1941 is now

Since 9/11 liberals have made it clear in a thousand little ways that they are just not willing to resist a suicide-bombing enemy.

The same people who argue that jihadists are freedom fighters (or that the United States should not have invaded Afghanistan after 9/11) would also be appeasing Hitler and Nazi Germany, and this incredible footage proves it.

When you watch the video it becomes clear one thing hasn’t changed at all. Liberal pacifists are selfish and short on logic as well as human compassion for other human beings suffering from evil doers of the time.

Those morons were the Code Pink and MoveOn.org of their time.

Our sworn enemies are hoping and praying that a Democrat wins the election. Can you blame them?

If Hillary or Bernie becomes president, start digging your survival shelter.



2 thoughts on “1941 is now

  1. Then there was no d–n U.N. (precursor to one world government) to hamstring the military. When we waged war, it had one directive – annihilate the enemy- Period. The outcome of 2016 elections will tell the tale. Worse, there were many closet American Nazis who liked what Hitler was doing. Indeed we were just as polarized then as now.
    BTW; I question why this video is on a loop. You see the same folks over and over….

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