More Global Warming Scam

The area of Arctic sea ice is nearly identical to 30 years ago

ScreenHunter_5604 Dec. 29 08.36

Arctic sea ice is cyclically returning to the NSIDC cherry-picked date of 1979

ScreenHunter_5603 Dec. 29 08.32

The area of sea ice on Earth has moved into unprecedented territory. When it was declining, they blamed it on global warming. Now that it is increasing, they blame it on global warming.

ScreenHunter_5601 Dec. 29 08.07

The amount of solar energy in Antarctica is at its peak for the year, so the record amount of ice is having maximum cooling effect on the planet


All of these things are the exact opposite of what experts forecast.  Hansen predicted peak sea ice loss in the Weddell Sea, right where the peak gain has occurred.

ScreenHunter_5518 Dec. 24 08.16

Look for them to continue to lie about this for as long as they can get away with it.

It makes them “feel good” and humans are evil, after all. 🙂

By Thursday morning, the National Weather Service predicts that 87.2% of the country will see below- freezing temperatures.

Because after all, Too Hot, Global Warming

Too Cold, Global Warming

Too Wet Global Warming

Too Dry Global Warming

Your toast falls on the floor, Global Warming.

Your battery dies, Global Warming…

Oh that’s right they changed it to “Climate Change” because that way everything is your fault and only a sanctim0onious lying Liberal can save you from yourself.

How silly are we… 🙂

Political Cartoons by Lisa Benson


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