Protecting the Homeland

As the Democrats stall the DHS funding so they can blame the Republicans for yet another “shutdown”, let’s see who they are protecting us from. It not “islamic Terrorists” because they don’t exist according to the Obama Administration. And they sure as hell don’t protect us from Illegal Aliens. So who is it…

The Welsh. 🙂

Rising star Kizzy Crawford has revealed how her dream trip to America turned into a nightmare after being refused entry to the US.

Rising star Kizzy Crawford has revealed how her dream trip to America turned into a nightmare after being refused entry to the US

Just fly to Mexico and sneak across the border, then Obama will give you a US driver’s License, Social Security Card and Welfare. Such a better plan.

After all, they aren’t White, so they can’t be of the devil 🙂

Kizzy Crawford on the plane flying from Heathrow to Toronto

Singer Kizzy Crawford has revealed how her dream trip to America turned into a nightmare after being refused entry to the US – just 24 hours after being allowed in to perform at a festival.

Well, Obama is into crushing dreams (just not DREAMers), especially American Dreams. And being capricious, bureaucratic, and callous is also par for the course (golf course that is!).

The 18-year-old rising star was looking forward to playing in the US for the very first time at the Folk Alliance International conference in Kansas City.

She was due to appear alongside fellow Welsh performers Lowri Evans, Chris Jones, and Gwyneth Glyn at a showcase event organised by Trac Cymru – the folk development organisation for Wales.

Kizzy Crawford and Aeddan Williams were all smiles after arriving at Toronto Airport

Flying from Heathrow to Toronto with her tour manager Gemma Conde and double bass player Aeddan Williams, she was in good spirits despite a 3am departure time.

On arrival at Toronto she was allowed through US immigration and was due to board a connecting flight to Kansas City.

But her flight was cancelled and, after staying overnight at a hotel in the Canadian city, she returned to the airport the following morning only to be refused entry to the US by customs officials – despite being cleared the day before.

“When we got to Toronto our flight got cancelled but we only found out after we had passed through US customs,” said Kizzy.

“Up until then everything was fine and we thought we were getting to Kansas that evening.

“Air Canada put us up in a hotel overnight and said we would be able to get on the next flight in the morning.

“We stayed in the hotel in Toronto and got up really early the next day to get our flight. Then when we attempted to pass through US customs I got pulled aside.”

Little did the singer from Merthyr realise that things were about to go from bad to worse.

“Gemma and Aeddan were allowed through but I was asked a few questions which I didn’t know the answer to because my manager had sorted it all out beforehand.

“I was stuttering and wasn’t sure how to answer so I got pulled aside and taken through to an area called secondary questioning.”

Not knowing where she was or what she had done, the singer said she panicked because she was scared of what was going to happen.

“I didn’t know why I was being taken for questioning. I didn’t know where I was. I remember sitting there waiting for quite a long time being worried about where Aeddan and Gemma were.

“I was there for so long I started panicking. Then I started crying. They then took me through to another room. I had no idea why and in the end they said they weren’t going to let me through and I had to go back into the airport and that was it. I wasn’t going to get on a flight to Kansas.”

Well, Kansas is a “red state” and an Enemy of The State, after all. 🙂

After being reunited with her tour manager and double bass player phone calls were made to Kizzy’s manager Rhiannon Morgan-Bell and the UK Consulate in the city who confirmed that there was no issue with visas and everything was in order.

Yet after trying for a third time to pass through US customs both Kizzy and Aeddan were this time denied entry – despite using visa waivers which allowed them to perform in America without being paid, which was agreed before they left the UK.

Despite attempts to find out why they had been denied entry, no answers were given to the pair and both are now on the United States immigration system as being denied access to the US.

“We were treated like criminals,” said Aeddan. “I was cornered by three unpleasant US customs officials who were very threatening.

“When we were taken through to secondary questioning they started asking us ridiculous questions like who sponsors the event we would be playing at. I said: ‘Listen I’m just the bass player – I’ve been told I’m going to be playing in Kansas. Everything has been sorted for us’.”

In response Kizzy’s manager Ms Morgan-Bell attacked US customs for their heavy-handed approach and criticised the way they treated the singer.

“The fact they let Kizzy through the day before just makes a mockery of the whole system,” she said. “We’ve got several people trying to deal with this situation including MP Kevin Brennan, the Musician’s Union, and the US Embassy so I’m hoping we’ll get an apology and they’ll withdraw her refusal, which they should do because it’s completely unreasonable.

“They were using a visa waiver which would allow them to perform in the US without being paid.

“There’s no explanation for any of it. They tried to say that it was because she should have had a proper visa but we all know that’s not the case especially because they allowed her tour manager and double bass player through with the same paperwork.

“They also suggested that her reaction to their interrogation was unreasonable but I’m pretty sure any of us would be frightened and emotional if we were alone in a foreign country and armed officers were aggressively questioning us. It’s very disappointing.”

Kevin Brennan, the Cardiff West MP who is chairman of the All Party Parliamentary Folk Arts Group, expressed his dismay at the young musician’s treatment.

He said: “I was very disappointed to hear about what happened to Kizzy on the US border.

“Kizzy is one of the Wales’ most talented performers. I will be contacting the US Embassy for an explanation to make sure this doesn’t happen again and doesn’t affect other Welsh musicians from visiting America in the future.”

The US Citizenship and Immigration Services did not respond to our calls.

Well, the government won’t respond about the truth in Benghazi, or on the Border, Maybe it was a You Tube Video, after all? 🙂

I guess it was the wrong day to quit being of Caribbean descent and Welsh! 🙂

Good Job guys, you let in 10’s of thousands of illegal aliens but you kept us safe from a Welsh teenager and her bass player!!



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