You Vill Comply

A coalition of Democratic attorneys general in 16 states announced Tuesday an unprecedented campaign to pursue companies that challenge the catastrophic climate change narrative, raising concerns over free speech and the use of state authority to punish political foes.

That’s more of that “tolerance” and “diversity” of ideas…

Standing beside former Vice President Al Gore, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said the state officials are committed to “working together on key climate-related initiatives,” including queries into whether fossil fuel companies like ExxonMobil have committed fraud by deceiving the public and shareholders about the impact of man-made carbon dioxide emissions.

 I’m sure they believe it. It fits their sanctimonious power and control meme.

Two states — California and New York — already have launched probes into ExxonMobil, while attorneys general from Massachusetts and the Virgin Islands indicated Tuesday that they would follow suit. Virgin Islands Attorney General Claude Walker, an independent, is the only non-Democrat involved in the campaign, called AGs United for Clean Power.

“The bottom line is simple: Climate change is real; it is a threat to all the people we represent,” Mr. Schneiderman said. “If there are companies, whether they’re utilities, whether they’re fossil fuel companies, committing fraud in an effort to maximize their short-term profits at the expense of the people we represent, we want to find out about it. We want to expose it and want to pursue them to the fullest extent of the law.”

We will fear, intimidation and crush you with government force if you do not comply. That’s scientific proof we are right. 🙂

Mr. Schneiderman also announced that 20 attorneys general representing 18 states, the District of Columbia and the Virgin Islands filed a brief Tuesday in support of the Environmental Protection Agency’s Clean Power Plan rule, which has been challenged by attorneys general in 25 mostly red states.

Not that’s a Partisan issue. it’s SCIENCE! 🙂

The campaign was spurred by articles last year alleging Exxon hid research conducted by its own scientists linking fossil fuel emissions and global warming.

Done, by, guess who, Climate Change Whackos!. No agenda there now was there!!

Exxon officials have denied the claims and countered that the investigation was conducted by journalism entities that receive funding from foundations known for their climate change activism.

Which they did. But The Left only care about their Agenda, not the truth.

Suzanne McCarron, Exxon’s vice president for public and government affairs, said Tuesday in a statement that the accusations are meritless.

“The allegations are based on the false premise that ExxonMobil reached definitive conclusions about anthropogenic climate change before the world’s experts and before the science itself had matured, and then withheld it from the broader scientific community,” Ms. McCarron said. “Such a claim is preposterous.”

Marc Morano, who heads the pro-industry website Climate Depot, warned that the state officials’ legal campaign against the oil-and-gas industry would “have a chilling effect on free speech and scientific dissent.”

That’s the Point. 🙂

“Gore joined with attention-seeking attorneys general to essentially try to shut down any ‘global warming’ views that differ from the United Nations’ or Gore‘s,” said Mr. Morano in an email. “Agree or face investigations is the new normal for the climate debate.”

Mr. Gore, who narrated the 2006 climate change documentary “An Inconvenient Truth,” said rising levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere are fueling natural disasters ranging from flooding to snowstorms to the recent outbreak of the Zika virus.

“Every night on the news now it’s like a nature hike through the Book of Revelation,” Mr. Gore said at the New York press conference, which was live streamed.

Mr. Morano, whose 2015 documentary “Climate Hustle” disputes the disastrous climate change scenarios, called Mr. Gore “frustrated that his message is still not resonating 10 years after his movie came out.”

“So he apparently has decided that anyone who disagrees with him on ‘global warming’ should face investigations, fines and penalties and be silenced,” Mr. Morano said.

A chill on free speech?

At the press conference Mr. Schneiderman headed off queries about whether the state investigations would chill free speech by freezing legitimate debate over climate change. While many scientists support the catastrophic climate change narrative, others have criticized what the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Richard Lindzen describes as “climate alarmism.”

“There have been those who have raised the question, ‘Aren’t you interfering with people’s First Amendment rights?’” said Mr. Schneiderman. “The First Amendment, ladies and gentlemen, does not give you the right to commit fraud.”

