The Trump Card

I am not a fan of Mr. Trump. I said he’s “The Apprentice: America” Season 1.

My man was Cruz. For a lot of Constitutional reasons.

But that doesn’t matter anymore. The America of our Founders and my Youth is no more.

Dennis Miller: As I’ve said, I now live as an expatriate in another country that used to be my own.

It has to be #NeverHillary. We can’t have The Queen of Disunited States of Northern Mexico and he corrupt “borderless” world. We just can’t.

But I fear it’s inevitable. The forces that have been planning this for years are massing.

The Media wants here.

The Sheeple are lining up to be sheared (probably 1 in every 2 former-Americans). The Preferred Americans sure will be. The Unions certainly are. The Globalist Elite (from both parties) definitely are.

Dennis Miller: In all honesty, I can say that I’ve predicted Hillary Clinton would be the next President since the morning after the last Presidential election. Not because I like her, not because she’s competent, principled, honest or decent but because she perfectly represents the values, intellect and desires of present-day America. Swallow bitter pills with a champagne cocktail and get outta the way. It’s coming and it’s going to be brutal.

Don’t kid yourself. At this point, any vote for anyone that is not Donald Trump is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Also, both Presidential boxes left blank is a vote for Hillary Clinton because as mindless as Liberals can be even they don’t enter into suicide pacts with that petulant, whiny part of themselves. As that is your wont, fine…do it! But don’t bullshit yourself. You’re electing Hillary Clinton because you want to elect Hillary Clinton.

Ah fuck it, who wants pie? 🙂



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