To Not Serve & Disrespect

More for the “tolerance” and “diversity” crowd…

From Recently there has been a rash of people who are fed up with the police state whom have begun using the only position of power they have, in their own workplace, to send a message to cops. While media and political pundits tout the myth of a War on Cops, there is a real battle taking place that is not violent, but the result of a new ideological momentum that thwarts the shackles of authoritarianism. The serfs, as it were, are rising up and refusing to participate. The refusal of service to LEO’s might be one of the most powerful trends yet to surface in the fight against the police state.

So it is of little surprise that those who have been forced into soulless service industry jobs by oligarchal economic paradigms for very little reward are starting to fight back.

Police represent not just a poor return on their forced investment, but are also the whip-bearers working on behalf of the economic powers that have created this endless cycle of consumption for profit. When the working poor pour out into the streets to fight the forces of their oppression, who will be there with rubber bullets, tear gas and paddy wagons…or worse? The police are not just more harsh on you the poorer that you are They are the thin blue line that protects the ruling class by keeping you in your place. Police are the Uncle Toms on the plantation of the modern working poor. They are the sellouts who serve to create a barrier between the few who have us all enslaved on some level.

Someone swallowed a Marxist dictionary… 🙂

MRC and Others: There seems to be a pattern these days. Just Google “police denied service at restaurant” and you’ll get hundreds of thousands of results. On July 14, an officer was denied service at Lucky Teriyaki in Sedro-Woolley, Wash. On July 16, an officer was denied service at a Taco Bell in Phenix City, Ala. On July 19, an officer was denied service at Genghis Grill in Dallas.

A Miramar police officer says he was refused service at a Sunoco service station and convenience store.

Sheriff Reichardt said four Skagit County deputies were finishing up lunch at Lucky’s Teriyaki and as two of them went to pay, the owner came out and asked that they not eat there any more. The deputies said the owner told them the customers didn’t like law enforcement there.

Not believing what he was hearing, Sheriff Reichardt asked his Chief Deputy to go speak to the owner and confirm the story. Sheriff Reichardt said not only did the owner repeat the request, but asked that the Sheriff’s Office spread the word to other law enforcement officers that they were also no long welcome.

Most recently, on Monday, a police officer was denied service in Alexandria, Va., when the chef refused to cook for the uniformed woman.

An Alabama police officer says workers at a fast food restaurant refused to serve him when he went through the drive-thru in his police cruiser. It happened at a Krystal restaurant in Irondale.

The police chief says the officer waited in at the drive-thru window for ten minutes. When no one helped him, the officer went inside to order. But the police chief says the workers who were inside walked away.

The good news is that in each case the owners apologized and pledged their support for the police while the offending employees were fired. But unfortunately, hatred of the police is affecting every aspect of their daily lives.

A Northern Virginia police officer was denied service at a Noodles & Co. in the latest episode of anti-cop animosity at restaurants across the country.

A woman working as a cook Monday night at an Alexandria location told the cashier loud enough for the officer to hear, “You better pull me off the line, because I’m not serving that,” officials with the Alexandria Police Department told WTTG-TV.

The cook motioned at the officer, and she and the cashier started to laugh. The officer, a woman wearing her uniform while standing in line behind a family, simply told them “I guess you don’t want my money,” and left.

She reported the encounter to her supervisor. Noodles & Co. executives announced Wednesday that they had fired two workers over the incident, and APD Chief Earl Cook paid a visit to the Duke St. location of the fast casual noodle chain.

Ohio police officer hospitalized after glass found in sandwich

“These are very difficult times right now in our relations with everyone,” Cook told the TV station. “And to have one of my officers treated in that manner unnecessarily, your first response is anger.”

Representatives for the company said in a statement that they “concluded the two team members in question acted inappropriately and we immediately terminated their employment.” Noodles & Co. executives also apologized “for the inexcusable actions of these individuals” to the officer who tried to eat at the restaurant Monday night, they said.

“Further, we want to extend our apologies to the entire Alexandria Police Department for the comments made by our team member,” Noodles & Co. executives said. “We have the utmost respect for law enforcement officials and value the relationship we have built with the local Alexandria Police Department over the years.”

The encounter followed a series of incidents shortly after the Dallas police ambush involving police officers who felt restaurant customers and staff treated them less than respectfully.

Wash. restaurant owner blames language barrier after banning cops

A Columbus, Ohio officer was hospitalized last week after biting into a sandwich laced with glass at a cafe, though investigators don’t believe the glass was placed there on purpose. Earlier this month, staff at a North Carolina Zaxby’s fried chicken heckled two Cleveland County sheriff’s deputies and covered their food with extra spicy hot sauce.

Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook visited the business the day after the incident. The department plans to hold a meeting with employees at the eatery.

Alexandria Police Chief Earl Cook visited the business the day after the incident. The department plans to hold a meeting with employees at the eatery.

(FOX 5)

A man at a diner outside Pittsburgh refused to sit next to a group of four police officers eating at the restaurant. One of the officers later paid for the man’s dinner because the officer said he wanted to show the man that “we’re not here to hurt you.”

Back in Virginia, Noodles & Co. managers have agreed to post “Blue Lives Matter” stickers on the front of the business to show support for local officers. APD officials plan to hold a meeting with employees at the eatery, and they posted on Twitter after a user mentioned a possible boycott.

“Please, APD does not support any crime related to this unfortunate incident, or even a boycott,” APD officials said. “Take the high road!”

A McDonald’s worker in Texas was fired Wednesday after refusing to provide service to a police officer, CBS Houston affiliate KHOU-TV reports.

The owners of the McDonald’s franchise in Brenham said the actions of their employee were completely unacceptable, and police said it was the right thing to do.

“Nobody deserves to be treated like that,” Brenham Police Chief Craig Goodman told the station.

Similar incidents have been reported at a Taco Bell in Alabama, a Whataburger in Texas and an Arby’s in Florida.

For an off-duty Brenham police officer, a trip to get a burger and fries with his two children made him a target.

“She said, ‘I’m not going to serve law enforcement,’ and turned away and walked away from him,” said Goodman. “She refused to provide service.”

“The same lady that refused the officer, if somebody breaks into her house, who’s she going to call?” a man asked. “She’s going to call the police department.”

Will they show her the same “courtesy” and refuse service?  🙂