We Need More Quotas

The Left obviously thinks the only think we should have in life is a “fair” quota so that everyone is equal (but some more equal than others as you’ll see) and no one is “triggered” or feels bad.


anyway white supremacy manifests itself in many forms and this is a terrible one, it infects the minds of KIDS to hate their dark features. its so evil it hurts– Benny on Twitter.

A picture of the five blue-eyed White blondes was worth a thousand words.

A Thousand microagressions eating at your soul….

The top five Miss Teen USA finalists were Miss Texas Karlie Hay (who won the competition), second runner-up Miss South Carolina Marley Stokes, Miss North Carolina Emily Wakeman, Miss Alabama Erin Snow and Miss Nevada Carissa Morrow. Contestants competed in three categories: active wear, evening gown and interview.


As Chrissy Teigen put it … “Wow how can we choose from such a diverse bunch.”

So what we obviously need a quota, to be fair.

Stop evil white people, especially blondes, from winning.

It’s just not fair.

It’s not Diverse.

It’s, shall we say, “Racist” ? 🙂

The finalist must be more reflective of Diversity. So the first and most important criteria must be racial and ethnic diversity. We must have Blacks, Hispanics and Asians and then we can have the token White person who is not allowed to win to be “fair” to everyone else, of course.

Their White Privilege must be stopped immediately.

And then we can through in Lesbians also. They aren’t a race, but they are just as important to Diversity).

Then we’ll have a truly diverse and fair competition. 🙂

The Miss Teen USA needs to reassemble all the contestants and redo this year’s entire pageant — but this time with more women of color onstage and at the judges’ table … according to Miss Alaska‘s mom.

Ifeoma Isolokwu’s daughter, Nneamaka, was one of very few African-American contestants, and Mom’s not just upset Nneamaka didn’t win — she thinks it’s a disgrace there was only one minority in the top 15, period. Not to mention the now infamous blonde brigade in the top 5. 

Ifeoma says the only fair thing would be to hold the competition again with a more diverse judging panel. On Saturday night, 4 were white and one was Latina.

However, Sheila Wakeman — mom to Miss North Carolina Emily Wakeman — thinks the lack of diversity claims don’t hold up. She believes the top 5 all made it on merit.

MERIT! That’s evil!! Are you kidding me!! Are you crazy!

What are you, a racist or a bigot? 🙂

Keep in mind, her daughter was 1st runner-up. (TMZ)

So it’s just your “White Privilege” showing then. 🙂

It’s so obvious we need a quota. The Finalists must include at least 1 Black, 1 Hispanic, 1 Asian, and at least one other minority of choice. A White person should only be considered if their is no other option with the stipulation that they are not capable of winning.

Just to be fair. 🙂

Look at Miss USA…

miss usa

No White Privilege here.

That’s they way it should be… right? 🙂





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