Climate change groups launched the social media campaign #ExxonKnew last year in response to articles by InsideClimate News and the Columbia School of Journalism’s Energy and Environmental Reporting Project that cited internal ExxonMobil documents warning of global warming.

The news reports touched off a brouhaha over journalistic independence after ExxonMobil pointed out that both outlets receive funding from the liberal Rockefeller Family Fund, which has backed advocacy groups that oppose fossil fuels, including

“I think the two big headlines coming out of this are that this entire issue continues to be based on a horrendously reported series of stories that rely on cherry-picked statements at every turn,” said Katie Brown of Energy in Depth, a project of the Independent Petroleum Association of America, in a Tuesday statement.

She added that “the vast majority of attorneys general that stood up on stage today have no interest at all in wasting their own state’s resources the way that New York has.”

Lew Wasserman, director of the Rockefeller Family Fund, told Reuters last week that “no specific company” was targeted by the grants, but that the fund supports “public interest journalism to better understand how the fossil fuel industry was dealing with the reality of climate science internally and publicly.”

InsideClimate News and Columbia have maintained that donors have no influence over their reporting. The Los Angeles Times, which ran the Columbia report in October, later added a note listing the project’s funders, including the Rockefeller Family Fund and Rockefeller Brothers Fund, as well as the pro-wind-and-solar Energy Foundation, according to Energy in Depth.

Mr. Gore compared the campaign to the state-led prosecution of tobacco companies that led to a multistate $206 billion settlement in 1998.

“[T]he Congress has been sharply constraining [the] ability of [the] executive branch to fully perform its obligations under the Constitution to protect the American people against the kind of fraud that the evidence suggests is being committed by several of the fossil fuel companies, electric utilities burning coal and the like,” Mr. Gore said. “So what these attorneys general are doing is exceptionally important.”

That comparison led Mr. Morano to suggest that the attorneys general may be seeking another payday, accusing them of targeting the oil-and-gas industry in pursuit of “huge financial settlements.”

Mr. Schneiderman also denied that the attorneys general have already made up their minds about the guilt of companies in committing fraud.

Now The biggest Lie of all…

“We’re in [the] early stages of the case. We’re not prejudging the evidence. We’ve seen some things that have been published by you and others,” Mr. Schneiderman told reporters. “But it is our obligation to take a look at the underlying documentation and to get at all the evidence.”

But anyone who gets in our way will comply or else. Your Climate Masters have spoken!

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel
Political Cartoons by Michael Ramirez

BIG MOM is Watching You

Update Tuesday, March 29 7:23 P.M.: Following publication of this story, a USDA spokesperson told the Washington Free Beacon that the goal of the new proposals are meant to ensure high standards in its Child Nutrition Programs.


“To ensure that entities implementing these critical programs continue to meet high standards of program effectiveness and integrity, USDA is proposing a series of program improvements that address only those programs with systemic and significant program violations, such as theft of funds and financial mismanagement, to safeguard the integrity of Child Nutrition Programs and taxpayer dollars,” the spokesperson said.

The federal government is taking steps to fine schools that do not comply with first lady Michelle Obama’s school lunch rules.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food and Nutrition Service issued a proposed rule Monday to codify parts of the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which was championed by Mrs. Obama.

The regulation would punish schools and state departments with fines for “egregious or persistent disregard” for the lunch rules that imposed sodium and calorie limits and banned white grains.

A West Virginia preschool teacher was threatened with fines for violating the rules by rewarding her students with candy for good behavior in June 2015. The teacher ultimately did not have to pay, but the school had to develop a “corrective action plan” with training on the policies.

The government now seeks to make fines enforceable by regulation. Section 303 of the law requires that the federal government “establish criteria for the imposition of fines” for all the Department of Agriculture’s child food programs.

“Under section 303, the Secretary or a State agency may establish an assessment against any school food authority or school administering the Child Nutrition Programs if the Secretary or the State agency determines that the school or school food authority failed to correct severe mismanagement of any program, failed to correct repeated violations of program requirements, or disregarded a requirement of which they have been informed,” the proposed rule states.

The government insisted that fines would be limited only to schools, school food authorities, and state agencies that have “failed to correct severe mismanagement of any program, disregarded a requirement of which it has been informed, or failed to correct repeated violations of program requirements.”

