The Yolks on You

It almost sounds like a joke: California, drowning in debt, suffering from drought, with a third of the nation’s welfare recipients and unable to pay its bills, has a new law that goes into effect in 2015 that mandates … wait for it … bigger living spaces for chickens.

That’s right. Chickens.

We’re not against bigger chicken cages — should they be called scratch pads? — but we were shocked to see what this bit of animal rights appeasement actually will cost. Consider this rather provocative reccent headline in the Washington Post’s Wonkblog: “California could be on the verge of a severe egg shortage, and it will affect the whole country.”

Sounds serious to us. And it turns out, despite the obvious elements of levity, it is. California’s privileged fowls will go from an allotted 67 square inches per bird to 116 square inches. That’s more than 70% bigger.

As the blog points out, this isn’t free. As Iowa State University ag professor Dermot Hayes told Bloomberg, the move could force up egg prices by as much as 20%. Since California imports about a third of its eggs, that means higher costs for the entire country. Just anticipating the move has already pushed up prices by 25 cents in the Golden State.

This is the law of unintended consequences. No one wants to be mean to chickens. So, the reasoning goes, why not just increase the space they have by bureaucratic fiat? Great idea. But now you have to pay for this kindness to chickens.

Remember that the next time you scramble some very expensive eggs.(IBD)

The Left is being EGGstra EGGstravagant with your money to appease their hardcore PeTA animal rights-humans-are-evil nutters.

Progressives kill your budget, yet again, for their agenda.

But at least the Chicken will be happy. 🙂

Obviously this was a problem for California agriculture which would have trouble competing on price with free agriculture. And there’s only so much of a market for fair-trade free-range organic chickens lovingly raised in a Quaker school by social justice experts on a strict diet of granola and NPR broadcasts.

California voters in 2008 passed a ballot initiative that require larger enclosures for egg-laying hens. Farmers in California worried the new rules, which would increase their costs, would put them at a competitive disadvantage with egg farms in other states, so the state legislature passed a measure in 2010 to require out-of-state producers to comply with California rules.

That, Koster says, is unfair to his state’s egg producers.

“If California legislators are permitted to mandate the size of chicken coops on Missouri farms, they may just as easily demand that Missouri soybeans be harvested by hand or that Missouri corn be transported by solar-powered trucks,” Koster said in a statement.

California farmers must begin complying with the cage law beginning in 2015, under the terms of Proposition 2. The legislature requires out-of-state farmers to begin complying with the same rules by the end of that year.

Koster’s office estimated that Missouri egg producers would have to pay $120 million to expand the size of their coops, and that production costs would rise 20 percent.”

That’s the whole point. The left can’t compete on product or price, but it can kneecap everyone else as long as it has control over populous states. Businesses and individuals can flee California, but they can’t escape its regulatory creep. (Front Page)

The Sanctimonious Control Freaks will get you in the end, like a Zombie invasion and we all become The Walking Dead.

But at least the Left, and the Chickens, are happy. That is, after all, is all that matters. 🙂

Political Cartoons by Henry Payne



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