Harvard Offense

More Tales from the Crybaby Generation…The land of “tolerance”, “diversity” and “inclusion”… 🙂

Rachel Huebner, a staff writer for the Harvard University Crimson, talked to Megyn Kelly of Fox News about her concerns that students at Harvard (and in general) are becoming close-minded towards others’ opinions.

She cited the incident in question, where a Harvard student who hung an American flag in his dorm room was asked by his roommate to remove said flag. Why? The flag “represented a political statement” the roommate was “not willing to make.” In the video, Huebner discusses how this incident is exemplary of a larger, more important issue: the issue of free speech vs. the right to offend. She expresses her feelings that Harvard students are quick to label anything “offensive” if it does not agree with their worldview, and points to several different examples.

This isn’t by any means the first time free speech vs. the freedom to offend has been debated. Aside from the incidents at Harvard University, a protest of a Marine’s funeral by the Westboro Baptist Church drew fire from the deceased’s father for being inappropriately timed. Fox News Insider reported on the article Huebner wrote for the Crimson, wherein she stated her feelings that free speech was slowly dying on college campuses in the name of political correctness.

“I used to believe that open discourse was a value all Americans hold dear. I presumed that when asked about what makes America so unique, many Americans would respond that our pluralistic society is the foundation of so much of our success. That it was understood that without a marketplace of ideas, our society simply could not flourish.

“But then I started college.”

Huebner goes on to state that being presented with multiple viewpoints and dissenting opinions is essentially the whole point of an education. She expresses her concerns that Harvard professors may be too worried about their students’ feelings and thus will shelter them from opinions that conflict with the students’ own ideas. Perhaps one of the more extreme cases of hypersensitivity at Harvard was the story of a pro-choice student who found out her fellow students’ positions on abortion so that she could avoid sitting near pro-life learners.

This issue also brings into mind debates over whether it is free speech or offensive to burn the American flag, and will likely remain a hotbed issue for some time. Perhaps author Salman Rushdie summed it up best when he said, “Without the freedom to offend, freedom of speech ceases to exist.” (Townhall)

Black Lives Matter protesters burned an American flag Wednesday night after the announcement that no officers would be charged in the death of Jamar Clark. The flag burning was not well received by some of the other protesters who stuck to signs and chants that justice prevail for Clark.

Hennepin County attorney Mike Freeman said Wednesday that DNA evidence verified the cops’ claim that Clark had his hand on the officer’s gun during the struggle that led to Clark’s death. (DC)


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