Penalties would run from 1% of meal reimbursements for the fiscal year for the first offense to 10% of meal reimbursements for the third offense.

“It is important to note that the statutory scheme only anticipates assessments be established in instances of severe mismanagement of a program, disregard of a program requirement of which the program operator had been informed, or failure to correct repeated violations [emphasis in original],” according to the proposed regulation. “These criteria suggest that violations that would result in assessments would be egregious or persistent in nature, remaining unresolved after the normal monitoring and oversight activities have failed to secure corrective action.”

The Food and Nutrition Service is targeting schools that refuse to comply with Mrs. Obama’s lunch rules and said monetary penalties are a “useful tool” to get noncompliant cafeterias in line.

“However, there have been cases, albeit few, where program operators have failed to correct Program violations through the normal administrative review requirements and technical assistance,” the agency said. “This proposed rule would provide both the Department and State agencies the authority to establish an assessment after the normal monitoring and oversight activities have been unsuccessful in correcting program violations.”

“The Department anticipates assessments would be established only on rare occasions in securing corrective action,” they added. “However, it should serve as a useful tool when egregious or persistent disregard of Program requirements occurs.”

The fines would be the latest consequence of the healthy eating law that Mrs. Obama lobbied for in 2010. More than 1.4 million students have left the lunch line since the rules went into effect, as students have complained of small portions and unappetizing fare. The standards have been blamed for cafeteria workers losing their jobs, and some kids have even resorted to creating black markets for salt to add flavor.

Calling the fines an “assessment” against a school, the agency said the fines would amount to 1 percent of the total amount the school was reimbursed for lunches for the first fine. A second fine would equal up to 5 percent of the total meal reimbursements, and 10 percent for a third or subsequent fine.

The fines could be hefty if an entire state agency were flagged for persistent violations. For instance, Alabama received $210,937,195 in cash payments through the school lunch program in 2015. One percent would total $2.1 million. A 10 percent fine would cost $21 million.

The Food and Nutrition Service did not respond to a request for comment on the proposed rule, or how much the estimated fines would total.

The agency said in the proposed regulation that the fines are “intended to improve the integrity.”

The proposed rule would also apply to private organizations participating in federal childcare nutrition programs, including “institutions, sites, sponsors, day care centers, and day care providers.”

The agency said they would allow schools to appeal the fines “given the fiscal consequences of this provision.” The rule would also give the agency the authority to terminate any school’s participation in the National School Lunch Program if they do not pay the fines.

Increased monitoring of state agencies as a result of the rule would cost states $4.3 million in 2017, and $22.7 million over five years.


The Holy Writ

Liberals do a poor job of defending their beliefs with facts, logic or debate, but they have become unparalleled masters at keeping their opponents’ side of the argument from being presented at all.

The Rainbow Shirts won another one : Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has vetoed legislation allowing clergy to refuse performing gay marriage and protecting people who refuse to attend the ceremonies.  Fear, Intimidation, Indoctrination…That’s the Liberal Way.

We have kids who are never exposed to conservatism in high school who go to college where the professors are liberal; then they graduate and get their information from their local paper and all TV outlets except for Fox which are liberal, and they watch ostensibly non-political Hollywood-produced liberal movies and TV shows that reinforce left-wing viewpoints.

And We’ve always been at war with Conservatives. They are evil personified. 🙂

Who controls the past controls the future. Who controls the present controls the past. —George Orwell

As if that isn’t enough, liberals go to great lengths to convince people that their opponents are so cruel, evil, racist and despicable that their arguments are tainted by default and shouldn’t be considered at all.

Don’t Listen to that guy, he’s evil. He’s a hater…

The few conservative speakers at colleges are often met with protests meant to block their speech while conservative students, groups and professors face open discrimination. Taking a non-liberal position can cost an actor his career, a professor his tenure and a scientist his grants. On top of all that, they’ve attempted to simply make topics that are uncomfortable for liberals “out of bounds” via political correctness.

Fear & Intimidation. Big Brother is watching you.

Noam Chomsky once wrote a famous, but perfectly ridiculous book called “Manufacturing Consent.” If you REALLY want to see what “Manufacturing Consent” looks like, look at what the Left has done in America.

