My Banh Mi is A Microagression!

Today’s tale is about spoiled brat Liberals who think their college cafeteria food is racist and ‘culturally misappropriates’ General Tso and others.

Yes, folks, it’s that idiotic.

Mind you, back in my day of the early 1980’s we great college dorm food.

We had “Australian Horse Burgers”, “Manhole Covers”, “Tennis Ball” soft “boiled” eggs, and If you didn’t like the Beef Stroganoff it showed up as the Soup of The Day for the next 2 Days.

The closest we’d ever get to a Banh Mi was  “Ban Me” because it so bad. 🙂

Real Gourmet stuff.

I was dining at The French Laundry every day.

Trust me, it wasn’t even remote close, so that’s why we made fun of it.

But now a days if your Sushi is a bit less than something prepared by Iron Chef Masahara Morimoto then its ‘racist’ and ‘insensitive’ to the culture.

They really have it tough these days. 😦

The political correctness wars on our college campuses have entered the cafeteria. That’s right. Food could become the next issue, as college administrators have found themselves under siege by privileged, left wing college students bellowing about racial insensitivity or other fake paradigms of oppression.

Robby Soave, an editor at Reason and columnist for the Daily Beast, wrote about how cultural appropriation has entered the Oberlin cafeteria, where some students are alleging that the kitchen staff is engaging in microaggressions of epic proportions because they can’t prepare an ethnic dish properly. Soave takes this claim to the woodshed:

… [H]ere’s what one Oberlin student had to say about the dining hall’s sushi bar:“When you’re cooking a country’s dish for other people, including ones who have never tried the original dish before, you’re also representing the meaning of the dish as well as its culture,” student Tomoyo Joshi told The Oberlin Review. “So if people not from that heritage take food, modify it and serve it as ‘authentic,’ it is appropriative.”

This PC idiot has no clue just how stupid he sounds. Next thing you know Po’ Boys are not only racially insensitivity (The Po’ part) but insensitive Caribbeans and The French!

Imagine being culturally insensitive to The French. 🙂

Not to mention that it’s origins are rooted in 3 different cultures coming together and borrowing from each one!


This idiot has no grasp of history, but he is obsessed with Political Correctness. Scary.

It also appears from one Local News report that the Vegetarians started this because HORROR, someone accidentally  put meat in a Vegetarian Dish. We all know this was a concerted plot and it’s a vast Right Wing Conspiracy right?

Cultural appropriation, readers will recall, allegedly occurs when people borrow the traditions of another ethnic or religious group.

Then he’s going to burn himself out because every culture everywhere is a mix of traditions borrowed from other cultures!

He’s going to be a very busy little PC Zombie.

For some reason, too many otherwise liberal kids think cultural transformation is a kind of genocide—different societies have a right to stay exactly the way they are, untouched by modernity, they think. 

But they are just plain wrong: Blending the best elements of different social traditions and creating something new (and possibly more fascinating) is praiseworthy and progressive. Maybe Oberlin’s banh mi sandwich should be judged not by how closely it apes the original, but whether it tastes as good?

Unfortunately, the cafeteria is not the only place where Oberlin students want a kind of cultural-appropriation-free safe space. The desire to re-enforce traditional cultural boundaries also manifests itself in a new list of demands recently released by black students. 

Liberal students at a Canadian university, for example, recently shut down a free yoga class for disabled students because yoga has its origins in Hinduism, meaning it doesn’t belong to white people and they shouldn’t practice it. This kind of thinking is actually bafflingly illiberal—who’s to say that culture itself belongs to anyone?—and yet it’s usually left-leaning students waging weirdly nativist campaigns of forced isolation on foreign cuisines and customs.

This is more of that “tolerance” and “diversity” that the Left is so proud of, mind you.

The culinary critics at Oberlin, however, aren’t just mad that the cafeteria has appropriated their culture—they’re mad that it’s been appropriated poorly.

“It was ridiculous,” student Diep Nguyen told The Oberlin Review (the “it,” in question was a Banh Mi sandwich with the wrong bun). “How could they just throw out something completely different and label it as another country’s traditional food?”


For one thing, the Banh Mi sandwich is itself the product of the blurring of cultural boundaries: French and Vietnamese.

Like the Politically Correct Crybaby Generation gives a crap!

For another, there’s something deliciously ironic about Oberlin students—some of the most privileged people in the world, as evidenced by the $50,000 they pay annually in tuition—whining about the bun-thickness of meals prepared by lowly paid cafeteria workers. As academic and writer Fredrik de Boer noted on Twitter, “When you’re defending the cultural authenticity of GENERAL TSO’S CHICKEN, you’re a living Portlandia sketch.”

Especially, since it’s a Westernize version of Hunan Chinese Dish to begin with ya Cry Babies! Geez, get a clue before you go all Food Police on us.

Oh, that’s right, Liberals don’t care about ACTUAL history just their Agenda history.

Your blood pressure is going through the roof over buns? First of all, as Soave noted, this is a college cafeteria, not Dorsia.

And certainly not La Bernadine, you whinny ass little twonks!

Jean Georges is not your Dorm Chef you elitist crapholes!

They’re not serving up sea urchin ceviche, nor are they serving anything that takes an exorbitant amount of time. Why? They have over 3,000 kids to feed three times a day. The kitchen staff needs to make something good and fast.

And compared to my day, it’s a Michelin Star Restaurnt ya whinners!

At my alma mater, Dickinson College, there was a wok station that I avoided because it wasn’t very good.

A Wok! My cafeteria at Central Michigan University wouldn’t even known what one was, let one how to use it. They couldn’t even do simple dishes right that’s why we made fun of it because that horribleness was all we had to eat and we paid for it!

“Thank you, sir, may we have another!”

I never for a second thought the school’s kitchen staff, or administration, was telling Asian students to go screw themselves. No one ever complained about cultural appropriation in the cafeteria. We had other things to worry about, like assignments for class, writing papers, and studying for exams.

Real world stuff, not whiny PC bullshit!

College campuses have always been bastions of liberalism. This isn’t a new phenomena, but the direction in which advocacy is facilitated by the left in these arenas has become indiscriminately insane. Food is the new front in the PC wars.

Students have every right to make unreasonable demands—even if those demands are as ridiculous as racially-sensitive banh mi sandwhiches and racially-segregated safe spaces. But they deserve every drop of criticism they get in return. 

Is this a serious narrative? Luckily, Young America’s Foundation released a poll that offers a glimmer of hope, where half of the students polled prefer a smaller government, seven-in-ten reject Black Lives Matter, and a majority aren’t that thrilled with the whole microaggression culture. (townhall and Daily Beast)

So there is a New Hop in cracking the PC Imperial Forces?