Green Doh!

D’oh! Bernie Sanders’ Climate Change Agenda Would Actually Increase Carbon Emissions ‘Dramatically’

Sen. Bernie Sanders is a green warrior. That much is clear, but his environmental agenda would be an absolute disaster…for those in the climate change camp. For starters, he wants to tackle natural gas and nuclear power. Nuclear power is responsible for 20 percent of America’s energy. Remove that from the equation with no equitable alternative that could meet the former’s energy needs, and you have to resort to resources that already have an extensive infrastructure. That would be coal—the boogeyman of the environmental left. Foreign Policy delved into Sanders’ paradoxical energy policy and how it has been applied elsewhere in the world, which experienced the same results: higher carbon emissions.

Wouldn’t those proposals drive the country back to coal and oil, and actually undermine your fight against global warming?” Errol Louis, one of the debate moderators, asked Sanders during Thursday’s [April 14] debate in Brooklyn, New York.“No, they wouldn’t,” Sanders shot back. He called for a massive increase in the use of renewable energy, especially solar power, and said that if the United States took the climate threat as seriously as it did the Nazis in World War II, the country could in a few years radically transform its entire energy system.


Third Way crunched the numbers and found that getting rid of nuclear power means U.S. carbon emissions would “go up dramatically,” and in the worst-case scenario, could “wipe out a decade’s worth of progress” and return U.S. carbon emissions to levels last seen in 2005. That’s because retired nuclear plants would almost always be replaced by natural gas or coal. Freed said that when the Vermont Yankee nuclear plant was shuttered in 2014, the electricity shortfall was largely made up by burning more coal.

It’s a question that bedevils countries around the world. Germany is phasing out nuclear power as part of its ambitious energy transition, and is betting it can power one of the world’s biggest economies largely with renewable energy. But Germany’s greenhouse-gas emissions rose in the years after the phaseout was reaffirmed in 2011.

Japan shut down all of its nuclear plants after the 2011 meltdown at Fukushima. What made up the electricity shortfall? Crude oil, natural gas, and coal, which together make it a lot harder for Japan to reach its emissions targets.

So, in some odd way, if you’re a coal worker, you might want to Sanders to beat Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination and go on to win in the general because coal is the only alternative if President Bernie decides to axe natural gas and nuclear power. At the same time, the fact that coal and crude oil would be the only secondary protocols to make up for the energy shortfalls due to Sanders’ uber-left green agenda shows how inefficient alternative energy truly is–and why the country should focus on the energy resources, where the United States is (in some sectors) unrivaled in terms of supply. That would be coal, oil, and natural gas. This country is built on those three energy resources, and coal is burning cleaner than ever before. Maybe that’s why it’s looked to, as the future for our energy needs since the world is packed with it (via Wired):

Nowhere is the preeminence of coal more apparent than in the planet’s fastest-growing, most populous region: Asia, especially China. In the past few decades, China has lifted several hundred million people out of destitution—arguably history’s biggest, fastest rise in human well-being. That advance couldn’t have happened without industrialization, and that industrialization couldn’t have happened without coal. More than three-quarters of China’s electricity comes from coal, including the power for the giant electronic plants where iPhones are assembled. More coal goes to heating millions of homes, to smelting steel (China produces nearly half the world’s steel), and to baking limestone to make cement (China provides almost half the world’s cement). In its frantic quest to develop, China burns almost as much coal as the rest of the world put together—a fact that makes climatologists shudder.[…]

GreenGen is one of the world’s most advanced attempts to develop a technology known as carbon capture and storage. Conceptually speaking, CCS is simple: Industries burn just as much coal as before but remove all the pollutants. In addition to scrubbing out ash and soot, now standard practice at many big plants, they separate out the carbon dioxide and pump it underground, where it can be stored for thousands of years.

Many energy and climate researchers believe that CCS is vital to avoiding a climate catastrophe. Because it could allow the globe to keep burning its most abundant fuel source while drastically reducing carbon dioxide and soot, it may be more important—though much less publicized—than any renewable-energy technology for decades to come. No less than Steven Chu, the Nobel-winning physicist who was US secretary of energy until last year, has declared CCS essential. “I don’t see how we go forward without it,” he says.

Long live coal, Bernie.

Told You So

Richard Berman,

As I recently noted, the “expert economists” who support a $15 minimum wage aren’t really experts. Some aren’t even economists.

It makes California’s decision to adopt a $15 minimum wage floor all the more scary. The wage hike not only threatens the jobs of the state’s entry-level employees, but also does so on faulty logic—if any at all.

Don’t just take my word for it. Ask the liberal economists whose concerns about a $15 minimum wage were recently documented in Vox of all places.