The Read their other playbook, “1984” by George Orwell.

You don’t think that’s true? Then why don’t you regularly see liberals being forced to grapple with questions like this as often as conservatives are expected to discuss largely irrelevant topics like the Confederate flag, evolution and the non-existent “war on women?”

Global Warming is probably the greatest example of Manufactured Consent in History.

* Is it okay for members of the #Blacklivesmatter movement to block traffic? Are their violence and threats acceptable? Pretty clearly, this group hates the police and could fairly be said to encourage violence against cops. Do you feel the same way about the police and if not and you’re a good person, why aren’t you speaking out against their behavior? Doesn’t the hostility generated towards the police by the #Blacklivesmatter movement particularly hurt black Americans in bad neighborhoods who desperately need to have the police safeguarding them from criminals? How many black Americans are dead today because the police felt pressured to pull back from black communities because of the #Blacklivesmatter movement?

* Given that America has a large deficit and an unsustainable level of debt, shouldn’t we balance our budget and start paying off our debt before we consider any new non-essential spending program? How long do you think Social Security and Medicare can survive in their current form and if the answer isn’t “indefinitely” (And I can assure you it’s not), what are you going to do about it? Right now, liberals are blocking every change that could make either program solvent. So, are you willing to take 100% responsibility for all the good people who will be hurt when we can no longer pay senior citizens the money they’re expecting?

Free Stuff for everyone!! Don’t worry about the check, it doesn’t matter you evil capitalist6 tightwad who just wants grandma and the kids to starve out on the street…

* Why do you support legally persecuting millions of Christians who quite correctly believe that they cannot live in accordance with their faith if they participate in a gay wedding? Who’s a worse person, a Christian cake maker who happily serves gay customers, but believes it’s wrong for her to cater a gay wedding or a gay couple that deliberately searches out a Christian cake maker who can’t participate in their wedding so they can sue her?

Beware of The Rainbow Shirts and their army of Lawyers and “Journalists”. 🙂

Why should little girls be forced to share a bathroom with grown men who claim they “feel like” women? What about their safety? What about the fact that many of them don’t feel comfortable sharing a bathroom with someone with male genitalia? Are you helping people or hurting them by falsely telling them they can change their sex and encouraging them to mutilate themselves through surgery instead of encouraging them to get psychiatric treatment?

 You’re such a bigot…

* Does it matter if anti-poverty policies work?

No. Because it makes them “feel good” about “doing something”. Which is more than evil capitalist conservatives do right? 🙂

If programs don’t work, shouldn’t they be abandoned? Is it good for people to be on welfare and food stamps long-term?

It is for Democrats. It’s their voter base. They need them.

Does it matter that the number of people on disability is so historically high that a significant percentage of the people receiving it almost have to be doing so fraudulently? Are we fulfilling our responsibility to the taxpayers to make sure their money is used to TEMPORARILY help people who really need it?

If not you’re just a greedy hater….
* The real world is not a “safe space” and very few people want hypersensitive weenies who complain about microaggressions around them.

Except Liberals. Because they are easy to manipulate.

So aren’t liberals setting students up for failure by coddling them so much?

Yes. But that works for them, because then the failure is because of something else external, like Capitalism, or Corporations, White People, Rich People. Whatever boogeyman they need at the moment.

When you set up kangaroo courts in colleges that are heavily slanted against men accused of rape while allowing women who make false accusations to avoid punishment, aren’t you setting up an environment that guarantees many young men will have their lives ruined over lies?

So what, as long as it’s heavily slanted towards Liberal power what does the rest of it matter.

Why should an illegal alien get in-state tuition when an American citizen from out of state has to pay more?

In California (and other states) they get Driver’s Licenses. One of the forms of ID that allows them to vote. Not ironically, Liberal hate Voter ID laws because they are “racist” but will make sure illegal CAN vote. For Them, naturally.
* Cities like New Orleans, Detroit and Flint, Michigan are run entirely by liberals and have been for a long time. Liberals are wonderful at shifting the blame to conservatives, but what are the liberal responsibilities for the problems those cities have?

