19 Days- The Death of Reason

This is the level of ignorant narcissism we are up against.

A few days ago Bernie Sanders was stumping for the woman who rigged the Primary in her favor at Northern Arizona University.

One cherub of brainless idiocy said effectively:

That she was voting for Hillary because she was the closest to Bernie in the race. If Bernie was in the race she wouldn’t even think twice about voting for Hillary. She really doesn’t like Hillary.

So she is going to vote for the person who rigged the Primary Election against her candidate because he’s not running. And he’s not running because the Primary was rigged by the candidate she’s voting for.

An alternative to a Democrat isn’t even a concept in her mind apparently.

And all that stuff Bernie said about Hillary during that rigged Primary, gone like dust in a sandstorm, blown away on the wind whistling through her brainless head.

That is the level of idiocracy we have now.

Stupidity has truly taken over the Earth.



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