Team Cap

In light of the crap decision by Marvel to decide that Capt. America was a HYDRA agent all along and given the pronounced sanctimony coming from the Left about everything moral so they can destroy it and replace it with Government enforced “morals” and the Thought Police.

Captain Hydra is a nickname given to the Marvel Comics superhero Captain America in the light of the shocking plot twist that Steve Rogers, the original alter ego of Captain America, has long been a covert agent of HYDRA, the terrorist-paramilitary organization, as revealed in the first issue of Marvel’s comic book series Captain America: Steve Rogers released in May 2016.

Team Cap  (I’m getting nothing but a T-shirt I paid for from this plug)

Captain America is “not just another superhero. He wears the colors of the nation and he’s meant to represent and reflect what the national dialogue is at any given point,” book’s editor, Tom Brevoort said.

That national “dialogue” being that every Liberal whacko idea is good and everything else, especially an old white guy who’s a patriot, is evil and we all just need “tolerance” and “diversity” lessons on the 31 Genders and how not to offend anyone (aka a Liberal).


Oh and didn’t you hear about this one:

The social justice agenda has reared its ugly head yet again and this time it’s a viral stunt asking Marvel to, “Give Captain America a boyfriend”.

(Elsa from “Frozen” is also a target for this lately)

And, of course, if they don’t, they are “anti-gay” “bigots” after all.

That’s your “national dialogue”. Do whatever the looniest Leftist wants or  you’re a “bigot” or a “racist”. End of Discussion.

Do as we say or else!

That’s some “dialogue”.





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