None. They are Perfection. The only reason they fail is because of others who are not them, who are inferior to their Perfection. They are Gods, amongst flawed mortals, and it annoys them when YOU fail them.

Of the eight states that are closest to bankruptcy, seven of them have been generally controlled by liberals over the last few decades (Illinois, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New York, California and Kentucky – which was largely controlled by Democrats until the last decade or so). What have liberals done wrong in those states?

Nothing, according to them. They are striving for Perfection and flawed humans (aka non-Liberals) get in the way.

What do they need to do to achieve financial stability, especially given that California, New York and New Jersey already have some of the highest taxes in the nation?

More. There always need MORE. They are drug addicts for power. Money brings power. They need more Power. They always need more Power. So they always need more money.

They can never, ever, get enough.
* How many Americans are out of work because illegal aliens have taken their jobs?

None that a Liberal would admit to. That’s the fault of the capitalists, conservatives, and businesses. And the Republicans have played right into that for decades.

How many Americans are on government assistance either because they’ve lost their jobs or because illegals have driven down the wage they can be paid? How many millions of Americans have been robbed, raped or murdered because we refuse to secure our borders? When you encourage this kind of lawbreaking, what message does it send to legal immigrants? What message does it send about how meaningful the rule of law is to ALL AMERICANS?

The Only Rule is that Liberals are always right. No matter what, they are always right. Everything else flows from that.

Of course, we could go on and on like this for thousands of words because there are so many obvious questions that should be asked about what liberals are doing to America. Since liberals don’t have good answers for these questions, they do everything they can to avoid answering them and more importantly, to keep them from being asked. You’re not going to see a discussion about this on CNN, you’re not going to hear it in a college classroom and Hollywood isn’t going to make a new TV show that talks about how awful it is that Christians are persecuted for refusing to cater gay weddings. Unless liberals are forced to account for the poor performance, injustice and immorality of the policies they’ve been so successful in advocating, it will eventually destroy this country….and “eventually” may be a lot sooner than most people think. (Townhall)

Already has. The Corpse is just still warm and twitching.

Et Tu Rome

I wrote a paper in History Class in 1979 about the similarities between the Roman Empire and America.

This is 1979! I was 16. I was an idiot, then.

But yet, out of the mouths of babes…

A lot of people, especially Millennials with degrees in Intersectional Climate Change Gender Studies, may not know it, but there is a way to anticipate what’s going to happen in the future. It’s not perfect, but it helps you make educated guesses about what’s next. It’s called “History,” and apparently no one in our ruling class has ever heard of it.

Roman history is especially applicable to America and all of Western civilization. The Romans had a good run, but then their moral, political, and cultural weaknesses grew insurmountable and the empire fell. Not all at once, mind you, but slowly – Rome fell long before the barbarians showed up at the city gates and started looting. Rome was powerful enough that its unworthy inheritors were able to live off the corpse for a few centuries before its enemies finished it off. In fact, Rome today still lives off the past. You go to Rome today primarily to see the ruins, and to shake your head over what the Romans just threw away.

The first phase of Roman civilization was the Republic, with something like a democracy (at least for some people) but with a definite rule of law, formal and especially informal. Noble Romans dedicated their lives to upholding these informal norms and values, the mos maiorum that formed the foundation of their society. The elite had its indulgences, but the expectation of a young noble Roman was that he would be highly educated, that he would serve Rome in its Army, and then move into politics and continue to serve in a series of governmental and diplomatic offices. And, if it came to it, he was expected to die for Rome.


But human nature asserted itself and the Republic became unstable, as factions developed and the mos maiorum was put aside for the sake of expediency. Populist politicians arose and agitated for the rights of regular Romans; the patricians were scandalized and fought back, sometimes killing the populist leaders. Eventually, some cunning Romans figured out that the armies they had been entrusted with were useful for more than crushing Rome’s foreign enemies. Sulla and then Caesar, frustrated by the checks and balances of the Republic – neither of them was a check and balance kind of guy – used their commands to take power. They were emperors in all but name; after the patricians tried one last time to reassert the Republic by getting stabby with Julius, the empire was born.