Alan Krueger, who co-authored Myth and Measurement: The New Economics of the Minimum Wage (the formative text on wage-hiking), balked at such a drastic jump:

“A $15-an-hour national minimum wage would put us in uncharted waters, and risk undesirable and unintended consequences,” wrote Alan Krueger, who has served as an economic adviser in the Obama administration, last October. Krueger supports raising the national minimum to $12 per hour, and he acknowledged that some cities and states might be able to absorb a $15-per-hour minimum wage. But he argued that a $15 minimum is “beyond international experience, and could well be counterproductive.”

And the kicker quote came from Arindrajit Dube, who has rejected the economic principle that higher labor costs result in fewer jobs (i.e. Economics 101):

“If you’re risk-averse, this would not be the scale at which to try things.”

So we should definitely stop at $15, right? Well, not so fast. Wage activists in Oakland have now introduced the “$20 in 2020” campaign, exploiting California’s Fight for $15 to keep moving the goalposts. In their words, “It’s time for $15/hr to become the floor demand of those who seek a livable wage, not a future ceiling. It’s time to push the boundaries of what is thinkable—and hence doable—further.”

So you get the next step. As I have said, once the “fight for $15” was over they would be moving on to the step and within 10 years would be calling $15 and hour a slave wage. Well…

$20 is the new $15! $20 in 2020!

These are not just good catchphrases; they’ve become a local ballot initiative.

The doubters thought powerful business interests would derail the highest minimum wage in the country from passing by voter initiative in Oakland, CA in 2014. They were wrong. A $12.25(1) measure passed overwhelmingly with more than 80% in favor.

The doubters thought $15/hr was a pipe dream. They were wrong. Cities like Seattle, WA, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Emeryville, CA made it a future reality. And this coming November the entire of State of California will vote for $15/hr by 2021 – right now it seems very likely to pass.

But in cities with housing crises, where median rent for a one bedroom apartment would consume every bit of a $12.25/hr wage, and 80% of a $15/hr wage, a promise of $15/hr some years down the road is not enough.

Average Rents by State

Darker colors indicate higher average rents. This map is based on prices gathered within the last 30 days. ( The Darker the color the higher the rest.

NOTICE THAT THE TWO of The 3 HIGHEST STATES, California & New York are run into the ground by Liberals and it’s here were this all starts. With the People’s Republic of Taxsachusetts in 3rd. Not in Montana…The Liberals have, yet again, done it to themselves and want you to pay for it.

Map of rents in the United States

To put it another way, in the immortal words of MeatLoaf

I never knew so many bad times
Could follow me so mercilessly
It’s almost surreal
All the pain that I feel
The future ain’t what it used to be

Thanks largely to Liberals, by the way… 🙂

The Fight for $15 is alliterative, alluring and awesome. But it has had the effect of creating the perception that a $15/hr min wage is a ceiling: thus far and no more.

It’s time to do away with that perception. And what better place to begin changing a meme than the city which passed this country’s highest minimum wage in a grassroots campaign with no support from its elected officials? (

But facts be darned, wage activists will keep asking for more. The question isn’t, “When will they stop?” It’s “How do we stop them?”


Climate Hustle

climate hustle

Without presenting it to the US Senate, as required by the Constitution, President Obama has signed the Paris climate treaty.

He is the King after all, his word is Law. 🙂

He is already using it to further obligate the United States to slash its fossil fuel use, carbon dioxide emissions and economic growth … control our lives, livelihoods, living standards and liberties … and redistribute our wealth. Poor, minority and working class families will suffer most.

But they will be made to “feel” good about their gruel and the Holy Warriors of The Church of Human Climate Control will be sanctified as you cook your roast beast over a pile of broken dreams and hopes.

China, India and other developing economies are under no such obligation, unless and until it is in their interest to do so. For them, compliance is voluntary – and they cannot afford to eliminate the fossil fuels that supply 85% of all global energy, generate some 90% of developing nations’ electricity, and will lift billions of people out of abject poverty. That’s why these countries have built over 1,000 coal-fired power plants and are planning to build 2,300 more – while unaccountable EPA bureaucrats are shutting down US coal-fired generators, and getting ready to block natural gas production and use.

What if the entire foundation for this energy and economic insanity were erroneous, groundless, fabricated … a climate con job – a Climate Hustle?

That is exactly what CFACT’s new movie demonstrates is actually going on.

Climate Hustle is the perfect antidote to the destructive, demoralizing climate alarmism that dominates political decisions and obsesses the Obama White House and EPA. You owe it to yourself to see it.

