The Party of No

Remember when “partisan” filibustering was a bad thing?

The Democrats don’t. 🙂

Damn those evil Republicans! 🙂

Senate Democrats blocked legislation to fund the Department of Homeland Security for the fifth time on Monday, leaving just four days before DHS funding expires, and with no apparent way forward to break the deadlock.

Republicans have insisted that the Senate should take up the House-passed bill for weeks, but Democrats have refused because they oppose language that would defund President Barack Obama’s executive action on immigration.

3 Guess (and the first 3 don’t count) as to who will be “blamed” for the “shutdown” because they were unreasonable and unwilling to compromise?

Hint: It won’t be the one’s filibustering– The Democrats.

Then the Republicans will cave and everything will be back to normal and the Democrats will get their 5 million new Welfare Democrat voters and the President will truly become a King when an unconstitutional act is crowned.

And the Liberal Media will lead the charge.

Democrats have insisted that it’s really the Republicans who are blocking DHS funding, by not putting up a “clean” DHS bill that Democrats can support. Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.) repeated this argument today after McConnell spoke.

So how many times have you heard this “clean bill” canard??

“I’m very disappointed… at the political ploy used by the congressional Republican leadership to force a shutdown of Homeland Security,” Reid said.

On Sunday, Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson declared flatly that “Democrats are not blocking debate.”

But in terms of what is physically happening on the Senate floor, it’s clearly the Democrats who are preventing the Senate from taking up the House-passed DHS bill. The Democratic opposition could reflect their belief that they wouldn’t be able to amend the bill to strip out the immigration defunding language.

The Justice Department argued Monday that by stopping the Obama administration from conferring benefits to illegal immigrants, a federal court is actually making it harder for the administration to enforce U.S. immigration laws.

Democrats appeared to find a new argument over the weekend, when Johnson said there have been terrorist threats against American malls. That report prompted some Senate Democrats to say it’s foolish to fight over DHS funding at a time when the country faces a real terror threat.

So it’s the Republicans fault that they want to open America up to a terrorist attack from people that the Democrat won’t even recognize exist- Islamic Terrorists!

The Bully tactic…The Fear Tactic…The same old tactic.

And who believes that the Republicans have the balls to stand their ground in the face of a Democrat Media onslaught?


Republicans have used the dispute to argue that in the old days, the Senate would routinely pick up House bills, change them, and force a House-Senate discussion about how to agree on a final version.

But that’s not how it works for the Democrats anymore, in case you hadn’t noticed over the past decade or so.

The Democrats want something, you give it to them without hesitation, deviation or modification of any kind whatsoever and you do gladly and with love in in your heart for their magnificence and generosity or else you’re evil and must be destroyed utterly for the good of all Americans and completely defeated you heartless, mindless piece of satanic garbage!

After all, it’s the Republicans who are the “Party of NO”. 🙂

That’s it. End of story.



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