And thus began a period of glory that was in reality merely a blip in the long trend line downward. With the Republic gone, there was an imperial bureaucracy to take on many of the responsibilities citizens had once personally undertaken. The defense of Rome was outsourced to barbarians, who were allowed into Roman territory but never integrated. That, of course, went poorly. But Republican Rome’s inertia was strong enough to propel the Western empire on for another five centuries before it finally collapsed in exhaustion.

And now our civilization is likewise demonstrating its own shortness of breath, with Europe a few decades ahead of us on the downslope. Europe is utterly exhausted. It believes in nothing – its churches are empty and that hopelessness has translated into a demographic death spiral. Europe does nothing new and merely feeds off of the fading triumphs of the last century. Its politics are frozen in a cycle of failure even as the barbarians it unwisely invited into its midst establish their own internal kingdoms. The elite is no longer composed of citizen-soldier-politicians in the mode of the ancient Roman patricians, or even the modern Winston Churchill. Instead, it is all bland bureaucrats, terrified of losing power and using their regulatory cudgel to squelch the unrest by marginalizing the unsatisfied and outlawing the speech of the uncooperative.

But while the elite obsesses about stomping out “racism” and “sexism” and “cisnormativity,” the real enemy slaughters Europeans at will. But pretty soon the surviving Europeans’ waning survival instinct will kick in and they will notice that Muslim terrorists are not running free in Putin’s Russia. Then they too will reject the chaos of their failing Republic for strongmen, and their course will be set.

Here at home, the left has tossed out our own American mos maiorum, with Obama leading the charge to disregard the norms and customs that he finds far too constricting. Obama is the poster child for the ruling class’s decline. He is poorly educated – internalizing your commie prof’s clichés and lies does not make you educated even if your degree says “Harvard” – and utterly without any personal investment through service to his country (Obama in the military? That’s a laugh. Do they make camo mom pants?). Of course he has no respect for our norms and customs – he does not know anything about them and he has no personal investment in them. He has no business running anything, as he has amply demonstrated during perhaps the most damaging presidency since James Buchannan’s.


Led by pedestrian street agitators like Obama and his equally undistinguished cohort of leftist allies, the left has gleefully chipped at the foundations of our American Republic, not understanding that our society is not static. They cannot disregard the rules and expect the rest of us to keep obeying them. Oh, some try – the GOP establishment’s supine response to Obama can be understood as a desperate gambit to try and preserve the old ways. They hope – without basis – that Obama is merely a blip and that after he flies off into his narcissistic sunset in a gas-guzzling jet things will go back to normal. Their strategy is passive. They want to wait him out.

But the rest of us don’t want to wait and see if that happens. We want to respond. And that’s why we have two very different candidates promoting two very different responses. We have Ted Cruz, who is promoting radical action to return to the American Republic, with a focus on the Constitution. He is the true American mos maiorum candidate.

And then we have Donald Trump, who cares nothing for norms and customs and embraces raw power much as Obama and the left do, only he promises to protect the interests of a different constituency. He’s a would-be Caesarean strongman/savior, though to analogize him further to Julius Caesar is to insult the concept of analogies. Trump is a vulgar fool milking phony populism for power, best understood as a particularly tacky Graachi. Unlike them, Trump is both ignorant and a coward, but like them, if he does get elected president, he will be cut off at the knees by the patricians of the establishment.

Hillary Clinton is an even more anti-Republic candidate. Like Trump and Obama, she cares nothing for anything but power. Another sub-par mind trading off her degrees from a half century ago, this unaccomplished, bitter harridan lacks the wisdom to chart a course that avoids aggravating our society’s already gaping wounds. Instead, she’ll pour salt into them for no reason other than her own delight at asserting power, gleefully poking at normals with initiatives like forcing women to accept men into their bathrooms and trying to disarm the law-abiding. Inevitably, she will be stunned when she finds her actions greeted by a reaction she cannot control, and the American Republic will disappear as her rule by power is replaced by her opponents’ rule by power. Oh, we may get a good emperor or two along the way, but history tells us how this story ends.

