Bait and Hook

Katie Keiffer:

Giving Millennials discounts on Lyft rides is the newest attempt to bait them into subsidizing a substandard healthcare system.

Next Coupon, A Groupon Discount…

Last Tuesday, federal health officials pronounced a sneaky plan to scrutinize the tax records of young people ages 18-34 and compile a list of those who paid the penalty rather than signing up for Obamacare.

Federal officials admitted they plan to use this list to target Millennials with emails and enticements to pressure them into joining Obamacare. Sweeteners to be dangled like bait in front of Millennials include reduced fares with the hipster rideshare service known as Lyft.

“Insurance companies need robust enrollment of healthy young people to balance the costs of caring for older, sicker adults, who signed up in droves for insurance under so-called Obamacare,” reports the Associated Press.

Thanks to Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber, we now know this administration relied on the so-called “stupidity of the American voter” and a “lack of transparency” to pass the Affordable Care Act.

I don’t care what Jonathan Gruber thinks. My Millennial peers and I are not mindless fish that will gobble up hooks as long as they hold juicy worms.

I diasagree. I think that Liberals have trained them for it. That’s why they cynically want to use this method to appeal to their greed.

Millennials are being bullied into shouldering the burden of crony healthcare reform.

Yes, they are. They are also being told that they have to vote for the “woman” for President because the evil rich white male is a bad.

And the Sheeple are following it.

Instead of increasing affordability, the Affordable Healthcare Act raised premiums and penalties for young people. The law also dramatically reduced our healthcare options.

It was NEVER about affordability. It was about CONTROL. Still is.

Monthly healthcare premiums jumped 30 percent for young women and 73 percent for young men between 2013 and 2014 alone. Which helps explain why some 12.7 million Millennials are still uninsured—and Millennials now comprise 45 percent of all taxpayers paying a penalty or claiming an exemption—up from 30 percent of all taxpayers in 2014.

You assume The Democrats actually care…The Agenda is The Agenda.

Young and healthy—and also unemployed, underemployed, or in massive college debt—millions of Millennials chose to pay the $325 penalty in 2015 rather than overpay for insurance they wouldn’t use.

But that’s not their fault, according to The Left. That’s the fault of evil capitalists. Your a “victim”. it’s not “fair”.

Of course it’s not. But the Democrats are hardly going to tell their sheeple that they are the Wolf in their own hen house.

In 2016, the penalty for not having health insurance increases to $695. Unfortunately, many Millennials don’t realize that they can legally avoid paying the penalty and get a form of emergency health protection by being a good-standing member of a healthcare sharing ministry. (I’ve done so for the past two years.) We all need to help educate Millennials so they know they have legitimate alternatives to being used as political pawns.

The Democrats don’t want you to think so.Neither does the Liberal Media or Education Establishment that has a vested political interest in making sure you’re as narcissistic as possible.

I explain in my chapter titled “Young and Hellthy,” how presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton conjured up Hillarycare long before Obama invented Obamacare. Her version of Obamacare—which she pushed as first lady while her husband Bill was president—flopped because drug companies launched a major ad campaign to fight the legislation. Voters had a chance to see what was in Hillarycare before it passed, and consequently it didn’t pass.

But yet, here it comes again and Millenials are “Excited” by it or “scared” of Trump (same difference to Democrats).

They are a means to an end. Period.

In contrast, as Jonathan Gruber conceded, President Obama succeeded in passing Obamacare through a lack of transparency. Obama’s administration claimed to be improving healthcare for Americans while working behind closed doors to broker deals with Big Pharma—regardless of whether doing so would raise healthcare premiums and decrease the quality of patient care. 

They didn’t care. They Agenda was The Agenda. Then end justifies the means. Still does, to them.

“British and Canadian healthcare systems work great, why are you worried?” someone might counter. Actually, socialized healthcare doesn’t work so well for Brits or Canadians. 3.4 million Brits were on medical waiting lists as of the summer of 2015—up 36 percent from 2010—according to Sally Pipes, president of the Pacific Research Institute.

No wonder Brits eagerly voted to exit the EU last week! They’re tired of a broken and corrupt political system. Also according to Pipes, every year at least 52,000 Canadians come to the United States for medical treatment and Canadians wait for care “97 percent longer than they did in 1993.”

Progressives need to rethink their regressive healthcare schemes. Meanwhile, my Millennial friends, don’t take the bait.

Progressive will not re-think anything. They aren’t capable of that. They have Sanctimony, Ego, Narcissism, and tenacity of an Pit Bull with it’s jaws locked around your throat on their side. They see no reason to change there Holy Mission.

“Proof Denies Faith, and without Faith I am Nothing”– Douglas Adams.

Progressive Liberals have faith in their own Egos. They possibly be wrong. About anything. Ever.

Their universe…Their Reality…Just doesn’t work that way.