It’s coming to a theater near you on Monday, May 2, for a special one-night engagement.

I saw Climate Hustle April 14, at its U.S. premiere on Capitol Hill in Washington. The film is informative and entertaining, pointed and humorous. As meteorologist Anthony Watts says, it is wickedly effective in its using slapstick humor and the words and deeds of climate alarmists to make you laugh at them.

It examines the science on both sides of the issue … presents often hilarious planetary Armageddon prophecies of Al Gore, Leonard Nimoy and other doomsayers … and lets 30 scientists and other experts expose the climate scares and scams, explain Real World climate science, and delve deeply into the politics and media hype that have surrounded this issue since it was first concocted several decades ago

Sizzling temperatures. Melting ice caps. Destructive hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and droughts. Disappearing polar bears. The end of civilization as we know it! The end of Planet Earth!

Emissions from our power plants, cars, factories and farms are causing catastrophic climate change!

Or are they? Is there really a “97% scientific consensus” on this? Or is “dangerous manmade climate change” merely the greatest overheated environmentalist con-job and shell game ever devised to advance the Big Green anti-energy agenda?

See this amazing film on May 2, and find out for yourself. To learn where it’s showing near you, and to buy tickets, visit

You’ll be glad you did.

Climate Hustle is hosted by award-winning investigative journalist Marc Morano. A former communications director for the U.S. Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works, Morano is publisher of CFACT’s The film is a production of the Committee For A Constructive Tomorrow (CFACT) and CDR Communications. See the movie. Bring your friends. Make it a party.

Break Point

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie. It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all of its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie, and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”–Josef Goebels.

It’s annoying to be lied to, even if you get paid to be lied to, but being lied to is merely an insult. The liar thinks you’re stupid enough to fall for it. That’s annoying, but you can get over being insulted, particularly if you make a suggestion like “Save your lies for your idiot pals back at the coffee shop,” or note that “Maybe you hang out with a lot of morons at Gumbo State University’s School of Oppression Studies, but you need to stop talking to me before I slug you in the goatee.” And then you are done.

But if they can make you lie, then they are on the way to breaking you.

And that’s what today’s liberals seek to do to us, the decent, the employable, the normal. In a move that stunned America, Vox recently ran a long piece that made sense. It was titled The Smug Style in American Liberalism and it took the left to task for its utterly baseless conviction that it is morally and intellectually superior to the people who actually built, supported and defended this country. Though the author can’t bring himself to actually contradict any liberal scripture, its point is that liberals, for reasons which defy all evidence and experience, are convinced that they are smart and we are dumb. But the article also fails to fully explore progressives’ psychotic need to force us normals to bend to their will.

They want to break us, to make us love Big Brother. As the socialists knew (the real socialists, not the Fairness Gnomes and Equality Elves of the collective imagination of the Bernie Boobs), one of the most powerful means of control and domination is to humiliate and demoralize your opponents by forcing them to deny the truth. Hence the left’s fixation on enforcing political correctness and its use as a tool to force us to bend to the libs’ collectivist collective will by making us repeat obvious untruths.

It’s not unlike the comrades in the old USSR who sang songs about the glories of socialism, hailing the stunning success of the latest five year plan but then returning to their cold, cramped quarters to wash down their stale bread ration with retina-risking black market vodka that Ivan from Medium Industrial Equipment Factory No. 27 distilled in the radiator of his VAZ-2101. By making you lie about the wonders of Bernie’s honeymoon destination in contrast to the squalid objective reality before your eyes, you became complicit in the Soviets’ regime of lies.

And leftist lies are all around us here today. Today, truth-telling is a revolutionary act of insurgency. So let’s fight the power.

No, all men are not rapists. And no, there is no such thing as rape culture. One in five college students isn’t raped at college, and no, regretting six months and one gender studies seminar later that you eagerly suggested double-teaming a couple of TKEs after swilling a pint of Jack Daniels isn’t rape either. Just ask Haven Monaghan. Now try to go say that on some campus.

What they call “climate change” this week is a lie. The Earth is not getting significantly warmer because of human activity, nor are the ice caps melting and the polar bears and cuddly little penguins dying.

“Renewable” energy is technologically and economically unviable. Tesla’s don’t run on electricity; they run on fossil fuels that gets burned to create electricity. The climate scam is just the latest way for leftists to pry more of our money and sovereignty from us, like the ice age scam, the acid rain scam and the ozone hole scam.

But you better not say so. John Oliver might demolish you in an epic takedown on that show no one watches that comes on after Veep.

