The new Tourist Mecha

🙂 Baltimore mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake made a stunning admission Saturday in the aftermath of violent protests over the recent death of Freddie Gray, saying she wanted to give space to those “who wished to destroy.”

The tourism site, Visit Baltimore, issued more of a warning on their website: “In the wake of the tragic death of Freddie Gray and days of peaceful protests, disturbances have erupted in Baltimore. While much of the police activity has been away from the downtown, groups of youth have threatened to enter the downtown area. The situation remains fluid, so visitors are encouraged to check the Baltimore Police Department website,, for the latest information.”

Looting, theft, car and store burnings began after the funeral of Freddie Gray, who died in police custody.

Tuesday, June 9, 2015;

Tysha KlahThe below listed subject is the female seen on social media wearing a Baltimore Police Hat. Subject was arrested on theft charges unrelated to the police hat. Once in police custody Ms. Kiah admitted to having possession of the hat on April 25, 2015 during the “UNREST” Riots… (BPD website)

How Long Until Baltimore is Devoid of Any White People? Tourist attractions in 65 percent black Baltimore are empty.

But remember it’s all the fault of the Cops and evil rich white people!!

Baltimore Sun: In the disquieting period during and after the Baltimore riots, attendance at the Maryland Zoo plunged 59 percent. The zoo sent out a fundraising letter Friday depicting a single, lonely penguin: “We need you more than ever!”

And lost $150,000 in revenue.

At the Maryland Science Center, “on our first weekend back in business, our attendance was probably off by 70 percent or more,” said Chris Cropper, senior director of marketing.

The yellow school buses that ordinarily idle outside the Walters Art Museum disappeared as field trips were canceled, contributing to a 7 percent drop in visitors last month compared to May 2014.

Revenue at Horseshoe Casino Baltimore dipped 4.4 percent from April to May, after tumbling 7.3 percent the month before.

The city’s attractions have struggled in the aftermath of the riots that erupted April 27, the day of the funeral of Freddie Gray.

The institutions say visitors are gradually returning. But many attractions are trying to regain momentum after images of fires, looting and confrontations between rock-throwing rioters and police were broadcast around the world.

“In certain cases, the attractions are showing limited improvement from a month ago, but no one is seeing the numbers they’d like to see,” said Kirby Fowler, president of the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore. “The year was shaping up to be a strong one. We need to promote the city as much as we can.”

Come to Baltimore, where the Cops are afraid to do their job because the politician and “social justice” agitators will throw them under the bus faster than Hillary collects bribe money.

Downtown attractions are trying to push past not only the riots but also continuing violence in the city. The 42 homicides in May made it the deadliest month in the city in decades.

Yeah, as a white person, I’d feel real safe. 🙂

The casino said in a statement that it had been on track for its best month in April, but “the need to close for several consecutive nights during peak hours had a significant impact on our monthly revenues.”

A challenge perhaps more daunting than the curfew is convincing out-of-towners that the casino area is safe.

Noah Hirsch, Horseshoe’s vice president of marketing, said the casino is battling the “misconception that the events taking place are citywide when the casino district has been unaffected by any of those events.”

Much of the rioting occurred in West Baltimore, but some downtown stores were also looted and vandalized. Horseshoe is in the Camden-Carroll area, on the other side of Oriole Park and M&T Bank Stadium from downtown.

That would be where the Orioles played a baseball game to an empty stadium because of “security” concerns, right? 🙂

City businesses come to workshop for help with damages, lost revenue after rioting

A steady stream of customers has returned to Joe Squared’s North Avenue location for his made-from-scratch pizzas and live music.

But at the company’s second location at Power Plant Live, business remains slow since the rioting and unrest last month in Baltimore, said owner Joe Edwardsen. Normally, business picks up with the warm weather and tourists coming into downtown, he said.

Edwardsen said he was trying to find a way to offset costs from losses, but he said a loan is not really ideal because he said the issue is lack of funds, and taking out a loan would only cost more money. (offered by Liberal organizations like the SBA and State Commissions)

But when in debt spend/borrow even more isn’t that the Liberal Mantra? 🙂

I guess he could always refuse to cater a gay wedding…

Edwardsen said he plans to apply for a $30,000 loan to cover some of the losses. He said the Power Plant location is down about $27,000 and the North Ave. location is down about $36,000, though business there has returned to normal.

“The Baltimore City people are definitely going out,” he said, helping that location.

But the Power Plant Live! location, where has a staff of about 20, is mostly fueled by tourists heading to conventions, or people coming from the county on the weekends, which has not picked up.

Compounding the situation, he said, is that fact that summer months are the biggest time for many seasonal business, providing a cushion for slower times.

“Down at the harbor, you’ve got to build up a reserve,” he said, adding that operating expenses are about three times higher.

Edwardsen said he hasn’t considered layoffs, but has already had to substantially cut hours, forcing his employees to look for second jobs, which are already scarce, he said.

So let’s make him pay them $15/hr!

I guess he didn’t build that. 🙂

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