The Sinner and The Sin

I’m somewhere between confused and depressed. I keep getting the standard Republican messages on Facebook about standing up to the Left’s Agenda and supporting the Constitution, et al. The same crap I’ve gotten for years that the Republican say every year but don’t follow through on. Much like the Democrat’s Fear campaigns and promises of “protection” from evil Conservatives that also don’t materialize.

That’s depressing.

Has it boiled itself down to just formuliac pablum to be fed to the masses every few years so that that the Elites can just go about doing whatever the hell they want that benefits them and throw the peasants a bone every once and awhile. But more likely, just engage in “Vote For me, the other guy/gal is a bigger asshole than I am”.

It no longer matters what you stand for because you only mean it during a campaign then you stand for yourself and what you want until the next time you have to convince the sheep to sheer themselves for your benefit.

Has it really come to this?

Where a hack athlete that makes $11 million dollars a year can have a petulant moment about not standing for the National Anthem (that apparently Millennials can’t even recite or even understand to begin with) to show his “support” for the “oppressed” when he’s bi-racial and a 1%er to begin with. So he makes a ham-fisted bid for attention, because he’s likely going to get cut anyways, but can walk way with millions anyways regardless so it’s largely symbolic and pointless. But it gets people all stirred up.

Sounds like Congress to me.

Paul Ryan on Facebook: “This election is a choice between our constitutional system of government & the liberal progressivism that seeks to replace it.”

While true, what has he or his Party done to advance a Constitutional System since taking power back in 2010?


One cow-tow to Obama and The Democrats after another. It cost Jar Jar Boehner his job.

So why should we believe you now?

Just because we KNOW what Hillary we will do we vote for you so you can do whatever the hell you want once you win — Most likely kiss Hillary Ass if she wins, and fight with Trump if he does.

How does that improve things?

Paul Ryan: “Republicans have a plan to promote growth and cut taxes so families can thrive.”

I’ve heard that tune before. And guess what happens every, single, MF*ing time? The Democrats scream and bitch that it’s for “the rich” and you cave faster than a chocolate dome with hot cream poured on it.

Nice Rhetoric. Correct Rhetoric. But we know you don’t have the balls.

Paul Ryan: “Republicans have a plan to fix our broken, overly complicated tax code.”

Plan# 6,847,342,175.

But you still don’t have the balls. Your pay master lobbyists and special interest buddies won’t like you. So better to just propose and put lipstick on that pig.

Paul Ryan: “This election is a battle of ideas.”

Yeah, the idea that the people chose a candidate you Elitist Washing ton Type don’t like so you’ll sabotage him in favor of the Most Corrupt Person on The Planet.

The idea that the people matter is not one of them.

Paul Ryan: “Obamacare customers in 9 states could see rate hikes as high as 30% in 2017.”

And that’s your fault. You had multiple chance to do something about this, but chose not to. And now you want to sabotage the candidate who would do something about this because your elitism is threatened.

So why should be we believe you?

I am still in the #NeverHillary camp but that doesn’t mean I don;t want to ask tough questions of the “other guy” in the “Vote for me, the other guy is an asshole” scenario that we repeatedly get nowadays.

I will not go gently.

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