Someday, after the gloom of the next Dark Age clears, some tourist from a society that has rediscovered liberty will look at the ruins of the Capitol and shake his head at the fools who did not realize what they were throwing away. (Kurt Schlichter)

And if there be Liberals left after in wreckage they will still won’t understand and will start the long road to ruin again.

The Yin and Yang of History.


The Rainbow Shirts

They are at it again.

The Rainbow Shirts (so named by me because they act like the The Brown Shirts of old) with fear, intimidation, and government threats. Plus, they get help from the weak-kneaded ,wanna-be-seen-to-be Politically Correct enablers (Disney, Marvel, The NFL).

Georgia wanted to pass an RFRA (Religious Freedom Restortation Act) but the Rainbow Shirts and their PC Allies took offense to it, naturally. After all, it had to be bigoted and targeted at THEM. Isn’t everything, when you’re power mad and have so much sanctimony that you could plug up a black hole with it.

H.B. 757, known as the Pastor Protection Act, gives faith-based organizations the right to fire people who violate the group’s “sincerely held religious beliefs.” It also gives faith-based organizations—many of whom enjoy tax-exempt status—the right to refuse to rent facilities for events they find “objectionable” and gives clergy the right to refuse to perform same-sex weddings.

Wow! They want to actually practice there religious beliefs in America!!!

Man what haters!!!  They must be stopped! 🙂

It’s a ” sweeping anti-LGBTQ law” after all, proposed by pure, unadulterated KKK-style  bigotry. It can’t be anything else. The Ideology says it can’t be. So it isn’t End of Story.

Imagine that, Christians who want to be Christians in a  Christian Faith Based Organization and/or in a Christian Churches!!!!


Wow! That’s really hateful. The KKK will be meeting there next.

I guess there are no other places for these events in the Whole of Georgia except at Churches.

And private businesses that practice The Christian Faith are the only place these want to be employed at.

Amazing coincidences, don’t you think? 🙂

And, of course, the neighbors are all a TWITTER about the Gay Couple that move in next door and ruined their property values! 🙂

So Government hasn’t kissed their ass in the last nano-second or two they MUST BE being discriminated against so THEY MUST crush someone for it.

It’s all Hate, all the the time. They are Warriors of Their Faith and they must crush you before you have a chance to defy them!

I wonder if that applies to Pizza places in Georgia too? 🙂

I guess they will have move on to the Mosques next. They are places of Religious Worship and Faith based “exclusion”, Just like a Church.

Oh right, Muslims kill Homosexuals in the Middle East for even daring to say anything at all. No hate there, that would be Islamophobia…So it’s Politically Incorrect to go after THAT group.

After all, they just blow people up and the same Leftist bow and scrap and kiss their ass, “thank you, sir, may we have another”.

Ideology is all-consuming. Ideology is Reality.

Common Sense, and “tolerance” need not apply. But “tolerance” and “diversity (with “inclusion”) are required when kissing the ass of a Liberal, you racist, bigoted, islamophobic, white privilege, dirt bag!

Bow down before your Masters, and their Rainbow Shirts.

First Amendment: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

My LIBERAL First Amendment that I wrote years ago: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of Any religion,and mocking the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE speech, or of the LIBERAL PROGRESSIVE press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble to worship the LIBERAL PROGRESSIVES, any assembly in opposition must therefore be “terrorism” or “racism”, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances against Corporations and anyone opposed to the Politically Correct and to seek “social justice”  and “fairness” at all costs.


Emory Bored Day Two

More from the “tolerance” and “inclusion” crowd.

Emory’s Student Government Association (SGA) and the College Council released a joint statement Tuesday after students voiced “genuine concern and pain” over pro-Donald Trump chalkings on campus saying that “the messages represent particularly bigoted opinions, policies, and rhetoric.”

Following the “unexpected chalking” which consisted of such phrases as, “Vote Trump 2016,” “Accept the Inevitable, Trump 2016,” and “Build the Wall,” about 40 students protested in front of the Emory Administration Building with signs saying “Stop Trump” and “Stop Hate.”

“I’m supposed to feel comfortable and safe [here],” one student said, “But this man is being supported by students on our campus and our administration shows that they, by their silence, support it as well…I don’t deserve to feel afraid at my school.”

