One Nation Divided

We seem to have quite a few “brain-dead” folks out there in cyber-space. Especially on Twitter. Which is probably why I don’t Tweet.

The latest appears to be Kalen Rahim who definitely has a few brain cells missing after she actually tweeted “All you Worcester gangsters and what not. You clearly have a mission on Wednesday. Kill Donald Trump.”

A local blog, TurtleBoy Sports posted an article about disrupting a scheduled Trump event in Worcester. “The Donald was scheduled to speak to yet another standing-room only crowd, with another 3,000 outside who just couldn’t fit, which prompted Rahim’s stupid “assassination” threat, and which ultimately got back to her employer, Explore Talent, who gave her the boot, firing her from her job.

However as stated this young lady has more than a few “brain cells” missing and of course one stupid act, apparently isn’t enough therefore another is required by actually calling the police to complain about her firing, and apparently wanted to file some type of complaint…really!

Obviously it never dawned on Kalen that making an assassination threat on a presidential candidate is a federal crime, punishable by lots and lots of years in prison.

It was also revealed that Rahim has been involved in “Black Lives Matter” protests in Massachusetts and elsewhere over the past year, and perhaps that should explain the reason for those missing “brain-cells”. (Washington Weekly)

I’m sure she can get a nice cushy job being a paid protestor and agitator. Make her parents proud and she can ACT like a spoiled brat.

Steve Crowder:

Dear Black Lives Matter and all of its racist, anti-cop, fact-hating constituents…

Where does one even begin when it comes to pointing out your hateful suckage? We could start with your support of white genocide (see Black Lives Matter Founder Tweets About ‘Killing White Folk.’ and #BlackLivesMatter Idiot Caught Tweeting ‘Master Plan’… About Killing All Whites). Or your chilling desire to re-segregate the populace. Is it any wonder that over 100k people have desperately implored the White House to label you a terrorist group? You’ve already given us plenty of proof of your racism, but that’s old news. It’s your cop-killing rhetoric that’s becoming the real problem here.

In the past month alone there’ve been multiple organized attacks on police. First there was Dallas, then there was Baton Rouge, and then there was Baton Rouge… again. Two separate incidents connected by the same moronic, violent ideology. An ideology with which I’m sure you’re well acquainted. See, it’s Black Lives Matter who resorts to violence in times of distress. Ever notice how your “peaceful protests” end in riots and death? You’re the ones breaking windows and tossing flaming dumpsters through your neighbors shops every time you get angry. You’re the ones sniping cops when a trial doesn’t go the way you think it ought to. Because #HandsUpDontShoot… Unless you’re wearing a badge. Isn’t that right?

OH, and the BLM activists who think the Dallas shooter is a Hero for killing White Cops. Yeah, that shows your “tolerance” and “compassion”

Does it sound like I’m pinning the blame for these deaths squarely on your shoulders? That’s because I am. It’s you, Black Lives Matter, who has taken the rare actions of a few and applied them to a whole. Among educated groups, we call that “generalizing.” You’d likely more easily recognize it as “prejudice.” Remember that word?


You saw the deaths of Freddie Gray ( 4 Cops acquitted so far) and Philando Castile and were frustrated. Was there room to be? Sure. But you didn’t wait for the facts. Instead, you flew off the handle, shouting from the rooftops that all police are racist. That they cannot be trusted. That they must be brought to justice. When justice was served in a real court of law however, you said it wasn’t justice at all. So guess what happened next? They were “brought to justice.” Your way. Just like you wanted.


To us “racist” non-police-hating folk, that phrase doesn’t sit well. See, for us, justice doesn’t equate to murdering innocent people. That’s something you claim to believe too. But shhhh, not really. 😉

The thing is, you’ve picked a niche issue to be upset about and ignored a plethora of other equally relevant statistics. You know, like the fact that black men kill over 4,000 other black men annually. No justice, no peace, right? Well… no facts, no argument.

While you’re busy picketing for pedophiles, people (police) are being unfairly targeted because of the generalizations lobbed at them by… you. Say, isn’t that exactly what you’re supposed to be outraged about?

ElmoShrug GIF

We’re beyond the niceties of giving you the benefit of doubt. No more games. You gave the police an ultimatum: you’re either for #BlackLives or you’re against them. Law enforcement didn’t give you the answer you wanted. The result? More dead cops, with the body count still growing as each day passes. So here’s your ultimatum, Black Lives Matter: you’re either for peace or you’re against it. So far… it’s looking like you’re against it. Queue riots and dumpster fires.

Are you angry yet? Good. You should be. But not with me. You should be furious with your peers. They made your group look like a bunch of one dimensional, raging, mouth-breathing troglodytes. Also, be angry with yourself. For letting them. You’re the ones who stood (and are still standing) in solidarity with murderers after the fact. You let the Dallas shooter – and the Baton Rouge killer – use your identity, and your mission, to murder. Afterwards? Nary a protest to be seen for the dead cops. Not even the black one.

If you can flood the streets with protestors and rioters and block highways for unfortunately slain criminals… why can’t you even cobble together a vigil for one cop? One dead, black cop.

50 years from now people will look back on the BLM movement as a black dot in the books of American history. You will be an unfortunate footnote, a stepping stone in the way of true American progress. Hm. Maybe there will be some justice after all?

The president of Black Lawyers for Justice — who’s a former leader of the New Black Panther Party, Malik Shabazz:

Megan Kelly asked Shabazz if he thinks white people are “inherently evil.”

He replied that “your policies and your actions are evil.”

MLK he is not. More Malcolm X or worse…

The first African-American woman to be crowned Miss Alabama stirred up a lot of controversy when she called the man who shot and killed five Dallas police officers a “martyr.”

“I’m dealing with a bit of guilt,” she said, because “I value human life. and I want to feel sad for them, but I can’t help but feeling like the shooter was a martyr.”

According to police, 34-year-old Kurt Vanzuuk of Norwalk posted on his Facebook page that the Dallas shooter was a hero. Police say the post also called for police officers to be killed.

So, yeah, I’m sympathetic… 🙂


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