Heroes to Zeroes

The threat of failing may no longer be such a consequence for underperforming students in some Virginia schools. Why? School administrators in the city of Fairfax are prepared to ban zeroes to spare students’ feelings.

The little cherubs will be scared for life if they fail, so let’s make it all warm and fuzzy so they never ever fail. That’s how real life works, all all. 🙂

In Montgomery County, students cannot be given a score lower than 50 percent “unless they did not actually do the assignment or put in effort to do it,” said schools spokesman Dana Tofig. In Loudoun County, the grading practices regarding zeros varies school to school, said spokesman Wayde Byard.

Starting as early as this year, grades in northern Virginia could have more of an emphasis on “classroom effort,” and less on actual test scores, according to the report.

Oh look, he made an effort, A+ for that. The fact that they are dumber than a post doesn’t matter because we’ll teach them all about social and economic injustice and when they graduate and they are too stupid to get a job they can go on the government dole and we’ll take care of them for the rest of their lives.

Now that’s fair, isn’t it?

In addition to eliminating zeroes, schools could also allow students to turn in corrections on incorrect test answers.

Do Over! Yeah, when you mistake inches for millimeters (if these idiots would even understand that) and crash the space probe into the planet you can just yell “Do Over!”. Or when you steal money from your boss because “you need it” and get caught, “Do Over!”.

Some perks! If I knew I could simply redo all my work, I wouldn’t have spent nearly so much time studying the first time around.

No kidding. Just keep failing until you succeed, that’s how real life works. 🙂

This is the likely mindset many students will adopt knowing about the relaxed repercussions. Back in middle school and high school, when my teacher put my completed test on my desk with red ink that announced my grade, I knew it was permanent. Now, that red ink doesn’t even have to dry by the time students can apply the whiteout.

If they even mark it, after all, isn’t that also a social stigma? 🙂

Some people believe this is in the student’s best interests.

Education consultant and grading expert Ken O’Connor said movements to standardize grading systems are picking up steam. He also said that giving students a zero is “morally and ethically wrong.”

“As soon as a kid gets even one zero, they have no chance of success,” O’Connor said, noting that the student has to then achieve perfect results to recover academically.

That’s why you have to work hard to avoid that happening in the first place. And ounce of prevention…instead of a suit of shock absorbers.

I have two words for Mr. O’Connor: Ben Carson. Actually, make that three words: Dr. Ben Carson. When Carson was in elementary school, he routinely received failing grades. With his mother’s urging and encouragement, however, he turned those scores around and became one of the most renowned neurosurgeons in the world. It’s obvious that his early struggles in school pushed him to not only overcome, but to excel.

But he’s an evil conservative so he was obviously part of a cabal, it could have been because he worked hard.

Student representatives in Virginia, however, argue that the new grading system would provide an easier path for students to get into college.

The teach remedial classes to freshman as it is. Soon college will just be high school, or worse.

That sounds nice and all, but did they consider the student’s well being when he or she makes it into a college for which they’re not qualified? After being so coddled in middle school and high school, they’d be in for quite a shock dealing with the often merciless university workloads. Oh by the way, good luck convincing your professor to give you a do over.

🙂 That’s why they have to have so many Liberal professors.

Students don’t need to be shielded from ‘F’s. Do you know anyone who has made it through school who did not fail at least one assignment?

I may have failed an assignment or two but over all I never failed a class until Geometry in High School. I got to take it again in summer school. Yeah! 🙂

But then again, my parents were grade and success oriented people and they passed that need to succeed onto their kids.

That doesn’t mean they’re stupid – it just means in that particular instance they perhaps didn’t work quite as hard or study quite as much as they should have. I imagine that grade did not return the next time. Failing grades are not death sentences – they’re wake up calls. They gave Dr. Carson and his mom a steely determination to succeed – and they can have the same response today.

But it makes them “feel bad” and we don’t want to hurt their fragile psyches…

Don’t ban zeroes, Virginia. Consider how rewarding it is for both student and teacher when those failing grades turn into perfect scores.

Commentor: Wow. Another example of dumbing down the students. When will people realize that life is not fair and all the efforts in the world will not correct that? Somethings are beyond our human ability to adjust/correct. Going through difficult times strengthens you, if you have the right attitude about it. Having someone else always fix or coddle you through it, only weakens you. As a society we have become so risk adverse that we will stop performing in a productive manner, but move backward.

That’s PROGRESSIVE Liberalism for you, progressing backwards!

And when this doesn’t work, there will be a massive increase in grade inflation from the Liberal Educators because, after all, it’s “for their own good”. 🙂

(and then the side effect is that Liberal education looks like it’s succeeding when it’s not and I’m sure the Teacher’s Unions and their own agenda and egos have nothing to do with that!)

Wink Wink Say No More!


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