This folks is why I’m a pessimist. Simple, I’m always pleasantly surprised when things don’t blow up in my face!

I have been planning this whole Queen Emperor Hillary thing for this blog for months.

Now, I don’t have to.

Oh, we still have a problem, in Donald Trump (and potentially Hillary again in 4 years), but that was the least bad choice.

Boy are the Liberals and The Media going to be PISSED!

I wonder how long before they start talking about voter fraud, since their voter fraud didn’t work.

The Impeachment proceedings and how “America sucks” and “everything sucks” and it’s all Trump’s fault begins anew. Does that mean “It’s Bush’s Fault” is now passe’?

Trump even burps the wrong way they’ll want to impeach him. And the “bimbo eruption” paid for by the Clinton Mafia is now recruiting.

He is scheduled to take office as the 45th President on January 20, 2017.

So would-be assassins can apply to The Clinton Foundation. 🙂  Character assassinations begins immediately.

And all those people who said they were heading for another country if he won better start packing! 🙂



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