Of course, sometimes liberals’ sanctions are more like rewards. All we have to do to keep Michael Moore at bay, to ward off wizened hacks like Springsteen and to avoid Pearl Jams’ tiresome wailings is state the obvious truth that if you were born with a penis, you’re a man? Count me in.

Look, we feel terrible about your very real feelings that you aren’t the sex you are, and we don’t want to add to your pain, but the truth is the truth and we are not cruel or terrible or inaccurate when we refuse to pretend a delusion is reality. You can dope yourself with chemicals and submit to surgical mutilation, but there are things called chromosomes and they make the call. Chromosomes fall into the category of something called “science” – you know, that thing you libs say we conservatives hate when we refuse to believe Bill Nye when he frets that a three day heat wave in Phoenix foretells a fiery global apocalypse? Regardless, our wives and daughters are not going to endure creepy pervs – we’re really mostly worried about skeevy straight men pretending to be trans so they can get their jollies lurking in women’s toilets – so that we can somehow prove ourselves compliant with a God-free liberal moral code that encourages us to shout ever more eagerly that the Emperor’s new clothes are fabulous.

Crime is caused by criminals, and despite what we learned on Law and Order, the perp is rarely if ever the born again Christian businessman.

No, you shouldn’t be proud to be an unemployed high school dropout with four kids by five different fathers.

Yes, far too many illegals come here not to work but to commit crimes. You could ask Kate Steinle about that, but she’s dead.

There. Those are objective truths, but objective truth is irrelevant to the left. They need you to lie because when you lie you hand them power. And if you refuse to lie, if you try and rely on the fact that the facts support a different conclusion, then you will be hounded and persecuted. But if they can make you lie, then they have broken you.

Oh well. So we have a fight ahead of us, a fight pitting lies against truth, and comfort against our self-respect. So let’s fight. (Kurt Schlichter)

Grammatically Correct

Correcting grammatical errors is typically a function of a racial “power imbalance” used to silence minorities who a “struggling” to have their voices heard, according to a journalist at communist bastion The Guardian.

“Grammar snobs are patronizing, pretentious, and just plain wrong,” claims Mona Chalabi, before touching on how rules and standards for the use of language tend to evolve over time.

Chalabi then advances the neo-Marxist narrative of power discrepancies between groups, casting “older, wealthier, whiter” persons as neo-Kulaks. Those with poorer grammar, it is implied, belong to a neo-proletariat in need of benevolent protection from enlightened bourgeois socialites such as journalists employed by The Guardian.

“It doesn’t take much to see the power imbalance when it comes to grammar snobbery. The people pointing out he mistakes are more likely to be older, wealthier, whiter, or just plain academic than the people they’re treating with condescension. All too often, it’s a way to silence people, and that’s particularly offensive when it’s someone who might already be struggling to speak up,” concludes Chalabi.

Judging by her recent work, it appears that Chalabi fancies herself well-informed on American politics. She operates as a go-to source for news and analysis about the 2016 presidential election for The Guardian’s readership.

Currently working on a documentary entitled “Is Britain Racist?”, Chalabi is investigating today’s most pressing issues facing the U.K.

Everyday Feminism:

And the last place that we need grammar snobbery is in social justice movements.

And not just because getting hung up on the correct use of homonyms or subject-predicate agreement is distracting to the job at hand, but also because purporting one form of English as elite is inherently oppressive.…it’s important to note that any time we create a hierarchy by positioning one thing as “better” than another, we’re being oppressive.

As educated (and – okay – snarky) activists, we’re quick to respond to “According to the dictionary” arguments with “Who wrote the dictionary, though?”

We understand that a reference guide created by a white supremacist, heteropatriarchal system does nothing but uphold that status quo.

Similarly, we have to use that line of thinking when talking about the English language: Who created the rules? And who benefits from them?

If you were lucky enough to have parents around who read to you, to go to a Head Start program, to finish school, to go to college, to have enough time and passion to read books for pleasure, that’s fantastic.

But in the words of the late, great Kurt Vonnegut, Jr.: “All [semi-colons] do is show you’ve been to college.”

It was a privilege. And you can’t lose sight of that….that the use of “standard” English is considered a very white attribute.

To people who aren’t white, there’s such a thing as “sounding white.”

But that’s not racist (saying it ‘Sounds White’ as opposed to ‘Sounds Black/Hispanic which is racist) 🙂

But hears something to agree to (sort of): The truth of the matter is that some people experience an affected ability to receive and process information, which creates unique challenges to the learning process that cannot be waved away with a snobby “atrocious grammar” comment.

Naw, that the mental disorder known as LIBERALISM. It’s infectious. It’s Destructive.It will rot your mind into goo. It can get you killed.

Now that’s a problem worth expounding on. 🙂