demands.
  • Students protesting President-Elect Donald Trump stormed the University of Michigan library in the wee hours of the morning yelling profanities at the librarian and students trying to study.
  • At least one protester also yelled profanities at police officers, and others allegedly planned to burn an American flag.

Pitt students chanted “No Trump, no KKK, no fascist USA!” while blocking streets and destroying public property after Donald Trump’s election victory.

  • In the wake of Donald Trump’s victory in the presidential election, some professors have taken to social media to demonize white men and bemoan the racism they see plaguing the country.
  • Others were openly fearful of what the election would portend, depicting a mob of “uneducated whites” carrying out Trump’s “anti-woman, anti-Semitic” agenda.


“I was already terrified of white men,” one professor at the University of Hartford, Erin Bartram, admitted, but explained that there’s not even “a word to describe how scared I am of them now,” noting that “they are so much worse than” she thought.

The lengthiest Trump-bashing of the night, though, came from professor Dan Tagliarina from Utica College, who posted is 14-post rant to his Twitter, saying he is “terrified” of Trump’s “naked, unabashed hate,” before saying the country cannot let democracy result in “hate” and “oppression.”

“Do not let hate, xenophobia, racism, sexism, and everything else prevail. Rule of law and love must win,” he added.

A pair of professors from University College, London also chimed in on America’s election night, with one saying that racism and sexism won the night.

“Uneducated whites [are the] highest category of Trump voters, but [there are] too many educate ones, too,” she contended.

I watched MSNBC yesterday for the first time in 4 years (I had to look up what channel it was because I had blocked it) and they were absolutely obsessed all day with “rural America” and “rural white America” and race and the saddest thing was that their cognitive dissodance was so deep and so ingrained they didn’t notice it.

Best Line of the day by MSNBC guest was about this being “the last generation of white majority” so that’s why they voted for Trump. 😦

The Left is full MELTDOWN!  Remember kiddies, you have to be a complete moron to disagree with a Leftist Liberal. 🙂

Political Cartoons by Glenn McCoy

Political Cartoons by Steve Kelley


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