The Sanctimony Tour Continues

2016’s hottest Concert Ticket, “The Sanctimony Tour” where you sell tickets to a concert then cancel it because of “deeply held” Personal beliefs that everyone in North Carolina is a bigot and you get your Sanctimony on!

personal beliefs

Pearl Jam has cancelled their upcoming show in Raleigh, North Carolina to protest the newly-passed “bathroom bill.” The band was scheduled to play on Wednesday.

A statement released to the band’s website said they were “frustrated” by the situation and they hope to return to North Carolina one day.

It is with deep consideration and much regret that we must cancel the Raleigh show in North Carolina on April 20th.

This will be upsetting to those who have tickets and you can be assured that we are equally frustrated by the situation.

The HB2 law that was recently passed is a despicable piece of legislation that encourages discrimination against an entire group of American citizens. The practical implications are expansive and its negative impact upon basic human rights is profound. We want America to be a place where no one can be turned away from a business because of who they love or fired from their job for who they are.

It is for this reason that we must take a stand against prejudice, along with other artists and businesses, and join those in North Carolina who are working to oppose HB2 and repair what is currently unacceptable.

We have communicated with local groups and will be providing them with funds to help facilitate progress on this issue.

In the meantime we will be watching with hope and waiting in line for a time when we can return.

Perhaps even celebrate.

With immense gratitude for your understanding,

Pearl Jam

Bruce Springsteen, Bryan Adams, and Cirque Du Soleil have also canceled performances in protest to laws concerning LGBT rights. In contrast, British band Mumford and Sons decided to perform in North Carolina and donate the profits to an LGBT charity. So did Cindy Lauper.

When will the cheap, taudry, politically correct Sanctimony end?

When they control everyone and everything at all times. Then  you won’t even be allowed to think anything else.



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