Segregate Me! Censor Me!

A Massachusetts college allows students to reside in “identity-based” housing communities, provided they have a “unique social identity” that has “historically experienced oppression.”

“These residential spaces give support to members of our community with social identities that have been historically marginalized in this country, and strive to counter systemic oppression,” Hampshire College explains on its website, adding that its promotion of such living arrangements “arises from our commitment to fostering diverse, socially just, and inclusive communities.”

“[New groups] must be unified by a social identity (such as race, culture, gender, or sexual orientation).”   

An accompanying informational booklet further elaborates that “identity-based housing is an institutional structure designed to assist members of historically oppressed groups in supporting each other,” and “helps to create an added level of psychological comfort and safety for those who choose to live in those spaces, often providing the foundation for those students to be able to engage fully in the greater community.”

One section of the identity-based housing program consists of “permanent” mods, covering categories such as LGBTQQIAAP, Queer, Students of Color, and Women of Color. The “not-yet-permanent” mods include Marginalized Gender Identities, Asian Heritage, and Pan-Afrikan Diasporia [sic].

Students can also apply to establish new identity-based mods, though all such groups “must be unified by a social identity (such as race, culture, gender, or sexual orientation)” and “must currently experience or [have] historically experienced oppression within or outside the Hampshire community.”

Identity-based housing arrangements are part of Hampshire’s “intentional housing communities,” many of which are based on shared interests rather than demographic qualities, and all of which must hold two educational programs per semester related to their particular focus.

The Musician’s Mod, for instance, contains “a group of students who intend to create an inclusive, respectful, and encouraging environment for music lovers, creators, and listeners of all shapes and sizes.”

The Mindfulness Mod, meanwhile, fosters “a space where students support one another to be mindful and cultivate moment-by-moment, non-judgmental, focused attention and awareness.”

“Self-identified Womyn” can congregate at the Spiritual Womyn’s Mod, “a collective space to support and guide spiritual paths and encourage the mindful growth of the Hampshire community,” which advertises that “female and/or female self-identified continuing students [are] welcome to apply.”

Spokespersons for Hampshire College had not responded by press time to requests for comment from Campus Reform.

“We don’t need any more racist, sexist, xenophobic bigots here at Clemson. We already have enough,” the anonymous user continues. “I’ve already begun the protest planning—drums, whistles, posters, and chants.”-Clemson University Student.

Another WeRoar member, Alexander Cullen, aptly noted that college students are “traumatized” by the mere notion of free speech.

“Milo [Yiannopoulos] is a cultural litmus test,” Cullen told Campus Reform, asking, “If he comes to your campus to express and exercise free thought and students at that school are traumatized by that, what does that say about the intellectual maturity on that campus?”

“College students are unable to emotionally cope with ideas that conflict with their own,” fellow WeRoar member Kyle Brady added. “This has created a progressive movement nation-wide to limit free speech. Whether it be through safe spaces or vague speech codes, millennials have begun to strip themselves of their own right to free speech. Milo shatters this idea of self-restriction and sounds a wake up call to millennials across the nation.”

Which is why their thoughtcrime brains can’t handle it.

My greatest desire is for some world leader or another to completely remove the right to free speech from the people who disparage it, and then force them to explain why they deserve to have it back.
They’d still probably miss the irony. “–Kevin Dahmer.

They would indeed.