For the Children

Well , I saw my first Hillary campaign ad yesterday.

It was obnoxious, classless, and manipulative. It was also nothing but a personal attack.

But what else would you expect but a new low in ads from Democrats.

The end justifies the means.

The Democrat zombies will love it. They’ll be cheering and eating it up.

Using children as political weapons AGAIN…gee, that’s original.

How about your philandering Husband?

How about the “lying” families of Benghazi??

How about the socialist destruction of their children’s future??


How about the media could catch Hillary shooting someone on tape and they would defend, deflect, and discredit??


Didn’t think so.

How about how awful she would be for the country?


Just more “Vote for me, the other Guy is a *Bleep* asshole”

I like the implied accusation that Trump hits woman. That was a nice touch. Oh, and even more *Bleeps*.

But not a Bleach bit *bleep* anywhere in sight.

Well, it’s not a surprise.

When the ends justify the means any morals or ethics go out the window.

And it’s only going to get worse.

Remember this gem from 2011:

Since this ad was not originally targeted to Arizona I’m guessing that that report that said we’d be a “purple” state made her want to air it here.

Lucky us. All those California Liberal zombies invading and investing our state with their disease because they’ve ruined theirs.

Going to be a long 6 weeks.