Europe Is Dead

EUROPE is “at the end of its existence” following a summer of terror and the EU’s free movement policy, an ex-Polish counter-terror officer has warned.

And guess who’s not far behind– Obama & Hillary. 🙂

Belgium, France, Germany and more have taken in the “Immigrants” and “refugees” and guess what happened?

But I’m just a “racist”,”isolationist”, and “islamophobic”.

Ami I?

Former Central Bureau of Investigation officer Jacek Wrona gave a damning forecast about the future of Europe, claiming people have lost faith in the political system.

Speaking on a Polish chat show, he said: “The worst problem for the police service is political correctness.

“Europe is at the end of its existence.

“Western Europe is practically dead. These people live in a void, without ideas. And then come along the young, who only want to make money, as once did the barbarians.”

Wrona was joined by military history academic Dr Rafal Brzeski who blasted Angela Merkel in the wake of a spate of terror attacks in Germany.

He said: “The Germans have had enough of this, which does not mean the government has had enough. These are two different approaches”.

Wrona condemned the European Union’s free movement, claiming it had allowed for the free movement of illegal ex-Soviet weapons from Eastern to Western Europe.

He said: “The whole Balkans are flooded with weapons, and from the Balkans have come two million people.

“Together with them came arms dealers, gangsters, drug dealers. Buying a Kalashnikov in Bosnia and Herzegovina is as it was with us after the war. You can buy one for peanuts”.

Not to mention ISIS. 🙂

The scathing attack comes as thousands of people took to the streets of Berlin to protests against the German Chancellor’s open door policy.


Thousands took to the street of Berlin to protest against Merkel’s leadership

Crowds gathered in Washington Square on Saturday and vented their fury at Merkel’s leadership of the country.

Holding banners reading “Merkel must go” and “The queen of smugglers. Merkel must leave”, crowds flocked to the public square while the hashtag #Merkelmussweg is being used by protesters online.

Five attacks have taken place in Germany since July 18, leaving 15 people dead, including four attackers, and dozens injured.

But Obama is doubling down on his agenda and Hillary is going to double that.

Makes you wonder if bring in terrorists under the guise of “guilt” immigration wasn’tt he plan all along?

What better way to destroy a country from the inside and destroy it’s Constitution.


Especially one you created.

Germans protesting against Merkel's migration policyGetty

Thousands took to the streets of Berlin last weekend, in protest at the country’s migration policy

you can never exclude the possibility that there are dangerous people among the asylum seekers

Gee, who’s said that before? Every Intelligence Agency in this country, and Donald Trump.

We’re all racists, of course. 🙂


Professor Kay Hailbronner, chair of Immigration & Asylum Law Research Centre, University of Konstanz

Professor Kay Hailbronner, chair of the Immigration & Asylum Law Research Centre at the University of Konstanz, warned: “With the increase of numbers of asylum seekers naturally the security risk increases, because you can never exclude the possibility that there are dangerous people among the asylum seekers as well.”

Government checks on migrants are often limited to taking the name and country of origin of asylum seekers and it would be better for them to be screened before arriving in Germany, according to Professor Hailbronner.


The comments by Professor Hailbronner, who sits on the Advisory Board of the German Federal Office for Migration and Refugees, come at a time when German Chancellor Angela Merkel is under increasing pressure over her ‘open door’ immigration policy. (UK Express)

But not to worry, WHEN the terrorist strike in this country no one will be allowed to connect the dots. That would be Politically Incorrect. 🙂


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