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Democrat presidential hopeful Bernie Sanders continues to earn the adoration of young Americans who have latched onto the avowed socialist’s platform of “free” this and that — pretty much “free” anything and everything. These government-funded freebies include free tuition to public colleges and universities, providing healthcare to everyone as a right, and forcing companies to pay for family and medical leave. To the entitlement generation, what’s not to like?

In the Michigan primary, the Vermont senator won 81 percent of the under 30-year-old vote, a feat which he has accomplished in a number of the Democrat primaries and caucuses held thus far. But in a recent interview on “Fox and Friends” noted psychologist and television personality Dr. Phil McGraw had some words of wisdom for millennials enthralled with Sanders’ “Santa Claus” message.

While the doctor stated that the 74-year-old socialist is telling people what they want to hear — much like almost every other candidate does in the attempt to secure support — he is also tapping into the anti-establishment sentiment that characterizes the 2016 presidential election. But regarding Sanders’ message, Dr. Phil succinctly put it in straightforward, common sense language: “There is no free lunch.”

Dr. Phil explained the conundrum that many young people fail to grasp. Once they’ve received their free education, they will have to step up and pay for the next generation that’s expecting their on-the-house education, courtesy of the taxpayers. “It’s a vicious cycle,“ said the popular television host.

He went on to describe the psychological impact of that line of thinking, explaining that the only way to give yourself value is to observe yourself creating things. If you never create mastery and never have to overcome obstacles, then you never gain confidence.

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The younger generation is being cheated, Dr. Phil concluded in his Fox News appearance.

And indeed, they are. Imagine the stunned reaction of the men who fought as youngsters in World War II to the “gimme” cries of today’s coddled youth. What must the “Greatest Generation” think of incessant demands for niceties such as smart phones and Starbucks as well as campus “safe zones” in order to avoid being offended?

You can watch the common sense straight-talk from Dr. Phil by clicking on the video