A Dozen Days to Death Con 1

This week’s “Supergirl” was annoying. Mostly, because it was deliberately as Liberal polemic.

The President (played by Lynda Carter as a deliberate Hillary Clinton vibe- the Producers said so) comes to National City to announce her “Alien Amnesty” (space aliens in the show- illegal immigration in reality) and we gets lots of Liberal Talking Points about how nice and wonderful it all is to be accepted and included, yada yada…

Kara (Supergirl) is doing her first interview piece as a reporter. She interviews Lex Luthor’s sister who has taken over the company and plans on marketing an alien detector device (boo hiss!).

Kara rights an emotionally charged hit piece about the device. A “pro-alien” piece her boss calls rakes her over the coals for.

Now here’s where reality in the show breaks down.

Her boss gives a fiery speech about journalistic ethics and being unemotional. A very Just the facts approach. No bias.

This , of  course is how the Liberal Media thinks of itself as it writes overly emotional, bias-laden hit pieces about anything that isn’t on their Agenda.

This is the fantasy portion and it had me talking back to the screen about this not being reality. 🙂

And then the fantasy continues because at the end one of the aliens for an “alien bar” is the one trying to kill the President and it seems just because she’s bad.

So not all Aliens are good. Some are Bad.

Since when have Liberal actually admitted some Illegal Aliens (or Muslim Refugees) are bad and actually meant it? They can’t even say “illegal Immigrant” to begin with.

They don’t. Not on the Agenda.

So the reality of what the Liberals and Writers believe conflicted with the Fantasy of what they wrote. The Fantasy was what THEY think, not what they are.

It was quite a jarring episode because it showed just how delusional Liberals can be, even about Fantasies of their own polemics.

It’s scary.

If even Fantasy is a lying polemic for The Agenda when have a bigger problem. Liberals can’t even do Fantasy without writing in their own fantasies about them being wrong. That is the fantasy.

So some aliens are bad, it the price you pay for accepting everyone as they are.

Who cares if you could actually do something about it.

Yow… Houston, we have a Problem….

See also: http://www.newsbusters.org/blogs/culture/lindsay-kornick/2016/10/25/supergirl-promotes-alien-amnesty-slams-americas-xenophobic

Unlike last week’s episode, journalistic integrity is no longer a remarkable virtue to Kara, but a distraction that hides “objective” truths. I guess that’s the excuse other reporters would use to defend injecting their liberal bias into stories as well. Now, if only more editors would nip it in the bud like Snapper.

Kara supports amnesty because she is an alien refugee herself. Forget the fact that Alex remarks that she can count the number of good aliens they know on one hand “with two fingers to spare.” Forget that Supergirl fought off every single one of those endless bad aliens herself. And forget the fact that Kara also shows bias against an emerging Daxamite named Mon-El just because of the planet he came from. This is all about making history, and history doesn’t know common sense, apparently.

Some aliens are bad, but being “xenophobic” and wary of their intentions is worse in this universe. 

So Put on a happy face. It’s History in the Making.

Vote for History. Vote for Queen Hillary The First. The First Women President. Everything else doesn’t matter.



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