Reality Check


Robert Gehl writes that when you live in a liberal ideological fishbowl – protected from petty annoyances like reality and common sense, these are the ideas you come up with:

Is Islamophobia Accelerating Global Warming?

This talk examines the relation between Islamophobia as the dominant form of racism today and the ecological crisis.

That’s the actual title of a lecture at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, where they’re apparently discussing whether or not a prejudiced view of Islam and its followers is contributing to man-made climate change.


Professor Ghassan Hage at the University of Melbourne will discuss the “relation between Islamophobia as the dominant form of racism today and the ecological crisis,” The Daily Caller is reporting.

“It looks at the three common ways in which the two phenomena are seen to be linked: as an entanglement of two crises, metaphorically related with one being a source of imagery for the other and both originating in colonial forms of capitalist accumulation,” according to the lecture’s webpage. “The talk proposes a fourth way of linking the two: an argument that they are both emanating from a similar mode of being, or enmeshment, in the world, what is referred to as ‘generalised domestication.’”

This is not the first time – nor will it be the last – that anything that emanating from America will be tied to the pseudo-science of climate change. If Congress made the “Hokey Pokey” the “Official National Children’s Song” and tube socks the “Official National Soft Footwear,” liberal academics would come out with a report suggesting those, too, were responsible for the sea levels rising and the glaciers melting.


Hage’s lecture is not the first attempt to tie global warming to colonialism or social justice theories. For years, activists have seen global warming as an opportunity to promote their own social theories.

MIT is hardly the only top-tier college to promote global warming in an odd way. The University of Virginia hosted a ballet to raise awareness about global warming last Wednesday and there’s a powerful movement among activists to divest college endowments from conventional energy sources.

According to MIT’s webpage, Hage studies “the comparative anthropology of nationalism, multiculturalism, diaspora and racism and on the relation between anthropology, philosophy and social and political theory.”

When you exist in a bubble and there’s nobody to tell you: “Hey, that’s a pretty dumb idea,” this is the kind of nonsense you come up with.

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