Beauty is Racist

From the same hyper-SJW whacko types that brought you tanning is racist. Now, it’s beauty products.

Yes, you read that correctly. Beauty Products.

“The racial over-reaction…without first checking the facts of the situation is a stark example of how political correctness has warped the mindset of highly educated university administrators. Frankly, these are the people responsible for educating our sons and daughters, but they seem incapable of applying reason or common sense,” Whitewater senator Stephen Nass (Vice-Chairman of the Senate University and Technical Colleges Committee) said.

  • The students were wearing facial product that was darkly colored.
  • condemned officials at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater for declaring a picture of two students getting a facial as “a disturbing racist post.” 

Two University of Wisconsin-Whitewater (UWW) students were reprimanded last week in a campus-wide message by Chancellor Beverly Kopper for posting a picture to Snapchat wearing dark exfoliating masks that Kopper called a “disturbing, racist post.”

The image, posted to UWW’s Snapchat, shows two students in a dorm wearing dark facial skin care treatments. Kopper said that the students had no negative intentions with posting the photo and had expressed remorse, but “These are serious issues that must be addressed.”

“[T]hey need to drop these clowns on any Martin Luther in the hood so they can receive a universal beating.”  

“This post was hurtful and destructive to our campus community. While social media can certainly bring about positive change, it can also be a place that deeply hurts and harms others,” Kopper said in the campus-wide message.

“I think they’re taking it too far. They’re just trying to be innocent,” UWW student Nicole Rindy told WTMJ-TV

Following the posting of the photo, Kopper held an event called Pizza with the Chancellor, which drew about 80 students. The event, she promised, was the first of many.

“[The students] shared with me some truly upsetting stories about their experiences on campus, including the use of racial slurs and microaggressions,” Kopper said after the event.

“Feeding us isn’t going to solve it. Having more ‘pizza parties’ isn’t going to solve it,” Ju’Jaraw Singleton, a Black Student Union (BSU) member told WTMJ-TV.

Whitewater senator Stephen Nass issued a statement on Thursday condemning the officials at UWW for overreacting.

“The students shared a picture on social media showing them with the facial product on their faces and the material just happened to be black in color. The posting contained no racist statement,” Nass said.

This didn’t stop people from taking to Facebook to reprimand the school and the students for racism.

“I swear! I’m not surprised, look at their student body…over 9,000 white students and less than 500 black students….Of course racists and plain stupidity will be all in this student body,” said Alise Patterson.

“I’m so sick of shit like this…they need to drop these clowns on any Martin Luther in the hood so they can receive a universal beating,” Vincent Perez posted.

“WTF is wrong with you kids?” said the mother of a minority student at UWW. “Do I need to worry about his safety & the safety of his diverse circle of friends?”

In an interview with WTMJ-TV, Matthew Wade, a BSU member, suggested that, “[the students] need to have some sort of educational course.”

Kopper confirmed to Nass that the students will face no disciplinary actions, but called the picture, “a teachable moment.”

Along with Pizza with the Chancellor, Kopper enlisted the help of Tom Rios, the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, to form a group that will meet with students, research the issues, and work on developing an action plan to improve faculty and staff diversity

“The racial over-reaction…without first checking the facts of the situation is a stark example of how political correctness has warped the mindset of highly educated university administrators. Frankly, these are the people responsible for educating our sons and daughters, but they seem incapable of applying reason or common sense,” Nass said.

Chancellor Kopper did confirm to Nass that the university re-evaluated the situation this afternoon.  The Chancellor now confirms the students did nothing wrong and will face no punishment.

“UW-Whitewater failed to fully review the picture and its context prior to issuing a racially charged statement this morning.  The official statement misled students, parents, and the public by confirming that a racist event had occurred, even though it really hadn’t,” Nass said.

But that hardly stops SJW “outrage”…


A white, blond-haired Kansas State University student has been expelled from school after Snapchatting a photo of herself and a friend wearing black clay face masks with the caption “Feels good to finally be a nigga.”

Remember, kiddies, that black people can use that “slur” but White people can’t because THEN and ONLY THEN is it “racist”. 🙂

The young woman, Paige Shoemaker, posted the image to her Snapchat story, meaning it could be seen by any of her followers, on Tuesday night. But the trouble started when a fellow student, Desmund Weathers, posted the image to Twitter, where it swiftly went viral — prompting public outcry, a formal response from the university, and a Facebook apology by Shoemaker on behalf of herself and her friend, Sadie Meier.

Welcome to Kansas State University. Where breakfast in the morning is some K-State Family with a side of Racism.

Des: But I’m supposed to walk into my classes feeling completely comfortable with people on our campus who think like this?
The saddest part is I guarantee there are going to be so many people trying to defend her.
Then they want to allow “Conceal and Carry” on campus and I’m not supposed to be afraid for my life?
Yeah, it’s not like they are Muslims, or anything… 🙂

“We clearly understand that what was said and done was completely disrespectful,” she wrote, in part, in her Thursday post, since shared more than 1,300 times. “I did want to inform everyone that it was NOT ‘black face,’ but it was a L’Oréal clay facial mask. The signs that were thrown also is an inside joke between our friends that represents ‘West Coast is the best coast.’ We never intended for the picture to offend anyone.”

But wasn’t “no intent” what got Hillary off? 🙂

Shoemaker added, “We accept that there will be people who won’t forgive us, but something had to be said. Ask anyone who knows us, we are the most accepting and least racist people. We know that we will ride up and learn from this mistake. We will be better. … We know what we did was wrong.”

We will forever be cowed into silence by SJW’s and we will be good little slaves from now on. Ever fearful that their wrath will burn us again if we so much as even look cross at you.

Kansas State University interim associate provost for diversity Zelia Wiley addressed the situation with a post to the school’s website on Thursday. “On Sept. 15, the university received notice that a derogatory social message and photo was sent out via social media. The involved person is not currently enrolled at the university. It is our understanding the second individual in the photo is not associated with the university,” Wiley began. “This racially offensive photo with a derogatory message has upset the K-State family and is not in concert with our principles of community. Such messages on social media are harmful to all.”

She concluded, “As members of the K-State family, we should always visualize and work toward a safe, welcoming environment for our community. I and other members of the CCRT [Campus Climate Response Team] welcome the opportunity to speak with our affected students and employees as we continue create a culture of inclusion for the entire K-State family.”

Shoemaker, speaking on camera to local news station WGAL, said, “Well, I would’ve been a senior” before being kicked out of school. She then added, about her use of “nigga” in the caption, “That word just kind of happens in our friend group, ’cause we know … we’re a big family, so that word does not offend anyone in our group.”

Civil rights journalist Shaun King was among those who retweeted the image, without comment, spurring a lengthy dialogue on oppression, blackface, and racist intent.

“We then took the picture thinking that it would be okay. Our intent was NEVER to offend anyone.–Paige

But wasn’t “no intent” what got Hillary off?

In addition to getting booted from school, the young woman’s former sorority, Zeta Tau Alpha, made it clear she was no longer in the sisterhood. “While she did join the Beta Upsilon Chapter at Kansas State University in 2013, she has not been a member since spring 2015 and is no longer affiliated with the organization in any capacity,” a Facebook post noted about Shoemaker. “Her words and actions certainly do not reflect the values and principles of Zeta Tau Alpha. Our Creed teaches us to look for the good in everyone and to seek understanding in order to gain true wisdom.”

Hope the destruction of this life is worth your SJW piece of flesh…After all as said, “*Paige Shoemaker may have gotten a little too comfortable with her white privilege.” and forgot her place in the world, under the boot of the SJWs.


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