For Whom The Bell Tolls…

I just saw “Air Force One” for the first time, a quaint 1997 action movie with Harrison Ford as the tough-as-nails President who kills terrorists and wins the day.

I am struck by how old-fashioned that is. How Politically Incorrect. How alien it is to now.

How depressed it makes me feel.

Especially when we have a President now who creates terrorists (Muslim Brotherhood, etc). He encourages them. He gives them Billions of Dollars in funding. He releases them back into the wild to kill again. He pays them off in secret and if you dare question him about it he will scold you for being “islamophobic” and get his Ministry of Truth to call you a racist and fear monger.

And then his chosen successor has the Father of the Orlando killer at her Rallies and you aren’t allowed to point this out because you’re just being partisan.

They use fear and intimidation to shut you down. Speaking the Truth is verboten.

A President who is thoughtcrime locked and can’t say “Radical Islam” and can barely even mention terrorism at all. For they are not terrorists to him. They can’t be, so they aren’t.

And anyone who disagrees with him must be silenced.

His political enemies are the only terrorists.

And millions of people want to vote for his successor.

Happily, with joy in their hearts.

This is how freedom dies.

For Whom the bell tolls…It tolls for thee…




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