The Emory Wheel reports that student Jonathan Peraza led chants of “You are not listening! Come speak to us, we are in pain,” during the protest.

“So this student is afraid of chalk opinions? Is this real life? That’s the standard of fear now,” Fox Sport’s Clay Travis said in reply to Peraza cries.

The students then moved inside the Administration Building while shouting, “We must love each other and support each other. We have nothing to lose but our chains.”

Except more chains. Chains of censorship, that is. Oh, that’s right, Freedom of Speech is only the Freedom of Far Left Whacko Speech. Everything else is “hateful”. 🙂

Once inside a boardroom, with president James Wagner listening, Peraza asked his fellow students how they were feeling.

“Frustration” and “fear” were some of the responses before one student said tearfully, “How can you not [disavow Trump] when Trump’s platform and his values undermine Emory’s values that I believe are diversity and inclusivity when they are obviously not [something that Trump supports].”

Wagner reportedly then asked the students what the university should do about the situation, to which one student replied, “decry the support for this fascist, racist candidate.”

By being fascists!! 🙂 Definition: a way of organizing a society in which a government ruled by a dictator controls the lives of the people and in which people are not allowed to disagree with the government.

Sounds like the Crybaby Generation… 🙂

After over an hour of discussion, Wagner eventually agreed and said he would begin to draft an email.


He also assured the protesters that officials will be reviewing security footage and if the offenders are Emory students then they will go through the conduct violation process. If they are not students, they will be charged with trespassing.


Amanda Obando, a student at Emory, said she was fearful after the chalkings appeared and expressed concern that the university didn’t take any immediate, definite steps.

I know what they need: Chalk outlines that say “Freedom is Slavery”. Naw, they won’t understand that. How about “Terrorism is Islamophobic”…Not very catchy…

I know: “Vote for Queen Hillary, Supreme Ruler of All”.

That’s the ticket! 🙂

“People still don’t understand that the protest yesterday served not only as an expression against one interpretation of the chalking, but also as a collective manifestation against the fear that a bigot leader can create,” Obando added.

Yeah, like “White Privilege” or “Black Lives Matter”… 🙂

Libertarian writer Jeffrey Tucker took it a step further and equated the chalking with a “cross burning.”

Nazi! Come one, you know you want to say it!…

“It was like cross burning. It was on private property. It was extremely damaging and the students and faculty were totally embarrassed…it was absolutely intended to intimidate everyone and it worked,” Tucker told


Not long after the Trump chalkings appeared, many of them were already replaced with phrases saying, “Choose compassion,” “Stop hate” and “Stand against hatred.”






“Look, I’m so pleased I was in the building when [the protesters] arrived,” Wagner said in an interview with The Emory Wheel, “The opportunity to listen and their willingness to try to explain more and more clearly to me what the root of the concerns were was very effective.”


In his campus-wide email, Wagner outlined four steps that he plans to take, which includes immediately refining certain policies, providing opportunities for difficult dialogues, starting a process to institutionalize identification, and reviewing and addressing social justice issues.

The SGA and College Council pledged in the statement, obtained by Campus Reform, to stand in solidarity with the “threatened” communities of this incident and to also make emergency funds available to “any student organization looking to sponsor events in response to this incident.”

Zak Hudak, The Emory Wheel’s editor-in-chief, says that it shouldn’t be the role of an educational institution to tell students which opinions they are allowed to have.

Not according to the Politically Correct Left. Fascism is all the rage. 🙂  (rage, get it… 🙂 )

“If we shut down the opposition, we lose our purpose as a university. We lose the courage to inquire, and we lose the ability to engage with the contention that we will encounter outside of the Emory community,” Hudak argued.

Isn’t that the point of all this? 🙂

Emory Bored

Is it a Swastika? A Burning Cross? A Hooded Figure (nearly :))

Nope. it’s a Chalk outline!!


Not according to the Crybaby Generation. You aren’t allowed to disagree with them. It “triggers” them and makes them feel “unsafe” and “unwelcome”. So you must censor YOURSELF because of their fragile little egos. They must be protected from your bile and hatred for they are the future.

Now that’s scary.